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Okura Syekokan Special Exhibition "Noh - Autumn Color Mode" Exhibition

2-10-3 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Noh, which was made in the early Muromachi period (1603-1968) and was made with saruraku as the prototype, is a valuable Traditional Japanese Performing Art that is still performed. Since the beginning of the life, it has been protected by the shogunate and daimei, and has developed as a "martial arts of samurai". Okura Shukokan houses many "Noh masks" of the Inshu (Tottori domain) Ikeda family old warehouse and "Noh costume" of the Ikeda family old warehouse of Bikan (Okayama domain), and you can see the aspect of Noh love in daimyo family in the middle and late Edo period. In this exhibition, we will exhibit a group of works that pay attention to autumn colors that show the sign of autumn among these Noh collections. Focusing on noh costumes, which are also called "treasure troves of design" due to the diverse combination of colors and patterns, the exhibition will also feature Noh masks and touch on popular songs set in autumn. Enjoy the world of Noh and Yugen through our Noh collection.

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Shiba Park Hotel "Summer Luxury Chilled Noodle Fair" Instagram Campaign

Shiba Park Hotel 1F The Dining, 1-5-10 Shiba Park, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Shiba Park Hotel will hold a "Summer Luxury Chilled Food Fair" at The Dining Restaurant, where you can enjoy the flavors of three brands: Japanese, Western麵 and Chinese. In addition to presenting drinks tickets that can be used next time to customers who order the target chilled noodles, if you follow the hotel's official Instagram account and post a photo with the hashtag "The Dining Chilled Noodles", you will receive a pair dinner ticket to 5 people by lottery from among the contributors. 【Target Menu】 Photo top right: Chilled Mizusawa Udon (Japanese cuisine)  Edo-mae seafood with summer vegetables Left: Cold fettuccine (Western food) with blue-colored flavor  Seafood and summer vegetables with gazpacho Photo lower right: Gomi chilled soba (Chinese)  Indulge in shrimp, scallops, abalone, jellyfish and kiln-baked char siu 【Price】 3,600 yen (tax included) ◆Summer Luxury Chilled Noodle Fair Overview◆ <期間中に冷やし麺ご注文の方全員> Drink ticket present for the next time <Instagram投稿された方対象> (1) Follow the website on Shiba Park @shibaparkhotel_official_jp Instagram account (2) Order your favorite chilled noodles, (3) After the fair, 5 groups of 10 people will receive a pair dinner ticket (8,500 yen course) by lottery from among the photo contributors ※ We will contact the winners by DM, so please wait while following * If you have made a nice post, we may repost it with the official account of Shiba Park Hotel. For details, please check the official website of Shiba Park Hotel from the following URL. #ザダイニング冷やし麺」をつけて写真を投稿すると、投稿者の中から抽選で #ザダイニング冷やし麺」をつけてInstagramに写真や動画を投稿

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Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art "Saarinen and The Beautiful Architecture of Finland" Exhibition

Panasonic Tokyo Shiodome Building 4F, 1-5-1 Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Finland is a Nordic country known for its beautiful forests and lakes. Eliel Saarinen (1873-1950) was the origin of Finnish modernism, which has many fans in Japan. Saarinen made a splendid debut with the establishment of a design office with Geselius and Lindgren, who met while studying at the Helsinki Institute of Technology, and the architecture of the Finnish Pavilion at the 1900 Paris World's Fair was well received. The early style of the work was an art nouveau influence that expressed the unique cultural roots of the people, known as National Romanticism, and inspired the Finnish people who were seeking independence at the time. The three of them eventually created Vitresk as an ideal place to live and work together in quiet nature and interact with artists. Saarinen's increasingly wide range of design activities, such as residential, commercial, public, station and urban design, were hand in hand with the modernization of the first half of the 20th century. Its style ranges from an early style that seeks ethnic roots while accepting diverse cultures, to modernism that seeks to present a new Finnishness through its own form. This exhibition highlights the Finnish period until his visit to the United States in 1923, and introduces drawings, photographs, furniture, and life designs through exhibitions. Saarinen's design, which is always in search of innovation, rooted in nature and climate, and with light and shading and rich expressions, will speak deeply to our minds today, when we are at a time when we can stop and reconsider the way we live. * In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, please cooperate with the date and time designation reservation on the reservation site. For details, please check the Panasonic Shiodome Museum website from the following URL.

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21_21 DESIGN SIGHT Special Exhibition "Rules? Exhibition"

Tokyo Midtown Midtown Garden, 9-7-6 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 21_21

21_21 DESIGN SIGHT will be held on July 2, 2021. exhibition" will be held. The exhibition directors, Yu Mizuno, cognitive designer Shunichi Suga, and curator Miyuki Tanaka, will work together to think about how to view, create, and use the new rules and what the exhibition should look like in the future. Our daily lives are surrounded by different rules. From the constitution, law, and social infrastructure and services, to rules and manners based on cultural background, to habits that are unconsciously rooted in families and individuals, rules form our way of thinking and behavior. These rules are now entering a major turning point due to changes in industry and social structure, and the evolution of technology. Because it is difficult to grasp the actual situation and it is easy to become formal, each of us is required to be aware of the rules around us, doubt its existence, and think flexibly about ourselves. By continuing to update our society and its future through the exchange of various rules, we will be pushing our society and its future possibilities to the more open and rich. In this exhibition, we will explore from a multi-perspective perspective how we can create rules for living together in society in the future, in the way that design can be. For example, think about how to update laws and rules according to the times, and how to include minority opinions that are likely to spill over from rule formation. In addition, we will focus on a bird's-eye view of society by reading data, Civic Tech, where citizens use technology to solve social issues, as well as constraints that trigger new creations and possibilities, as well as laws and customs created by people's behavior. This exhibition develops the ability of each of us to face the rules and positives as a member of the future.

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Minato City Minato Science Museum 2021 Summer Special Exhibition "Minning's Clouds Exhibition"

3-6-9 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo

This special exhibition will be co-organized with the Japan Meteorological Agency. We focused on clouds, which are familiar atmospheric phenomena. Summer is coming soon. When you look up at the sky, you will see a large entrance cloud that is high. I think that there are a lot of people who have memories of rushing under the roof in a hurry to the evening when the bright sky suddenly darkened and it began to fall roughly. In addition, you may have forgotten the time and looked into the clouds dyed in the beautiful sunset and the colorful clouds. In the special exhibition, we will explain in an easy-to-understand manner the various types of clouds, how clouds can be created, and phenomena caused by clouds. Clouds are an important part of the earth, a planet of water. You may be able to see the cute clouds and f just the feelings of the clouds that the activities create. The exhibition consists of the story of "Meteorological Tenying", which does not change. With the cooperation of Kentaro Araki of the Japan Meteorological Agency and the Meteorological Research Institute, in addition to powerful symbol exhibitions, images of magnificent clouds taken from the International Space Station, and images of clouds taken at elementary schools in Minato-ku, Japan, the original planetarium program "Cloud Hunter and Untanged Cloud Fuming" is also produced. In addition to table science, many lectures and workshops will be held. It may be useful for homework during summer ??? * In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, the Museum of Science and Science currently requires advance reservations. For details, please refer to the official website of the National Museum of Science.

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Tokyo Midtown Design Hub 92nd Exhibition "Japanese Graphic Design 2021"

Tokyo Midtown Design Hub, 5F Midtown Tower, 9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Graphic Design in Japan, an annual book published since 1981 by the Japan Graphic Designers Association (JAGDA), one of Asia's largest design organizations with about 3,000 members. In commemoration of the publication of the 2021 edition, about 300 works from the listed works will be exhibited on the actual and monitor. From familiar miscellaneous goods to books, product packaging, symbols and logos, posters, websites, videos, exhibitions and shop space design, please take a look at the current world-famous Japanese graphic design.

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The National Art Center, Tokyo Special Exhibition "Fashion in Japan 1945-2020: Fashion and Society"

7-22-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, National Art Center, Tokyo, Special Exhibition Room 1E

From Monpe to the sustainable near future, Tracing the history of Postwar Japanese Fashion, The world's first large-scale exhibition! Since the 1970s, Japanese fashion designers have gained worldwide reputation. Until now, Japanese fashion has been talked about as if it was suddenly born with them, but that is not the case. In the Meiji period( 1868-1912) Japan became a modern nation and western-style dress was used, and after World War II, Western-style dress became common and developed a unique culture of dress. In this exhibition, we will look at the unique clothing trajectory, especially in postwar Japan, from the designer side that creates clothes and ideas, and the consumer (receptive) side, which sometimes creates the movement of the times by wearing clothes, and also refers to the media that have become mainstream in each era, such as newspapers, magazines, and advertisements. This is the world's first major exhibition that unravels cutting-edge trends in Japanese fashion based on clothes, which have never been introduced together before, along with social backgrounds. Highlights of this exhibition ・ A special exhibition where you can see the history of Japanese fashion from pre-war to the present day. ・ It consists not only of clothes and styles proposed by designers who are trendy callers, but also from the perspective of both sides: trends of consumers who are the receiving party. ・ Introducing not only clothing but also fashion culture at the time, including various media such as photographs, videos, magazines, music, etc. at the time. ・Exhibiting icon works and materials from various periods with the cooperation of brands and apparel manufacturers, including two buildings, the Shimane Prefectural Ikishiri Museum of Art and the Kobe Fashion Museum, which have one of japan's leading clothing collections.

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Mori Art Museum Another Energy: The Power to Continue To Challenge: 16 Female Artists from around the World

Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 53F, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

In recent years, there has been a movement around the world to correct diverse identity imbalances such as gender, race, ethnicity, and creed, and to emphasize diversity. In contemporary art, for the past decade or so, attention has been focused on female artists who began their activities in the 1950s and 1970s and have continued to this day. The Another Energy Exhibition will focus on 16 female artists in their 70s and above who continue to take on challenges around the world, shedding light on their activities. The age of 16 ranges from 71 to 105, all of them with careers spanning more than 50 years. He is also from 14 countries around the world and has a wide range of current bases of operations. They have continued their own creative activities without being bound by the evaluation of museums and art markets, while maintaining their beliefs in the environment in which they were placed and the changing times. In this exhibition, we will consider what "Another Energy" is, a special power of their long careers, through a variety of powerful works such as paintings, images, sculptures, large-scale installations, and performances. As the world seeks to recover from its unprecedented situation, their continued beliefs and lifelong walks will give us new powers to take on challenges. Phyrida Barlow 《Untitled:Canvas Rack; 2018-2019》 2018-2019 Concrete, Canvas, Hardboard, Paint, Plastic, Aggregate, Iron, Tape, Wood Variable size Courtesy: Cross Steele Collection Exhibition view: "Cul-de-Sul-de-C,"Royal Academy of Arts,London,"2019 Photo: Damian Griffins

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