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Tokyo Tower Taiwan Festival 21-22 WINTER

With the aim of "365th Taiwan Night Market in Japan", the Tokyo Tower Taiwan Festival will offer authentic "night market gourmet" from all over Taiwan, and we will hold this event in hopes that it will be a bridge between Japan and Taiwan exchanges by experiencing Taiwan through Taiwanese "food". It is an event where you can enjoy gourmet gourmet in a food and drink space that makes you feel the local atmosphere of Taiwan now that you can not go to Taiwan, both those who have never visited Taiwan or have been to Taiwan many times. During the event period, please feel the charm of Taiwan with your whole body at Tokyo Tower! In addition to selling admission tickets with benefits, we sell great full-day admission tickets that you can enter as many times as you like during the event period with advance reservation only. In addition, from "臺wan Enshrined Temple", the god of marriage, the red thread amulet of the younger elderly will be presented on a first-come, first-served basis to customers who shop at the product sales booth in the venue. At the event venue, you can taste the popular gourmet of night market stalls representing various parts of Taiwan. Taiwanese gourmet is a standard taiwanese breakfast menu "Shendo Jian" and "Yutiao". Many of you have requested "Shionosui", "Large intestine butter intestine (DerchambaOsiaochang)", the famous boiled egg "Akucha Yedan", "Sazhoudouf", QQ "Deep-gowang", and Jiufen's famous Punipuni mochi meat dumpling "Banwan". In noodle dishes, there are many authentic Taiwanese night market gourmet such as "Meung Shen" of soul food, "Taitetsu bento and bone-out rice (Paikuhan)" for rice dishes, "Toufa" for sweets, and "Yuyuan", a potato dumpling dessert. Of course, we also offer xiao long bao, daidori beef noodles, lu meat rice, etc., which are very popular at the Taiwan festival every time. In addition, at the product sales booth of Taiwanese products, we have a wide variety of popular Taiwanese sweets, beverages, seasonings, miscellaneous goods, etc.

Mori Art Museum Another Energy: The Power to Continue To Challenge: 16 Female Artists from around the World

In recent years, there has been a movement around the world to correct diverse identity imbalances such as gender, race, ethnicity, and creed, and to emphasize diversity. In contemporary art, for the past decade or so, attention has been focused on female artists who began their activities in the 1950s and 1970s and have continued to this day. The Another Energy Exhibition will focus on 16 female artists in their 70s and above who continue to take on challenges around the world, shedding light on their activities. The age of 16 ranges from 71 to 105, all of them with careers spanning more than 50 years. He is also from 14 countries around the world and has a wide range of current bases of operations. They have continued their own creative activities without being bound by the evaluation of museums and art markets, while maintaining their beliefs in the environment in which they were placed and the changing times. In this exhibition, we will consider what "Another Energy" is, a special power of their long careers, through a variety of powerful works such as paintings, images, sculptures, large-scale installations, and performances. As the world seeks to recover from its unprecedented situation, their continued beliefs and lifelong walks will give us new powers to take on challenges. Phyrida Barlow 《Untitled:Canvas Rack; 2018-2019》 2018-2019 Concrete, Canvas, Hardboard, Paint, Plastic, Aggregate, Iron, Tape, Wood Variable size Courtesy: Cross Steele Collection Exhibition view: "Cul-de-Sul-de-C,"Royal Academy of Arts,London,"2019 Photo: Damian Griffins