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Tokyo Bay cruise to feel the sea and the wind! Minato-ku Latest "Night Waterfront" Special Feature

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The view from the cruising boat that passes through Tokyo Bay is a glittering sight filled with the charm of the Tokyo Bay Area. While feeling plenty of sea and wind, the scenery that sees the water side can enjoy a little different charm from usual Tokyo. In the bay area, which is crowded by boat, a new complex consisting of a boat waiting area and a restaurant will be opened this summer. Cruising from the Minato Bay Area and a new facility by the water, why not relax and enjoy the flow?

Hi-NODE – A new waterfront facility in Minato-ku that connects communities, communities, people and people

"Hi-NODE" was opened at Sunrise Wharf in Tokyo. "Hi-NODE" is a coined term that combines "Hi= high, thriving, exciting" and "NODE = knot, intersection, nodule point". This is a new facility where you can enjoy the waterside that combines everyday life with everyday life.

Hi-NODE is a complex of cruise ships and other departures, a large lawn plaza surrounded by trees, and a café and restaurant complex with a large terrace overlooking the majestic sea. There is a stop at the café and restaurant with a terrace overlooking the sea. It's a great way to have dinner with the boats coming and going in front of you. Hi-NODE was born as a gateway to Minato-ku where you can meet a new world through the sea.

It is a space that anyone from adults to children can enjoy, but it is a very relaxing, high-quality facility along the seaside. Sunrise head of the environment surrounded by the spacious sea though it is a city center. It is a big attention as a new spot of Tokyo Bay!

The "Hi-NODE" facility is located in a large building with 1 F in a passenger waiting area, restaurant and café B E S I D E E E A S I D E (Biside Seaside) and 2F restaurant B E R T H O N E (Bath One) Has become a relaxed addition.

The restaurant has a balcony and terrace facing the sea. Sofa seats by the sea are sure to be popular! It's a very high-quality space where you can relax and relax while looking at the cruise ships that come and go.

You can also enjoy bbq on the wood deck. There is not a space in Tokyo where you can enjoy bbq with friends and family in the open air with plenty of meat and vegetables, so close to the seaside!

The food menus of each restaurant are full of crowded food. From seafood such as paella and grilled octopus, to grilled beef, buttermilk fried chicken, as well as blue cheese gratin and arabica, you'll get lost.

The restaurant also has a take-out counter where you can buy snacks and spend your time in the lawn square. It's also great to spend the night casually listening to the waves and birds singing.

There will be a movie screening and a chia dance show by local kids dancers at Hi-NODE, and there will be dj events and beer gardens in cooperation with restaurants on the first and second floors. Dj events include lying on a lawn sofa bed, dancing with a DJ, and enjoying an outdoor event.

When you walk along the bridge connecting The Sunrise of Hi-NODE - Takeshiba, you will have high hopes that it will create a relaxing time while you are in Tokyo and take you to a wide world with vast seas. Cruise ships are going to be decided in various ways from now on. Why don't you check it out and visit the new waterfront spot in Minato-ku, Tokyo?
【Business hours】
Waiting area 9:30-22:00
1F BESIDE SEASIDE (Beside Seaside)
Business hours *Irregular holidays
Weekdays: 11:00-14:30 LO, 17:30-22:00 LO
Saturday: 7:30-22:00 LO Sundays and public holidays: 7:30-20:30 L.O.

2F BERTH ONE (Bar Swan)
Business hours *Irregular holidays
Weekdays: 11:30-14:30 (14:00L.O.) 17:00-23:00 (22:00L.
O.) Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: 11:00-23:00 (22:00L.
O.) The square is available 24 hours a day.
Learn more about Hi-NODE
Learn more about the event

Restaurant Ship Symphony – A heart-shaped route around Tokyo Bay! Minato-ku's first restaurant cruise ship

Symphony opened in 1989 as the first restaurant ship in Tokyo Bay. Two large ships are currently in operation. It is operated for 365 days as a restaurant ship where people who celebrate an important anniversary gather every day!

The symphony's route is famous as a heart shape. Called "Symphony Heart Line", in March 2017, it was selected as "Lover's Sanctuary Satellite", and it is a cruise ship popular with lovers.

When you spend a delicious meal and a luxurious time in the extraordinary space of a cruise ship, you can always express your feelings of shame and words of gratitude! It's the perfect cruise for each celebration of an anniversary celebration, a proposal, and so on.

The dinner course sits longer than other courses, so you can spend a relaxing time. French and Italian restaurants have live piano music and even more romantic!

Pass the Rainbow Bridge and explore Tokyo Gate Bridge, Maihama and Haneda Airport, and enjoy the heart-shaped course, which offers plenty of views of Tokyo Bay.

Shinagawa, Aomi, and Oi's representative container sandheads are also lit with beautiful orange lights at night, and during a two-hour, 30-minute dinner cruise, the ship is always surrounded by the night view of Tokyo Bay. After the meal, i went out to the open deck and passed under the Rainbow Bridge. A gorgeous and spectacular dinner cruise is a symphony. It is recommended for a special day.
Learn more about Symphony

Rental Cruises From Sir- Cool Cruises to Infrastructure Tourism

A charter cruise.
Hi-NODE, a new facility built at Hi-Sunrise Wharf, is also scheduled to arrive and depart. It is recommended that you enjoy the changing scenery of Tokyo Port ahead of the global competition.

You can enjoy the powerful scenery of Tokyo Port which can be seen only now such as a huge bridge "Tokyo Gate Bridge" built at the entrance of Tokyo Port, the new toyosu facility of the topic, Odaiba, rainbow bridge, new tunnel, and the construction of a large passenger ship terminal at a time.

In addition, the best cool cruises on summer nights are popular for boat parties in various types of cruisers. The fireworks seen from the spacious ship are exceptional!

Not to mention the buffet food of the standing meal style on the ship, there is a course where you can drink all-you-can-drink sake. The charter of the cruiser is a space that you don't have to worry about anyone's eyes at sea. It is perfect for those who want to enjoy it lively in the companion freely!

The highlight of Ziel's course is the Tokyo Gate Bridge, a huge truss bridge at the entrance to Tokyo Port, which sails directly below the ship' unique route. In addition, you can pass through the Odaiba area, which of course cannot be removed, and then take the boat in front of the Rainbow Bridge.

The view of Tokyo Bay from the ship which changes one after another is a continuous impression! Because a free arrival and departure time and a place can be selected by one charter, it is a perfect cruising when i want to go around variously freely by a large number of people.
Learn more about Ziel

Yakatafune Noseda – A houseboat that produces a lot of emotional tokyo tourism. Enjoy freshly fried tempura on board!

Speaking of houseboat, it's still fried on board, crispy tempura! There is a special commitment to the tempura of the rope set, and because it is fried quickly while it is fresh, you can always eat hot Edo-mae tempura. In addition, the highest luxury of eating on board the houseboat combines, and it is the one that it is more delicious than anything!

The popular Odaiba course in Nawased a board crosses Tokyo Port from Furukawa Pier, passes the Rainbow Bridge, and goes to Odaiba. Along the way, you can enjoy the dynamic rainbow bridge view from the angle unique to the ship, especially in the evening and evening, combined with the beauty of the illumination reflected in the Port of Tokyo to the spectacular scenery!

"Funado Noosa" where you can feel the atmosphere of the good old Edo. Why don't you enjoy the traditional world of Japan, which is unique to Yakatafune?
Click here for more information on Funado Noosa
There are many ways to enjoy cruise ships. The view from the waterside of Tokyo Bay and the sea of Tokyo Bay is different from the view from the building group in Tokyo.
Please come and enjoy the leisurely time only by the water side gracefully by all means. We have also decided to hold a sightseeing photo contest in Minato-ku in fiscal 2019.
Please take a picture of the scenery of minato-ku from the waterside by all means. *Details of the photo contest will be posted on the website at a later date.

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