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Amazing tourist attractions that are a must-see when visiting Minato Ward.

Minato City Tourism Information Center

5-36-4 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo Fudanotsuji Square 1F

The staff is available in English (Korean depending on the day) and provides information on various sightseeing information, restaurants, transportation, and accommodation in Minato Ward. We also sell goods from the Minato City Tourism Association.

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Baisoin Temple

2-26-38 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

The Jodo sect Baidoin temple was built in the residence of Aoyama-kun when his vassal, Oichu Aoyama Daizo Shosuke Kosei, the first vassal since Ieyasu Tokugawa in 1643, passed away. Designed by world-renowned architect Kengo Kuma, it was rebuilt in 2003. The place name "Aoyama" in Minato-ku originated from the residence of The Duke of Aoyama, and it continues to this day. Based on the philosophy of "a temple open to the city", Ume windowin conducts various cultural activities such as music concerts, cultural lectures, Buddhist courses, etc. with the desire to create a "gathering plaza" and "community" that are widely accepted by the general public. In addition, although it is located in the city center, it has a space rich in nature that reflects the expression of the four seasons. Every corner is barrier-free, so you can visit with peace of mind at any time. In addition to general graves, this graveyard aims to be close to each person, such as permanent memorial graves, tree burial cemeteries, and pet memorial towers.

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Roppongi Hills

6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato City, Tokyo

"Roppongi Hills" is an expansive 12.0 hectare site, which is about 8 times the space that Tokyo Dome covers. It features shopping areas and restaurants, as well as art galleries, movie theaters, apartments, offices, a park, and much more. Mori Tower has 52 floors and extends 250m above sea level. It has a 360-degree glass observation deck called "Tokyo City View", and the "Sky Deck" above that offers a wide open space with a complete panoramic view of Tokyo's cityscape.

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Motoazabu Hills Forest Tower

1-3-1 Motoazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

The concept of the Motoazabu Hills is "the City of the forest". "There is no forest in the city, but the city itself must be a forest", and a large tree-like forest tower (high-rise building) is arranged in a low-level building (two buildings), The roof of the building and the balcony were positively green as well as the half of the site was returned to greenery.

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Gas Founding Monument

1-5-20 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Near the south exit of JR Hamamatsucho Station, there is the Tokyo Gas head office, where the "founding monument" of gas is built. In the inscription, the Imperial gas business was planned as a government office in Meiji six. The gas plant was able to be in Hamasaki-cho in this area, and the next year, the lantern was ignited to the street in Ginza, and the people who went a lot of roads were surprised. Since then, it has been privatized and relocated, but in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the 1950 's, it was built in the corner of the campus at that time. The gas light was ignited in Shimbashi-Kyobashi on December 18, Meiji 7, and the third gas business began in the Japan following Yokohama and Hyogo. The charge for one month of the gas lamp at that time was three Yen 55 Sen and 5 Rin and was expensive.

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Ark Hills Sengoku Yamamori Tower

1-9-10 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Located in Minato-ku, Toranomon 5-Chome and Roppongi 1-chome. The Hotel Okura is south of the Sweden Embassy. The vast grounds of about 1.5 hectares are tilted towards the south. Just in the terrain at the top of the plateau, we built a 47-storey complex building and an eight-story residential building on the ground. The complex building is located on floors 3 to 24 and houses 25 to 47 floors.

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Tokyo Tower

4-2-8 Shibakoen, Minato City, Tokyo

Opened in 1958, this symbol of Tokyo, and of Japan itself, saw its 60th anniversary back in 2018. Located in Tokyo's Yamanote area, this 333m tall radio tower has both a main deck (150m high) and top deck (250m high) from which you can look out over Mt. Fuji, Mt. Tsukuba, and all of the Tokyo metropolis itself, making it a popular tourist spot not just among the Japanese, but with tourists from all around the world. The tower's 'Landmark Light' is widely acknowledged to have completely transformed Tokyo's nightscape, and together with the 'Diamond Veil' illuminations launched to mark the tower's 50th anniversary, they're able to paint all manner of pictures in Tokyo's night skyline. The tower's 'Foot Town' building is replete with services including cafes and souvenir shops, and also hosts a variety of events throughout the year, making the tower the perfect spot for a fun-filled day trip. The number of visitors to the tower's observation decks has surpassed the total population of Japan, breaking the 180 million people milestone in 2018. In June of 2013 the tower was officially recognized as tangible cultural property of Japan.

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Mori Art Museum/Roppongi Hills

6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato City, Tokyo

The Mori Art Museum is located on the 53rd floor of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower. With a focus on contemporary art, it has various public education programs and exhibition plans that transcend genre, creating a new form of art museum. Other than on Tuesdays, it stays open relatively late, so it can even be enjoyed after work. Visitors may also enter the Tokyo City View observatory with the same ticket.

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Serendipity Pilot LLC

Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo

With the motto of leading encounters to the best opportunities, we are a company that supports a sustainable society by providing new and different value to society and the region while utilizing the power of branding, storytelling, design, and DX. Services : Inbound Consulting / Regional and Corporate Branding / Marketing for Chinese Market / Public Negotiation / Corporate PR

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Sky Hop Bus

Near Shibakoen 3-3-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo (Tokyo Prince Hotel Zojoji Bus Stop)

A sightseeing route bus that connects sightseeing spots in the city center and operates mainly in open bus vehicles with free hop-on hop-off. It is one of the major tourism contents called "hop-on hop-off bus" in major overseas cities. It connects major sightseeing spots without changing trains, and from the open seats of the open bus, you can feel the atmosphere of the city different from usual, and you can enjoy the transportation itself. It is equipped with a voice guidance system in seven languages, including Japanese and English, and is multilingual. Reservations are not required for buses, and you can get on from each bus stop. You can use it as soon as you think of it, and you can enjoy sightseeing tours at your own pace.                                In Minato Ward, you can get on the bus from two locations: Tokyo Tower Bus Stop, Tokyo Prince Hotel and Zojoji Bus Stop.

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Sky Hop Bus

Near 3-407-6 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo (Tokyo Tower Bus Stop)

A sightseeing route bus that connects sightseeing spots in the city center and operates mainly in open bus vehicles with free hop-on hop-off. It is one of the major tourism contents called "hop-on hop-off bus" in major overseas cities.                      It connects major sightseeing spots without changing trains, and from the open seats of the open bus, you can feel the atmosphere of the city different from usual, and you can enjoy the transportation itself. It is equipped with a voice guidance system in seven languages, including Japanese and English, and is multilingual. Reservations are not required for buses, and you can get on from each bus stop. You can use it as soon as you think of it, and you can enjoy sightseeing tours at your own pace.                                In Minato Ward, you can get on the bus from two locations: Tokyo Tower Bus Stop, Tokyo Prince Hotel and Zojoji Bus Stop.

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Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Shimbashi Store

4-7-2 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 6 Toyo Kaiji Building

Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Shimbashi store is tamiya's official shop on Akarenga Street in Shimbashi. On the shop floor on the first floor above ground and the first basement floor, we have prepared more than 6,000 kinds of items currently released by Tamiya. Scale model, radio control model, mini 4WD, from pre-assembled models and fine parts, paints and tools, original goods such as Tamiya T-shirt, a variety of lineups can be enjoyed just by looking at it. Choose your favorite items while chatting with family and friends. At Modelers Square on the second floor, various events such as mini 4WD and radio control model competitions, craft classes, model making courses, and promodeller talk shows are held. We also provide a private service.

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Koboji Temple

2-12-5 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Kobo-ji Temple enshrines Kobo Daishi Kokai as its principal image, and was founded in 816 A.D. From Miyajima Miyama Daishoin Temple, which is a Buddhist temple, kobo daishi was lit for the first time 1,200 years ago when training, and "fire without disappearing" that has continued to be protected until now is ignited and lit at Kobo-ji Temple. This fire is very valuable, which is also a fire source of hiroshima's "light of peace". As a benefit, it is said that there are benefits such as being effective for all diseases, becoming happy, and rimming. In addition, in the construction of a modern building that does not seem to be a temple, we are equipped with the latest automatic conveyance type tomb "OssuiveDo Kairo Tower".

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National Land Co., Ltd. (Ogasawara Tourist Information Center)

New Pier Takeshiba South Tower 3F, 1-16-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Founded in 1978, it is a travel agency specializing in the Ogasawara Islands. Ogasawara, 1,000 km south of Takeshiba, is also located in Tokyo, but the island was designated a World Natural Heritage Site in 2011 for its different climate and sea color. To Ogasawara, which is such attractive, we will propose the trip you want by matching the requests of various customers such as individual trips to business trips, school trips from one person to school trips. Please feel free to drop in as we have an office in Takeshiba, the gateway to the Ogasawara Islands.

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Masujoji Treasure Exhibition Room

4-7-35 Shiba Park, Minato-ku, Tokyo

It was opened on the first basement floor of the Daiden in April 2015. At the center of the exhibition is a 1/10 scale model of the Spirit shop of Hidetada, the second Tokugawa shogun, which was once built in the precincts of Masujoji Temple. In addition, we have published a number of valuable fixtures, including the Kano Issyn brush 500 Rakan diagrams.

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Yakatabune Nowayasu

Shiba 1-3-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 1st floor of Nawayasu Building

The new large houseboat departing from Hamamatsu-cho in the center of the city goes around the Sumida River where you can feel the tradition from Edo and the bay area which goes at the forefront of the world. English-speaking staff are enrolled so that customers from overseas can fully enjoy it. You can also watch the fireworks display from the houseboat. On board, you can taste traditional Edo-mae cuisine using plenty of ingredients purchased in Tsukiji and Toyosu, a market where Japanese delicacies gather. With the night view of Tokyo from the water and delicious Japanese food, you can feel the real pleasure of sightseeing in Tokyo to your heart's content. We also arrange a wide range of entertainment, from geisha to comedy. Please enjoy cherry blossom viewing in spring, fireworks in summer, autumn leaves in autumn, year-end party and New Year's party in winter, and events of the four seasons together with the scenery of Edo and seasonal dishes from Yakatabune. From 10 chartered people, the day of operation of the shared boat is our website ( Please check.

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Yamato Group History Museum: Kuroneko Yamato Museum

2-13-26 Minato-minami, Minato City, Tokyo

The museum was established on November 29, 2019 to commemorate Yamato Group's 100th anniversary. For our customers who have been with us for 100 years, together through global change, we'd like to present Yamato's history and our system for express deliveries. From our extra large 14-meter-wide circular theater to our hands-on corner where you can try riding a real walk-through delivery truck, there's plenty of fun for visitors of all ages. While the museum is designed for free exploration, we have also implemented a guided tour (60 minutes) on a reservation basis.

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DECKS Tokyo Beach

1-6-1 Daiba, Minato City, Tokyo

A theme park on a ship DECKS Tokyo Beach is a shopping center with a ship as its motif. It has an open terrace with a wooden deck that looks like the deck of a ship. Decorations throughout the building will remind you of ships. Strolling along the deck while enjoying the sea breeze, you will feel like being on a luxury cruise ship cruising around Tokyo Bay. You can get to enjoy your meals and shopping. You can find your favorite stores! Shopping & Dining There are about 90 specialty stores and restaurants at DECKS Tokyo Beach. In addition to popular stores that carry outdoor equipment, street clothes, and children's clothing, there are many general merchandise stores that offer interesting items and perfect souvenirs of Tokyo and Odaiba. Cafes and fast food restaurants along with a variety of Japanese, Western, and Chinese restaurants offer a variety of food and beverage options. Enjoy a meal or popular sweets with a view of Tokyo Bay. A wide range of indoor entertainment facilities There are four theme parks: TOKYO-JOYPOLIS, LEGOLAND DISCOVERY CENTER Tokyo, Madame Tussauds Tokyo, and TOKYO TRICK ART MUSEUM. In addition, there are the Odaiba Takoyaki Museum, which features popular takoyaki restaurants from all over Japan, and the retro-style Daiba 1-chome Shopping Street. You can spend a whole day there. A number of facilities are open for families, couples, and friends to enjoy all day long. “Odaiba Illumination ’YAKEI,’” one of the best night view spots in Tokyo. DECKS Tokyo Beach features “Odaiba Illumination ’YAKEI,’” a year-round presentation of lights that is rare in Japan. The Daiba Memorial Tree is one of the largest trees in Tokyo made with live trees, with a total length of approximately 200 meters and a height of approximately 20 meters. The fantastic presentation of lights with the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower in the background is also popular as one of the best spots in Tokyo to get a panoramic view of the night scenery of Tokyo Bay. Pets: Accepted only in some stores Languages available: English, Chinese, Korean

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The Okura Tokyo

2-10-4 Toranomon, Minato-ku

"Okura Prestige Tower", a high-rise building that incorporates a Japanese accent in the sophistication and dynamism of Tokyo, and the middle-class building "Okura", which weaves the essence of Japanese beauty everywhere and provides hospitality tailored to each person This luxury hotel consists of two buildings of the Heritage Wing.

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Hi-NODE (High Node)

2-7-103, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Hi-NODE is a new facility facing Tokyo Bay that connects regions and regions, people and people, and now and the future. A lawn plaza surrounded by trees, a café and restaurant with a terrace overlooking the sea, and a bridge connecting sunrise to bamboo turf in fantastic light at night. Surrounded by the sea, although it is located in the city, this Hi-NODE creates a new relationship between the seaand the living.

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Hikawa Shrine (Motoazabu)

1-4-23 Motoazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Hikawa Shrine has been in the vicinity of the solitary pine in the north about 300m from the current location, and then relocated to the current location in Manji year (1658-61). It is said that it was one of Edo Hikawa Nansha in Azabu Township total Guardian. "Bishamonten" is enshrined to fulfill the great application, except for plague and calamity.

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Ikura Kumano Shrine

2-2-14 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo

It is said that the Genroku of Kumano Shrine is not understood by the fire of 16 years and the old record has been burnt down. In the past few years, new benefits have been added to this shrine, and a soccer amulet will be awarded. According to the shrine, the gods of the Kumano Shrine, eight company chops, which has three legs, is a symbol of the J. League, so the number of people who worship has increased, rather than the player himself, there are many families and supporters. "Soccer Amulet" approved by the Football Association is white and blue. It shows the presence with the clay of the Ebisu-sama. One of the seven Lucky gods of Minato-ku, Ebisu-sama is enshrined. Ebisu-sama has a fishing rod on his right hand and a sea bream on his left hand. Originally, it was the god of the fisherman, and it has been believed as a god which brings the safe sailing and the voyage safety. When commerce became popular, it came to gather the faith as the god of the business. This neighborhood was a very good stroll road, and it was one of Fujimura's favorite places according to "Ikura near" which I wrote when Shimazaki Fujimura lived in Ikura.

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ROPE constant

2-13-11 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo

You can enjoy delicious food while enjoying the panoramic view of Tokyo Bay, such as Odaiba and Gate Bridge, or Tokyo Sky tree. The houseboat play is a chic play that continues from Edo. Freshly fried tempura and fresh sashimi are unique to the Edomae Fisherman's Boat Inn. There is also a large ship of 60 people, a shared houseboat that can be used from four people, it is also possible to tailor the fishing boat to enjoy the fifth fishing. There are also various cruise routes around the Kamitagawa and Nihonbashi.

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Tokyo City View

6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato City, Tokyo

The observation deck on the 52nd floor of Mori Tower that rises over Roppongi Hills is located almost in the center of central Tokyo. Despite this, there is nothing blocking the view from here, providing you with a 360-degree dynamic view of the scenery.

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Zojoji Daimon

1 Shiba Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo

It is the gate which is the origin of the place name at the total gate and the front gate of Zojoji Temple. The current one is larger than the prototype because of the road maintenance of the National highway in Showa 12, but the former Daimon was rebuilt in Keicho in three years by the expansion and construction of Edo Castle, when Zojoji Temple moved to turf, the Koryo Gate was the major gate of Edo Castle until then It was transferred as a front gate of the temple from Tokugawa Iyasasa. Because the fear of collapse caused by the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923, the former Daimon was relocated by the Kaitakuin hospital, but it was burnt down by the air raid in 1945.

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