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Minato City Minato Science Museum Spring 2021 Special Exhibition "Sports Exhibition"

The "Sports Exhibition" is a special exhibition that not only introduces sports and athletes, but also captures the wonders of sports from a scientific perspective and allows you to see the technical aspects of the people who support them. In particular, by enhancing exhibits focusing on the evolution of tools and comparing the real things of old and new, you can feel the evolution of the tools that support athletes' records up close. In addition, the latest auxiliary equipment in parasports is also on display. In addition to watching, there is also a corner where you can actually throw a ball in a real basketball wheelchair and experience sports using human body expansion engineering. In addition, as a related event, various people from the sports world will be invited, and talk shows and lectures will be held. One of the commitments of the "Sports Exhibition" is to make you feel the evolution of tools by looking at the real thing. For example, do you know that spikes used in sprinting have evolved from conventional pin-with-pin spikes to having no pins? Tennis rackets have also evolved from wood to aluminum and carbon. By looking at these evolutions, I would like you to experience the excitement that cannot be obtained by letters alone. In particular, kurama made in 1964 will be exhibited in the first half of the exhibition, and the latest kurama will be exhibited in the second half of the exhibition. You can feel a lot by seeing how Kurama has changed after about 60 years. I also focused on parasports tools. Wheelchair basketball with intense movement. In addition to displaying the real thing, there is also a corner where you can actually sit and move. Wheelchairs for racing, chair skiing, and other real things are available. You can see it up close. In the second half of the exhibition, the exhibition focuses on the measurement of athletics, and also exhibits timers for marathons, starting blocks, and videos related to the latest measurement systems. The experience corner will also be expanded by each other. In addition to exhibitions, sports exhibitions are also enriched with various events. We invite experts from various fields such as nutrition, psychology, sports education, prosthetic orthosis and para-athletes to hold talks and experience events. It will be held with interesting content not only for those who enjoy sports on a usual day, but also for students and students who aim to work on sports in the future and become physical education teachers. In addition, we will hold events that even small children can enjoy at any time, such as quiz rallies in the venue, support flags and table science that challenges slit animation. * Currently, in order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, we have a replacement system and advance reservation system four times a day. For details, please refer to minato city Minato Science Museum official homepage.

The National Art Center, Tokyo Special Exhibition "Kashiwa Sato Exhibition"

Since its opening in 2007, the National Art Center, Tokyo has regularly held exhibitions on design and architecture under the activity policy of "an art museum that introduces various art expressions and raises new perspectives." As a project that embodies this philosophy, we will hold an exhibition by Kashikazu Sato (born 1965), one of Japan's leading creative directors. In the 1990s, Sato, who worked on a series of innovative advertising projects as an art director at Hakuhodo Co., Ltd., has worked on innovative VI and CI plans and brand strategies for a wide variety of clients, from companies to educational institutions such as kindergartens and universities, hospitals, museums, entertainment, fashion world, and regional industries, since independence in 2000. It has attracted attention from home and abroad. Sato's unique and rare methodology, which applies the fundamental principles of design -- organizing the information to be conveyed, extracting its essence, replacing it with visual languages and symbols that everyone can understand at a close, and communicating widely -- to a wide range of fields that go far beyond its original domain, not only extends and revamps the concept of design, but also affects everything in society, from culture, economic activity, and our daily lives. This exhibition, the largest solo exhibition ever held, will introduce the trajectory of sato's own curated activities over a period of about 30 years from multiple angles. Visitors to the exhibition room will experience sato's unique creativity through an exciting experience of appreciating his many works as works.

Tokyo Tower Taiwan Festival 2021GW ~GW Taiwan Pineapple Festival~

Tokyo Tower Taiwan Festival 2021GW will be held from Friday, April 16, 2021 to Sunday, May 16, 2021. For the 6th time, in an exhibition of taiwan's famous lanterns and night sky decorations, popular Taiwanese horoscopes, and lesser-known tourist attraction introduction panels, you can taste authentic "night market gourmet" from all over Taiwan that you can not easily taste in Japan. During the event period, the tokyo tower special venue will be dyed taiwanese color. Please feel the air of Taiwan with your whole body! In this event, we will plan cooperation with the Taiwan Agriculture Committee, which is cooperating with the Taiwan Festival, and "Taiwan Pineapple", which is in season at this time of year. ・ Taiwan pineapple can be selected as an admission privilege! Total length 3 .8M! Taiwan pineapple giant object appears! Taiwan pineapple sale immediately Special menu: Ripe Taiwan Pineapple Sour In addition, as a bridge between Japan and Taiwan, we plan to light up Tokyo Tower on Saturday, April 17 in "Taiwan Pineapple Color" for one day only, and send a message to Taiwan together with everyone who is supporting the "Tokyo Tower Taiwan Festival". At the venue, you can taste the popular Taiwanese gourmet of night market stalls representing various parts of Taiwan. Taiwanese gourmets include "Yofan", a Taiwanese-style cooked rice, "Pyohan", which is popular as a Taiwanese ekiben, and "鹹 Soy Sauce (Shento)", a soy milk soup called Taiwanese breakfast. "Tsong Yu-Ping", a specialty of Kuhun, and "Burwan", a meat dumpling made by mixing flour dough with fine slices of green onions and grilled with oil. There are many authentic Taiwanese night market gourmets such as tapioca drinks 冰 shaved ice "Awnings" using plenty of mango. Of course, we also offer taiwan festival standard menus such as kogo-bao, dai chicken exhaust, beef noodles, and lu meat rice, which are very popular in Japan. In addition, those who can not come to the venue can enjoy Taiwan Festival gourmet in the online shop, so please use it by all means. ( )

Mori Art Museum Another Energy: The Power to Continue To Challenge: 16 Female Artists from around the World

In recent years, there has been a movement around the world to correct diverse identity imbalances such as gender, race, ethnicity, and creed, and to emphasize diversity. In contemporary art, for the past decade or so, attention has been focused on female artists who began their activities in the 1950s and 1970s and have continued to this day. The Another Energy Exhibition will focus on 16 female artists in their 70s and above who continue to take on challenges around the world, shedding light on their activities. The age of 16 ranges from 71 to 105, all of them with careers spanning more than 50 years. He is also from 14 countries around the world and has a wide range of current bases of operations. They have continued their own creative activities without being bound by the evaluation of museums and art markets, while maintaining their beliefs in the environment in which they were placed and the changing times. In this exhibition, we will consider what "Another Energy" is, a special power of their long careers, through a variety of powerful works such as paintings, images, sculptures, large-scale installations, and performances. As the world seeks to recover from its unprecedented situation, their continued beliefs and lifelong walks will give us new powers to take on challenges. Phyrida Barlow 《Untitled:Canvas Rack; 2018-2019》 2018-2019 Concrete, Canvas, Hardboard, Paint, Plastic, Aggregate, Iron, Tape, Wood Variable size Courtesy: Cross Steele Collection Exhibition view: "Cul-de-Sul-de-C,"Royal Academy of Arts,London,"2019 Photo: Damian Griffins