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Gourmet places where you can enjoy delicious food.

Roppongi Hills

6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

With a large area of 12.0 ha, about 8 times the ground of the Tokyo Dome, Roppongi Hills has a wide range of shopping and restaurants, as well as museums, cinemas, observation decks, hotels, houses, offices, parks and many other facilities. From the "Tokyo City View" Observatory on the 52nd floor of Mori Tower, 250m/360 degrees above sea level, and the sky deck above, you can view the entire city of Tokyo from the space full of openness.

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Minato-ku Tourist Information Center

3F Concourse, Hamamatsucho Station, Tokyo Monorail, 2-4-12 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku

Minato-ku Tourist Information Center is located at Hamamatsucho Station on the Tokyo Monorail. The staff speak english (Korean daily) and provide information on various tourist information, restaurants, transportation and accommodation in Minato-ku. We also sell goods from minato-ku tourism association.

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Confectionery Ji Shinshodo

4-27-2 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

The specialty of the shop in the ruins of Tamura Right Kyotao residence, which asano uchi takuto was hungry in Chushingura, is also named "In the Middle of The Cut" It is the one that the bean jam is scissored so as to start between the skins. It is full of volume in the fertilization. Other products also have a sense of naming and a twist on the taste. "In the midst of the economic rise" is a lucky small-format type. It is used brown sugar for the bean paste wishing for the surplus, and there is richness.

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Tokyo Tower (Japan)

Shiba Park 4-chome No.2-8, Minato-ku, Tokyo

It is a symbol of Tokyo and Japan, which opened in 1958 and celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2018. It is a comprehensive radio tower with a height of 333 m, and from the main deck (150m in height) and the top deck (250m in height) located in the hands of Mt. Tokyo, It overlooks Mt. Fuji, Mt. Tsukuba, and the capital city of Tokyo, and is a popular spot that attracts tourists not only from Japan but also from all over the world. Along with "Landmark Light" which had an impact that can be said to have changed the night view of Tokyo, and "Diamond Vale" which started on the 50th anniversary of its opening, Various light-ups create a night view of Tokyo. The building "Foottown" on the ground is full of souvenir shops in cafes, It is a spot where you can play all day with various events held all year long. The number of prospects exceeds the population of Japan, exceeding 180 million in 2018. In June 2013, it became a registered tangible cultural property of the country.

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Roppongi Kappou Ukai

2f Roppongi Keyakizaka Street Roppongi 6-12-4 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Authentic Culinary Arts embody the spirit of hospitality of "Ukaku". Open the lattice door and pass through the cobblestone alley, tranquil counter seats are lined up ahead of the Bamboo Grove drawn on the etched glass. Here you can enjoy the reincarnate of seafood and seasonal vegetables carefully selected from all over the country in front of you in a fresh, seasonal cuisine with a craftsman's arm. The specialty is "seasonal Sukiyaki" that can fully taste the flavor of seasonal ingredients and broth. The pairing of sake and wine according to the dish is also recommended.

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Roppongi Ukitei

2f Roppongi Keyakizaka Street Roppongi 6-12-4 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

The luxury Teppanyaki restaurant is a charming private room, nestled in the Keyakizaka Street of Roppongi Hills. In a space with stories that fuse the architectural beauty of Japan and the art of the West, the carefully selected ingredients are made into the best dishes of the mind and technique. A special cow which was carefully fattening and aged for a long period of time than usual at designated ranch in Tottori Prefecture. You can enjoy the sweetness that melts the delicate marbled and the original taste of the concentrated lean red. The course is interwoven with the finest ingredients of the season in this exquisite meat, it is the content to fully taste the delicious of the seasons.

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Tokyo Shiba and Tofu ya

4-4-13 Shiba Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo

At the foot of Tokyo Tower, the site of about 2,000 Tsubo spreads a pure Japanese-style space with a tasteful Japan garden and a few Yoriya-zukuri. This is a tofu multi-course dish with seasonal ingredients from the Four seasons. Rich and smooth, you can enjoy the many dishes of pride, such as "Bean Water and Tofu" and "Daitanaku" to taste the original sweetness of soy as it is. There is also a bar and souvenir shop.

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Takawa Soba Tea Bunch

4-24-38 Takawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Sticking to "Japanese ingredients", 100% soba, beans, vegetables, and bird dishes are enjoyed at the buffet for lunch. Takawa soba soba roll also appeared as a take-out item. I LOVE JAPAN also exhibits and sells traditional crafts.

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Yakatabune Nowayasu

Shiba 1-3-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 1st floor of Nawayasu Building

The new large houseboat departing from Hamamatsu-cho in the center of the city goes around the Sumida River where you can feel the tradition from Edo and the bay area which goes at the forefront of the world. English-speaking staff are enrolled so that customers from overseas can fully enjoy it. You can also watch the fireworks display from the houseboat. On board, you can taste traditional Edo-mae cuisine using plenty of ingredients purchased in Tsukiji and Toyosu, a market where Japanese delicacies gather. With the night view of Tokyo from the water and delicious Japanese food, you can feel the real pleasure of sightseeing in Tokyo to your heart's content. We also arrange a wide range of entertainment, from geisha to comedy. Please enjoy cherry blossom viewing in spring, fireworks in summer, autumn leaves in autumn, year-end party and New Year's party in winter, and events of the four seasons together with the scenery of Edo and seasonal dishes from Yakatabune. From 10 chartered people, the day of operation of the shared boat is our website ( Please check.

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Dex Tokyo Beach

1-6-1 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo

It's like a theme park on the boat Dex Tokyo Beach is a shopping center with a ship motif. There are wooden decked open terraces like the deck of the ship, as well as ship-like decorations throughout the building. Take a walk along the deck in the pleasant sea breeze from the sea, and enjoy your meal and shopping as if you were cruising in Tokyo Bay on a luxury cruise ship. You can find your favorite shop! Shopping & Gourmet Dex Tokyo Beach is lined with about 90 specialty stores and restaurants. In addition to popular shops such as outdoor, street, and children's clothing, there are many general stores with interesting goods and a perfect item for Tokyo Odaiba souvenirs. The restaurants are lined with cafes, fast food, and a variety of Japanese and Western restaurants, where you can enjoy meals and popular sweets while looking out at Tokyo Bay. Full of indoor entertainment facilities "Odaiba Takoyaki Museum" where popular takoyaki shops gather from all over the country, including four theme parks of "Tokyo Joypolis", "Madame Tussauds Tokyo", "Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo" and "Tokyo Trick Art Labyrinth Hall", It is full of facilities that you can enjoy all day long, such as "Taiba 1-Chome Shopping Street" with a retro atmosphere. You can enjoy all day from adults to children, such as family, couples, friends. At Odaiba Illumination "YAKEI" Which is one of the best night views in Tokyo, Dex Tokyo Beach has a year-round illumination (Odaiba Illumination "YAKEI") that is rare nationwide. The Taiba Memorial Tree, which is about 20 meters long and has a height of about 20 meters, is one of the largest trees in Tokyo. With the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower in the background, the fantastic illuminations are also popular as the best spots in Tokyo where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the night view of Tokyo Bay. Pets are allowed in some stores only. Available languages: English, Chinese, Korean

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The Okura Tokyo

2-10-4 Toranomon, Minato-ku

"Okura Prestige Tower", a high-rise building that incorporates a Japanese accent in the sophistication and dynamism of Tokyo, and the middle-class building "Okura", which weaves the essence of Japanese beauty everywhere and provides hospitality tailored to each person This luxury hotel consists of two buildings of the Heritage Wing.

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Royal Indian Dining

3F, Izumu garden tower, 1-6-1 Roppongi, Minato-dist, Tokyo

Traditional north indian food, Halal meal and good cost performance party menu.

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Hi-NODE (High Node)

2-7-103, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Hi-NODE is a new facility facing Tokyo Bay that connects regions and regions, people and people, and now and the future. A lawn plaza surrounded by trees, a café and restaurant with a terrace overlooking the sea, and a bridge connecting sunrise to bamboo turf in fantastic light at night. Surrounded by the sea, although it is located in the city, this Hi-NODE creates a new relationship between the seaand the living.

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Park Hotel Tokyo

Shiodome Media Tower 1-7-1 Higashi Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

The Park Hotel Tokyo starts from the 25th floor atrium of Shiodome Media Tower. We welcome our guests with hospitality in the form of “arrangement”, one of Japan’s aesthetic values, expressed through the medium of art.

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Meiji Memorial Hall

2-2-23 Motoakasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo

The time is in Meiji 14. The "Constitution Memorial Hall", the Meiji Memorial Hall, was built in the Geihinkan of the present day as a separate place of Akasaka Provisional palace. In the Meiji 21, the hall where the imperial Council of the Meiji Constitution was deliberated was opened, and the image of the roof, the handle of the bran, the nail and the Chandelier "Hoya" etc. was felt at that time. A golden chicken is dancing on the wall, and in the middle of the room is a mantelpiece with a dignified black lacquered great mirror. The main building is the Palace building of Kyoto Imperial Palace and Omiya Gosho-style, leaving a solemn appearance now. We will provide you with the time you deserve for a milestone in your life, a luxury that is quietly wrapped in something that has been guarded through a long history.

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Azabu Nagasaka Sarashina Honten

1-2-7 Azabu-Juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo

A famous shop near the intersection corner of the new bridge. The Sarashina soba made from the powder using only the part of the pure white endosperm of buckwheat is popular with a delicate taste. Aside from the cook of specialty Japanese cuisine, there is also a rich menu of sake dishes and a dish dish. A reasonable "soba Zen" is limited lunch time on weekdays. The banquet is up to 50 seats.

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Hachiho Garden

1-1-1 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo

The garden which I made as much as possible the appearance of nature is proud of the size of about 10,000 tsubo. There is a chapel, a temple and a banquet, which can be used for weddings and banquets. A set plan called "Garden Walk" which is popular in middle age. You can enjoy a stroll in the garden, tea in the tearoom, casual French "Slash cafe" or Japan food "kaita tree".

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ROPE constant

2-13-11 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo

You can enjoy delicious food while enjoying the panoramic view of Tokyo Bay, such as Odaiba and Gate Bridge, or Tokyo Sky tree. The houseboat play is a chic play that continues from Edo. Freshly fried tempura and fresh sashimi are unique to the Edomae Fisherman's Boat Inn. There is also a large ship of 60 people, a shared houseboat that can be used from four people, it is also possible to tailor the fishing boat to enjoy the fifth fishing. There are also various cruise routes around the Kamitagawa and Nihonbashi.

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Akasaka Aono

7-11-9 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo

The Japanese confectionery shop has been established in Akasaka for over 100 years. The signboard product is "Akasaka mochi" which wrapped rice cake with small furoshiki. Although this style is now common, it is said that it was born by the ingenuity of Aono third generation. Only carefully selected materials such as red beans, soybeans, brown sugar and salt are used. There is also a service for wrapping paper and seasonal bags tailored to the application.

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Grilled Bird Corner House

1f Shimbashi Suzuki Bldg., 4-27-9 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

The domestic active eel which is purchased every morning from the wholesaler of the eel, and the outside is crispy, and the baking which baked up softly is made to swallow the passage. The sauce is a secret that has been from side little by bit since its inception, and the balance between sweetness and pungent is exquisite. Chicken dishes are carefully baked with extra fat. The chicken parent and child weight is a luxurious dish with plenty of volume.

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Kappo Miyamoto

1-10-11 Shiba Daimon Center Bldg B1, Shiba-Daimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo

The calm appearance of the number of Sukiya building. It is a culinary restaurant where you can enjoy the "chic" of Japan cuisine. With the hands of skilled craftsmen, we have made, Gai, warm... The dish which was carefully finished with a dish is beautiful to look at, and is also careful how to choose the look better that the dish is the most. There are five rooms with a pure Japanese style that is fragrant with wood and tatami mats. There is the type that I leave digging.

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Nagasaka Sarashina Nunoya Taibei

1-8-7 Azabu-Juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo

A noodle shop with over 220 years of tradition. The "Gotosoba" of the Signboard menu has the saying that it presented it to the Tokugawa general. The Sarashina soba with the white waist is own brand. The soup is made from the artisan's attention, two types of hot soup and a soft thick sweet soup with a refreshing taste. It is also nice to be able to blend by oneself and to taste of the favor.

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Ottotto BREWERY Hamamatsucho Store

2-1-5, Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku, Tokyo

A shop that fully enjoy the handmade craft beer of the store brewing. Homemade craft beers are prepared for pale Ale, IPA, Weizen and seasonal beers. The cuisine is made from the spicy Cajun cuisine of Louisiana in the United States, and the juicy beer chicken marinated for more than 36 hours, as well as a variety of delicious dishes.

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Shiba Daimon Sarashina Fukiya

1-15-8 Shiba-Daimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo

In 1791, the Shikiya Mankichi of Shinshu, who was known as a good buckwheat noodle, was turned into a noodle shop with the advice of the Edo peddling, the Lord and Hoshina. The "Shinshu Sarashina Soba Shop" is opened in the medicine Kenbori in Higashi Nihonbashi, and it is a business from Taisho two years in the local Shiba Daimon which is operating in Owari town and the former number eccentric town. It was the seventh generation of the company that counted over 230 years. The biggest feature of "Soba" in our shop is the milling method. The feature of the reproduction of "millstone Milling close to the hand of the person" which drew a line with the buckwheat flour of the mass production by the machine roller and a mere millstone milling, and prepared buckwheat flour 10% raw powder beating and the family change soba buckwheat noodles. Buckwheat noodles, which are the two wheels of buckwheat noodles, are "rich sweet" that uses only four kinds of materials, such as the "Katsuobushi" of the brewed soy sauce, the "book Withering" of Kagoshima Makurazaki, and the Katsuobushi soup, sugar, and the mirin that used the "withered Munda Katsuobushi" of Kochi Tsuchishimizu.

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Houseboat/Cruiser Kiyoshi

1-16-8 Kita-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

The houseboat is full of Japan emotion, but the seats are all boats, digging or ceremony. You can sit down on any boat. The Observatory deck is also equipped with all ships. You can see Tokyo in 360-degree view. In addition to Charter in the group, we also operate a "passenger houseboat" that can be run from two people. Both are by appointment. First, check the homepage!

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