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Event places for enjoying the moment.

Mori Arts Center Gallery "Basquiat Made in Japan"

Mori Arts Center Gallery

Jean-Michel Basquiat appeared like a comet in the art scene of the 1980s. Basquiat has frequently visited Japan to hold six solo exhibitions and 10 group exhibitions, incorporating motifs and hiragana into his work that reflected the state of The 80s that were in the bubble economy like Yen. In this exhibition, Dieter Buchhart, the world's leading author of Basquiat Research, reveals the various ties between Basquiat and Japan, as well as the unknown influence swayed by Japan's rich history and culture. This is japan's first full-scale exhibition of original Japanese paintings, objects and drawings from all over the world.

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Tokyo Tower "Sanriku-Ofunato Tokyo Tower Sanma Festival"

Tokyo Tower Outdoor Special Venue

Fresh sanma in Ofunato City, Iwate Prefecture, one of japan's leading landing sainu Sanma's professional son of 3,333 animals is grilled and behaves. In cooperation with Ofunato City, Iwate Prefecture, the 11th Sanfune-Toa Tokyo Tower Sanma Festival will be held on September 23, 2015, to conduct the 11th Sanfune Tokyo Tower Sanma Festival, which is free of charge.

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Tokyo Tower "Ninja sing ing on the main deck of Tokyo Tower" 」

Tokyo Tower Main Deck 1st and 2nd floor (free greeting in the main deck. )

In front of Tokyo Tower, there is a dojo where you can experience ninjas from the Musashi clan. Its name is "Edo Secret Musashi Family" honjin dojo. The ninja of the Musashi family will come to the main deck of Tokyo Tower this summer. Of course, the commemorative photography is OK, too. Take this opportunity and enjoy communicating with ninjas!

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Zojoji Temple "60th Anniversary of The Seijo-jin, 400th Anniversary of Kanchi-kuni-shi" Exhibition

"Treasure Exhibition Room" on the 1st floor of The Temple of The Great Temple

This year, it is the 600th anniversary of the Seventh Seisei-jin of the Jodo Sect, and the 400th anniversary of Zojoji Nakako and Kanchi-kuni. In our mountain, as part of the 850th Honorable Project of the Jodo Sect of The Omotoyama Zojoji Temple, we will hold an exhibition with the honor of both the people and the ministry of the Great War. The treasure exhibition room on the first floor of the Grand Hall will be the venue, and 30 works will be exhibited, including works by the temple-like temple-like temple son of both kamitos, mainly the collection sofas of our mountain. Following in the footsteps of both men, we will look at the genealogy that has been passed on from Seijo-joto to Seishiro Kaizan, and Kanchi Kunishi, who became the cornerstone of the present Zojo-ji Temple.

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Ark Hills South Tower Sky Park

Sky Park, the rooftop garden of Ark Hills South Tower, opens a beer garden where you can have an empty-handed BBQ. It is a luxurious beer garden with BBQ griller and table seats, and a sofa set in an open, green rooftop garden in the center of the city. The dishes are prepared with a selection of meat and vegetable barbecues, as well as a plan to buy meat from the underground shop. A la carte and drinks are available. You can enjoy a different city barbecue.

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Tokyo Tower "HIGHBALL GARDEN" & "ROOFTOP Genghis Khan"

Tokyo Tower

Two Highball gardens to enjoy while looking up at Tokyo Tower! "Highball garden" and rooftop "HIGHBALL GARDEN ROOFTOP Genghis Khan" in front of the front door. Right under the Tower, Camperey! "HIGHBALL GARDEN" in front of the front door, when you want to drink casually, ROOFTOP Genghis Khan] When you want to eat and drink to the fullest, you can also use it properly! In addition, both venues, the period is plenty, about six months! Enjoy a fun night out!

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Tokyo City View "Roppongi Astronomical Club Day" Held a starry sky viewing party"

Tokyo City View Rooftop Sky Deck (Mori Tower Rooftop)

It is a popular plan to do on the fourth Friday of every month. Why don't you take a look at the autumn night sky with an astronomy expert while listening to the commentary? Please feel free to join us because you do not need to pre-apply for the starry sky viewing party. First-time people are also welcome♪

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Higashiazabu Shopping Street "The 45th Scarecrow Festival"


The annual scarecrow competition and performance competition will be held again this year. The jumbo janken tournament that everyone participated in is powerful. Jumbo scarecrow is also a must see!

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Okura Shukokan "Okura Shukokan Renewal Commemorative Special Exhibition "Momogengo Exhibition : What Mumura and Kureharu Dreamed of"

Okura Shukokan

In this exhibition, the new collection of Kure Chun-shi "Wuryo Momogen-figure Folding Screen" (Edo period and 18th century) was first published in Japan, and a tribute to a series of Momogengo works that became the original artists of Kure Chun, the master of the creation of this work, and the brush of Yosa-ya-mura, He also focuses on the position of this work in kurechun's own painting industry. Through the exhibition of works that are deeply related to these, we trace the trajectory that The Village's poetry toward Chinese culture and the longing for Momogengo were handed down in Wu chun and eventually sublimating in its own style.

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Hotel InterContinental Tokyo Bay "Quantum Flavor tea with Halloween party afternoon tea"

InterContinental Tokyo Bay New York Lounge

At the New York Lounge, you can enjoy as much as you like with season-time afternoon tea savouring your own unique aroma and flavor. Afternoon tea plans with seasonal flavored tea are available. From Friday, September 6, you can enjoy the Autumn Flavor tea selection (maron chocolat/ autumn leaves hunting / cookies). Relax to your heart's content in a New York-style luxury space that pursues "nagomi", "relaxation" and "gastronomy".

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Nezu Museum of Art "The 10th Anniversary of the Founding of The New Founding Exhibition: The Flower and Bird Expression of Japan and the Orient"

Nezu Museum of Art, Exhibition Rooms 1 and 2

Colorful flowers and birds with shiny feathers have long been the subject of awards, regardless of whether they are in the east or west of the West. Especially in East Asia, which is mainly China, flower and bird paintings depicting flowers and birds have become a major genre of painting, along with portraits and mountain water paintings. On the other hand, the word "sketch", which is used in the meaning of sketches in modern times, was originally meant to observe the object in a flower bird painting and to copy its shape, ecology, and, in turn, a vivid appearance. In other words, it can be said that a flower bird painting is an attempt to preserve the glow of life with the motif of beautiful flora and fauna. It sometimes evokes the image of foreign countries and paradise, and sometimes, while wearing a good luck, and often becomes a craft design, the development of flower fowl expression in the Orient, especially China and Japan. All paintings will be exhibited or rewound in the first semester (Saturday, September 7th , October 6th and Late October 8th , Tuesday , November 4 ( Mon. Holidays ). Mirrors and ceramics will be on display for the entire period.

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Shiba Park "Minato City Festival"

Shiba Park

Minato-ku's largest festival "Minato-ku People's Festival" There are parades and openings, and the whole area of Shiba Park is very crowded. Please come by all means!

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Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square "TOKYO Craftsmen Exhibition"

Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square 1f Special Exhibition Space

This is a special exhibition of young craftsmen who are responsible for traditional crafts in Tokyo. During this period, we hold mini-seminars by craftsmen from 15 o'clock every day, as well as production demonstrations and production experiences. You can also listen to the craftsmanship that is hard to hear.

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Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art" Raoul Duffy Exhibition : Painting and Textile Design

Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art

Raul Duffy (1877-1953), a painter who attracts many people today with his gorgeous, bright colors and light-hearted brushwork. This exhibition brings together Duffy's textile design-related works, including modern and elegant paintings and silk fabrics heavily used by Paul Poiret, the Emperor of Mode. We will explore the artists created by lightly crossing the two mediums of expression, painting and textile design, to explore the essence of the artist's expression and the significance of the decorative properties associated with Duffy's work.

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Minato-ku Folk History Museum "History Museum Classical Concert Vol.3"

Minato-ku Folk History Museum 2F Central Hall

On The 3rd Annual Historical Museum Classical Concert, September 28th, we will welcome the clarinetist Hayasuke Taniguchi and Mr. Tamura kai on the piano to send you an examination of instrumental music. Enjoy the wonderful performances and the sound of the space in the historic building (former public health academy).

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Platinum Hills Shoeikai "Platinum Marche 2019 Autumn"

Shirokanedai Acorn Children's Playground

The famous shop of the local gathers in the gem of the sticking in all of Japan. Please come to platinum marche.

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Shirokane takanawa "T8 Halloween Story 2019in Platinum/ Takanawa"

Seven shop associations in the Shirokane and Takanawa areas

This is a joint event of seven shop associations in the Shirokane and Takanawa areas. In the target shop, "Trick or Treat" If you say the word , you will get sweets.

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Akasaka Ichitsuki-dori Shopping Street Promotion Association "Akasaka Halloween"

Ichitsuki Street

Participants parade around One Tree Street in costume. Participants will receive sweets!

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Aoyama Minami ichi Shoshokai "Festival 2019 Western Carnival inAOYAMA Village"

Minato-ku Aoba Park

It is a popular annual event every year. This year, the 26th Sports Festival tug-of-war competition will be held with lots of freebies and country and western live performances. Participation fee is free, so please look forward to it!

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Shibaura Shotenkai and others "Shibaura Canal Festival"

Shibaura 3-chome Shinshibabashi, Canal Promenade

Canal cruises, boat race competitions and concerts are plentiful. On the promenade, there are also mock shops and tickets for children.

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Shiba Park "PARK AIR FITNESS" At The Sports Festival in Autumn at Tokyo Metropolitan Shiba Park "I'm not sure.

Shiba Park No.4

Shiba Park is one of the oldest parks in Japan designated as a park by Taisei Kanfuinu in The Meiji Era 6(1873). It is a park of the ring scattered around Zojo-ji Temple. In the park in the center of the city, we have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of fitness in the pleasant autumn breeze. Why don't you have a special experience of moving your body while looking at Tokyo Tower with your parents and children and friends?

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Izumiya Hirokokan Branch "Cultural Properties Forever"

Izumiya Hirokokan Branch

The cultural assets that are now transmitted are protected by the restoration and preservation technology of the time, and have been through the damage caused by deterioration and natural disasters for a long time.  However, it is not easy to endure for a longer time and to inherit cultural properties for the next generation. At the Izumiya Hakukokan Branch in Tokyo, we will exhibit about 50 paintings and crafts, including national treasures and heavy sentences that have been repaired in recent years by traditional technology and state-of-the-art science, and introduce the forefront of cultural property restoration to protect beauty. It will be a great opportunity to meet the new creative techniques and the real faces of the rescreated cultural assets through repairs.

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Strings Hotel Tokyo Intercontinental "Autumn Gourmet Showcase - Pastel Halloween"

Strings Hotel Tokyo Intercontinental The Dining Room

From Wednesday, September 4 to Thursday, October 31, in addition to appetizer buffets such as aqua pazza, grilled domestic beef, main dish, hotel-made quiche and salad bar, We offer a pastel-colored Halloween dessert for lunch and dinner with an offer to enjoy as many as you like, "Autumn Gourmet Showcase - Pastel Halloween". In the luxurious beauty of the hotel, you will be able to enjoy the menu and Halloween dessert savoury and elegant and lively meal time at once, which is presented by the star chef.

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Akasaka Rikyu "Garden Cafe in Autumn"

Akasaka Rikyu Front Yard

From Friday, September 20 to Monday, September 23, 2019, we will hold a garden café in the autumn of the Guest House. Coffee and alcohol are served in the front yard, as well as a daily food menu and a variety of other snacks, including cheese. (30 minutes before closing last order)  From Friday, September 20 to Sunday, September 22, the main building will be lit up from 18 o'clock every day, with a nightly opening time extending to 20 o'clock. Please take this opportunity to invite them to visit the Guest House.

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Grand Hyatt Tokyo "Matcha Voyage Afternoon Tea Buffet"

Grand Hyatt Tokyo French Kitchen

A luxurious afternoon tea buffet where you can enjoy as much as you like, a sweet tea with plenty of high-quality matcha and a savoury match tailored to the sweets. Please enjoy the sweets prepared by the pastry team which has produced the patissier who won and won the confectionery tournament of the world by all means.

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