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Event places for enjoying the moment.

Tokyo Tower "The Exciting Fluffy Land of the Noppong Brothers"

Tokyo Tower Foottown 1F Tokyo Tower Hall 2

Good news for families coming to Tokyo Tower! On the first floor of Foottown, children's events where you can experience a variety of attractions to the heart, titled "Noppong Brothers' Exciting Fluffy Land" will be held! Full of fluffy! There are a lot of air playground equipment for children, such as trampolines and mazes! With various kinds of fluffy attractions, you can play energetically! Let's take interesting pictures! There is also a trick vision corner. I can take an interesting photograph by devising how to take it. One coin admission fee, unlimited time! Play as much as you want! There's a nop-pom coming to the venue♪ After enjoying the scenery at the observatory, please stop by!

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Roppongi Hills "Roppongi Gourmet Burger Grand Prix 2019"

Roppongi Hills

The Roppongi Gourmet Burger Grand Prix, a gastronomic festival that started in 2014 and celebrates its sixth anniversary this year. Now, with the summer tradition, the chefs of each restaurant will do their best to deliver the best burgers. Participants will be participating in 19 stores in Roppongi Hills and surrounding facilities. Again this year, there will be a hot battle between the "Special Limited Menu Division", which competes with the original recipes of each store, and the Regular Menu Division, which will be entered with a staple menu loved by many fans. If you eat deliciously, vote for your favorite burger. With one vote of yours, the Grand Prix will be decided!

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Mori Arts Center Gallery "attack on Titan exhibition FINAL"

Mori Arts Center Gallery

The "Attack on Titan Exhibition FINAL" will be held Buri five years. The experience of the shock which approaches the innovation of the story attacks Roppongi such as the content and the character voice Guide which can experience the original world, and the number of original exhibits more than previous. As the culmination of this work with a passionate fan, the original painting exhibition that can fully experience the history and the world view. Finally the biggest attack on Titan exhibition. The unprecedented impact is now here.

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Ark Hills South Tower Sky Park

Sky Park, the rooftop garden of Ark Hills South Tower, opens a beer garden where you can have an empty-handed BBQ. It is a luxurious beer garden with BBQ griller and table seats, and a sofa set in an open, green rooftop garden in the center of the city. The dishes are prepared with a selection of meat and vegetable barbecues, as well as a plan to buy meat from the underground shop. A la carte and drinks are available. You can enjoy a different city barbecue.

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Tokyo Tower "HIGHBALL GARDEN" & "ROOFTOP Genghis Khan"

Tokyo Tower

Two Highball gardens to enjoy while looking up at Tokyo Tower! "Highball garden" and rooftop "HIGHBALL GARDEN ROOFTOP Genghis Khan" in front of the front door. Right under the Tower, Camperey! "HIGHBALL GARDEN" in front of the front door, when you want to drink casually, ROOFTOP Genghis Khan] When you want to eat and drink to the fullest, you can also use it properly! In addition, both venues, the period is plenty, about six months! Enjoy a fun night out!

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Tokyo City View "PIXAR's Secret exhibition: Science that Creates life"

Tokyo City View

From April 13 (Sat) to September 16 (Mon.), we will hold the exhibition "PIXAR's Secret exhibition" Science that creates the works of Pixar Animation Studios and approaches science. This is an experience-based exhibition where you learn about the science that supports PIXAR animation through eight processes of actual animation production. You can experience the specialized knowledge and skills of animation through the popular character of PIXAR animation.

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Nezu Museum of Art "Special Exhibition"

Nezu Museum of Art, Exhibition Rooms 1 and 2

"Gentle Hotoe, Scary Hotake" is an exhibition that exhibits about 35 works of Buddhist painting and sculpture from the Asuka period to the Edo period, and considers the expression of the heartwarming and its meaning. There are almost three types of flashes from their appearance and role. It is the solemn "Tathagata" that embodies the truth of Buddhism, the "bodhisattva" of mercy that saves people from hardship and gives them good luck, and the "Mitata" of wrath, which yields those who do not obey the teachings and their enemies.  In addition, this group of the great-looking of the angry minister also includes "heaven" like the Four Heavens king who repels foreign enemies in the form of warlords. Worshipping the precious Buddha Buddha, seeking salvation from the gentle Kannon Bodhisattva, throwing his hesitation and evil thoughts into the fire of King Fudo, and asking Bishamonten for relief - thereby the people wished for a healthy life in this world.

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Akasaka Sacas "Chuhai Garden Monster Tavern"

Akasaka Sacas Plaza

Izakaya ultra monsters are the main characters [Monster Tavern]. The oasis of "Eternal Boys" that monsters give will come to Akasaka Sacas this summer. Monsters rampage in Chuhai Garden!?

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Tokyo Prince Hotel "CanCam x Tokyo Prince Hotel Night Pool"

Tokyo Prince Hotel GARDEN POOL

This year's theme, which is the fourth year of the event, is "Mbigeni". Power up from "Insta Shine" to "Video Shine" spot. There are always "shining" shooting spots on trendy video posting apps, such as stylish illuminations and moving neon signs. And again this year, we have a number of big floats, a specialty of cancam night pool. This summer, let's take a lot of "lively videos" in japan's first video shine pool.

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Hotel InterContinental Tokyo Bay "[Chef's Live Kitchen] Taste Japan 14th [Hokkaido Fair]"

InterContinental Tokyo Bay Chefs Live Kitchen

Based on the concept of "healthy, beauty and freshness," chef's live kitchen ®, which offers a live buffet style, will be available for a limited time on July 1, 2019, Andy Sato, a gourmet journalist. We will hold the 14th Hokkaido Fair, a series planned in collaboration with Mr. Toryu, and a menu using Hokkaido ingredients. In preparation for the fair, Sato, a chef who is also from Hokkaido, went to the site to inspect and sample the ingredients from the perspective of a native. It features vegetables and fruits such as corn and red meat melons, and seafood such as the scallops of Otaru Maehama, which can be caught in the nutritious northern sea, and kalei, which were raised in the fertile land of Hokkaido and severe nature. We have created dishes that take advantage of the flavor and flavor of the ingredients, such as soup of first dish kasbe pie wrap, salad with roasted shiretoko chicken, appetizerwith lotus cup sauce, hot dishes, and Hokkaido melon desserts. In addition, you will be able to enjoy about 20 dishes named after Hokkaido along with a standard menu, including soup curry with teppanyaki and spices, seafood bowls, and other local dishes.

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TV Asahi "TV Asahi Roppongi Hills Summer Festival SUMMER STATION"

TV Asahi, Roppongi Hills, EX Theater Roppongi

This year, "The future will be more new. Attractions, food and beverage booths, arena live events, etc. will be held. From July 13 (Sat) to August 25 (Sun), the venue will be held at TV Asahi Head Office and roppongi hills.

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Tokyo Prince Hotel "beer garden in the forest"

Tokyo Prince Hotel

Enjoy the "summer" with a barbecue and chilled beer with carefully selected ingredients in a space full of openness surrounded by greenery that is not thought to be the center of the city.

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Ark-Hills Arc Karajan Square

This period, "limited craft beer" can be tasted only in the YONA YONA BEER GARDEN in ARK Hills] appeared "YONA YONA BEER GARDEN in ARK Hills" is a beer garden with a draft of six popular beers, such as the Ale Beer "Yyoyere" and "Wednesday's cat" that represent the Japan. We offer the first unlimited drink menu including six kinds of beer. In addition, a set that can be compared to drink to choose four of the six types of craft beer also appeared. This year, Ark Hills Limited craft beer, which has been specially brewed for the beer garden, is now available. I will expand in the lineup irresistible to beer lovers.

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Tokyo Midtown "MIDTOWN LOVES SUMMER 2019"

Tokyo Midtown

With the concept of "Japan summer Ryo", the evening cool of the porch, the babbling of the brook, and the atmosphere of the open, lush Japanese space will be held in the sense of coolness by the five senses. In the Grass Plaza, the main event is the "SUNTORY Light and fog digital art garden with water". You can experience a fantastic space on the veranda, wrapped in a chilly mist. The "ROKU MIDPARK LOUNGE" is also available for a limited time in the shaded outdoor lounge. Spend a cool summer time in the middle of the city.

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Tokyo City View "Traditional Tanabata Special Starry Sky Viewing Party"

Tokyo City View Rooftop Sky Deck (Mori Tower Rooftop)

On the day of tanabata in the lunar calendar, we will hold a starry viewing party to find "Albileo", one of the most contrasting double stars in the starry sky. "Albileo" is just between Orihime and Hikohoshi, and it is a beautiful star described as "Sapphire and Topaz" in Kenji Miyazawa's "Night of the Galactic Railway". Listen to the astronomy experts and see the beautiful stars shining in the summer night sky.

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The 51st Exhibition Of Streamlined Railway1930s Locomotives

Former Shimbashi Station Railway History Exhibition Room

Streamlined used in the design of trains that emphasize express, such as shinkansen and express trains. This is a form that reduces the vehicle's air resistance during driving and pursues speed so that rail users can reach their destinations faster. In Japan, in 1934, the Ministry of Railways changed the original design of the existing C53 steam locomotive, creating a streamlined railway. The streamlined locomotive, which is completely different from the appearance of the conventional steam locomotive, became a hot topic in various places, and attracted the attention of many people, including children. In this exhibition, we will introduce you to the streamlined railways of the 1930s in the linear genealogy that is still used in the design of high-speed rail.

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Tokyo Metropolitan Garden Museum "Summer Night Museum 2019"

Tokyo Metropolitan Garden Museum of Art

Tokyo Metropolitan Museums will also hold the Summer Night Museum, which will extend the opening hours to 21 o'clock on Friday* during the summer vacation! This year, the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Contemporary Art, which has just been reopened, will be held at five museums: the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Tokyo Metropolitan Garden Museum, the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. Admission after 17 o'clock is full of evening-only benefits, such as discounted admission, fun events such as mini concerts and gallery talks, and special services in cafes and shops. On summer evenings, enjoy the exhibition in a cool museum.

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Tokyo City View "Yukata DE Free" Sky Deck] In addition, sky deck opening hours are extended! 」

Tokyo City View Sky Deck

If you wear yukata and come to the observatory, you will be offered a free entrance fee to the sky deck! In addition, the skydeck will extend business hours until 22:00, usually until 20:00. On the sky deck, where you can enjoy the view of 270m above sea level, you can also see the fireworks display near Tokyo, which is a summer tradition! When you go out, stop by the sky deck in the summer where you can enjoy the spectacular views♪

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ANA InterContinental Tokyo "Fruit Palette - Taste of Summer"

ANA Intercontinental Tokyo

Welcome to "Fruit Palette - Taste of Summer" is decorated with colorful fruits! This summer, creative chefs have transformed bowls and foam bowls into paintbrushes and easels, and offered sweets and drinks made with plenty of fresh, vibrant, vitamin-colored fruits. Why don't you compare the fresh, healthy, vitamin-rich sweets depicted in a variety of fruit palettes?

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Shinagawa Season Terrace "Shinagawa Adventure Terrace 2019"

Shinagawa Season Terrace

There are "naughty zones" where you can play with your whole body in athletics, the waterslide zone, which is very popular with children, and the water-seating zone where you can play against your friends with a water gun in the summer, and small children can play with balloon animals. "Chibiko Zone" will appear. There are also workshops and kitchen cars selling shaved ice and drinks to blow away the heat. Stage performances, such as gorgeous musical instrument performances, will also liven up the event.

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Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa "NAKED Fireworks Aquarium"

Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa

Dolphins present "Summer Festival by the Sea"! The performance is performed on the japanese tone by Japanese drums and shamisen. Splash time to deliver "cool" to everyone in the hall The fantastic summer scenery that the fireworks of the sky and the sea charm, and night entertainment where dolphins dance brilliantly. We will present a program that tells a new story based on the art of sound, light, and water.

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Arisugawamiya Memorial Park "Play Park"

Arisugawamiya Memorial Park

It is a playground that aims to be able to do as much as possible even if the child wants to do it. Let's play freely at my own responsibility! You are free to participate and anyone can participate.

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Former Shiba Rikyu Garden "Edo Natsunight"

Former Shiba Rikyu Garden

The former Shiba Rikyu Garden will be held under the co-sponsored by Takeshiba Area Management and NREG Toshiba Real Estate Co., Ltd. (Nomura Real Estate Guru-P). In the overall production, we welcome creative studio OneTooten, which has been involved in a number of large-scale projects using the latest technology, and will introduce the new charm of cultural property gardens. Enjoy a cool light production and installation that will color the summer night in a special space that extends the opening hours.

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National Museum of Art, Tokyo Metropolitan Garden Museum, etc. "Mystery Rally 2019"

National Museum of Art, Tokyo Metropolitan Garden Museum, etc.

This rally is an experiential art entertainment that takes you through museums, museums, and stations while reading the story by getting a booklet from the racks of each tokyo metro station. In each museum, you can actually appreciate art works and architecture, and collect the stamps of the station to solve the mystery. If you have cleared it, you will receive a nice prize by lottery. This year, we offered three courses, and even if you have completed only one course, you can apply for prizes, so you can participate more easily. In addition, it is safe to turn it over how many days you start from during the period. In addition, in accordance with the diversification of summer night time, the "Night Museum" (open at night) is held mainly on weekends, and you can enjoy the rally at a great price by taking advantage of the great night-only admission fees and events. We propose a lifestyle that makes it easy to visit museums and museums for leisure after work or during summer vacation. Please enjoy a new art experience at Mystery Rally 2019 this summer.

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