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Event places for enjoying the moment.

ARK Hills "Hills Marche Winter Special Project "Eat And Warm Marche"

ARK Hills ARK Karajan Square

"Eat And Warm Marche" is a one-day event that sells "morning vegetables" directly from the production area harvested on the morning of the day, and dishes cooked on the spot using those vegetables. In addition, this time, kotatsu-don appeared for the first time in the hall. You can enjoy hot gourmet while warming up with kotatsu under the sky full of liberating feeling from children to adults. In addition, through plans such as salsa dance performances that involve visitors, we will deliver a day of warm ingal in mind and body.

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Odaiba Area 4 facilities "Odaiba Area 4 facilities joint event "Odaiba Rainbow Festival" held! 」

Aqua City Odaiba, Dex Tokyo Beach, Diversity Tokyo Plaza, Venus Fort

In addition to "Odaiba-gen", please enjoy "Odaiba Pass" with a lot of contents such as "Odaiba Rainbow Menu" which offers a special menu at a total of 59 stores of four facilities in odaiba area, and a campaign to win a present!

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Tokyo Monorail "Tokyo Monorail ILLUMI GOLD"

Tokyo Monorail Hamamatsucho Station

Although it has been popular to operate the Tokyo monorail ILLUMI WHITE that was illuminated with white LED on the body of the 10000 form vehicle from October, this time, received its popularity, We will increase the monorail ILLUMI GOLD issue illuminated by the LED of champagne gold to the body of the 10000 form vehicle.

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Mori Arts Center Gallery "Special Exhibition: The Story of tenkuno Railway"

Mori Arts Center Gallery & Sky Gallery (Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 52F)

From December 3, 2019 (Tue) to March 22, 2020 (Sun), Mori Arts Center Gallery & Sky Gallery will hold a special exhibition at Mori Arts Center Gallery & Sky Gallery as an unprecedented large-scale exhibition with the full cooperation of JR7 companies, Tokyo Metro, Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation, and other bureaus. Tenkuno Railway Story" will be held. This exhibition features "food", "travel", "animation", "games" and other features of "food", "journey", "animation", and "games" that are related to Japan's unique railway culture, set on all floors of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, as an interactive exhibition with interactive productions. Railway fans, of course, it has become a content that can be enjoyed widely from adults to children.

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Tokyo Tower "CITY LIGHT FANTASIA" REIWA Lights in Tokyo

Tokyo Tower Main Deck 2nd Floor

Seasonal projection mapping that colors the night view of the main deck. The theme of this time is "The light of Tokyo that creates the times"! "TOKYO TOWER CITY LIGHT FANTASIA" is a projection mapping that combines night view and seasonal images. Against the backdrop of the beautiful night view from the main deck, the image of the window is magnificently projected, and the image is reminiscent of the four seasons of Japan while being in the room.

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Nezu Museum of Art "Paintings in Pairs"

Nezu Museum of Art

There are many works in oriental paintings, such as two-width pairs and three-width pairs, and a folding screen that consists of a double between the right and left ships. The width is not only the whole, but also has the property that can be appreciated even in a single width or a different combination. As a result, in the middle of the transfer, the four-width pairs were divided into two widths, or on the contrary, separate works were combined to make them two-width. In this exhibition, you will enjoy the variety of attractions such as the width of each "painting seen in the pair", the continuity and independence of each ship, the fun of the comparison and the completeness of the whole. Just like painting, please pay attention to the pair of figures represented in the sword fittings.

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Okura Shukokan "New Year's Special Exhibition Noh and Yoshiyoshi "Kotohogi""

Okura Shukokan

Focusing on the Yoshiyoshi patterns such as Shochiku Ume, Treasure, and Fan, we will exhibit works by Yoshiyoshi Pattern as designs, focusing on Noh costumes and crafts. In addition, through noh masterpieces, we introduce the performances of Noh, such as "Ishibashi" and "Tsubaki", and together with the recent addition of a new collection of "Ishibashi- Peony Map" (three widths). Edo-Meiji-19th century) will be open to the public for the first time. Please enjoy the world of the pattern and Noh full of the flower in the happy atmosphere of the new year. Note: This exhibition is only available in the exhibition room on the first floor.

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Mori Art Museum "Future and Art: AI, Robots, Cities, and Life: How People Live Tomorrow"

Mori Art Museum (53F, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower)

This exhibition consists of five sections: "New Possibilities of Cities," "Towardneo-Metabolism Architecture," "Lifestyle and Design Innovation," "Body Extension and Ethics," and "Transforming Society and Humans," and introduces more than 100 projects and works. Through cutting-edge technologies such as AI, biotechnology, robotics, and AR (augmented reality), and through art, design, and architecture born under the influence of, And it is an exhibition where you think about society and human beings together.

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Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Gardens "Rene Lalique Art Deco Glass: The Beauty of Modern Elegance"

Tokyo Metropolitan Garden Museum (Main Building + New Building Gallery 1)

Rene Lalique (1860-1945) opened the art deco era with elegant glass-based works. This exhibition selects about 220 masterpieces representing the art deco era from Rene Lalique's works from the Kitazawa Museum of Art, which has one of the world's best glass collections, and features lalique's works, including the front entrance glass relief doors. Art Deco's House" is a stage introduction to the former Asakanomiya residence. In addition, there will be a special exhibition of Lalique's works, which the Asaka imperial family used to hold, as well as vases that Emperor Showa brought back from Paris to commemorate his visit to Japan during the Crown Prince's time.

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Shinagawa Season Terrace "Shinagawa Yakimo Terrace 2020"

Shinagawa Season Terrace Event Square

It is a limited-time event where famous shops of Yakiimoya all over the country are lined up, and you can enjoy freshly made squirts in outdoor kotatsu and dome tents. This time, we upgraded further, and a total of 16 stores gathered at Yakimomoya. A lot of new varieties of yakimomo, which will be the first time at Shinagawa Yakiimo Terrace, rare varieties that could only be eaten locally, and yakiimo gourmets limited to the venue appeared. The number of menus can be more than 100 items.

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Arisugawanomiya Memorial Park "Play Park"

Arisugawanomiya Memorial Park

It is a playground that aims to be able to do what children want to do. Let's play freely at your own responsibility! ! You are free to participate and anyone can participate. 2/2 (Sun) Play Park is planning to play cardboard and carpentry.

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Guest House Akasaka Imperial Palace Special Exhibition : The Place where the 1964 Tokyo Olympics were created (History and Photography Exhibition)

State Guest House Akasaka Imperial Palace

Since the Organizing Committee Secretariat of the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games was established at the State Guest House, a special exhibition commemorating the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games was held from January 16 to March 10. The Special Exhibition at Akasaka Imperial Palace at the State Guest House - The place where the 1964 Tokyo Olympics was created - (History and Photo Exhibition) will be held. The special exhibition will showcase valuable photographs from the time of the last Tokyo Olympics. Please take this opportunity to join us and visit the State Guest House.

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Tokyo Midtown "MIDTOWN ICE RINK"

Tokyo Midtown Lawn Square

One of the largest outdoor ice skating rinks in Tokyo is coming again this year! This is the 11th time that you can enjoy skating on real ice, which is one of the largest outdoor skating rinks in Tokyo.

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TOTO Gallery "Nobuya Masuda + Katsuwatari Okuma Exhibition Is it really necessary? 」

TOTO Gallery

Between TOTO Gallery, a solo exhibition by Young Architects Unit Shingo Masuda + Katsuwatari Oshima, who produces unique architectural works, "Is it really necessary?" We will hold a meeting.   In this exhibition, we will introduce the design process from the early works of Nobuya Masuda + Katsuwatari Okuma to recent works such as "the first roof", "the house of the town", "the hut of the bridge", and "landmark in the garden" by the site model and mock-up. Take a look at how to find what really needs to be designed and how to establish it in the environment.

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Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art "Dreams of Life Connected by Modern Design"

Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art

The eyes of Japanese crafts people seeking to adapt modern design to the internationalspread landscape to the way of life and climate in Japan, and the eyes of global architects and designers who found modernity in Japanese architecture and design, were overlapping. Bruno Taut, Fusaichiro Inoue, Antonin & Noemi Raymond, Interior Designer Isamu Kenmochi, Furniture Designer George Nakashima (1905–1990), Sculptor Isamu Noguchi (1904–1988), You will see approximately 160 works of crafts, furniture, architectural drawings, models, photographs, and more from the 1930s and 60s.

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The National Art Center "DOMANI Tomorrow 2020 Beyond the Wounded Landscape"

National Art Center, Exhibition Room 2E

The DOMANI Tomorrow Exhibition was launched in 1998 as an opportunity to present the results of the "Emerging Artist Sability Overseas Training System (Zaiken)" training, which supports young artists' training conducted by overseas related organizations, and this year marks the 22nd anniversary of the exhibition. Under the theme of "Beyond the Wounded Landscape / Landscapes in Our Age: Scarred and Reborn," this is a group exhibition of 11 artists from internationally renowned artists to emerging artists selected from many generations. Since the 20th century, japan has experienced some kind of disaster- natural disasters such as earthquakes and flood damage, as well as "scars" caused by human-made disasters such as war and environmental problems, rather than the journalistic representation immediately after, but also the expressions that were born over time. It is a project that looks at "tomorrow" - a landscape that can be seen through connecting each artist's "wounded landscape" and survives and regenerates even if it is hurt. During the exhibition, we will hold a talk event by each artist and guest to deepen the theme.

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Minato City Local History Museum "Special Exhibition"Let's Tell the Future!" Minato Heritage"

Minato City Local History Museum Special Exhibition Room

Minato-ku continuously conducts surveys related to the history and culture of the ward. As one of the results, this exhibition introduces the newly designated cultural properties in the Reiwa's yuan year, and reports the preliminary information of excavations conducted in recent years.

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Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa "NAKED SNOW AQUARIUM"

Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa

This winter, we will deliver the "Snow Dome" of the world of the sea, which is even more colorful. It is a fantastic winter event where snow, ice, and aurora drawn by digital art shine!

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Calletta Shiodome "Caretta Illimination 2019 - Magic Cave"

Caletta Shiodome

A magical night with popular songs from the Disney movie Aladdin and sparkling light. A special show program of "two" comes up! Two programs, "Hall New World", a masterpiece loved all over the world, and the newly written topic song "Speechless - Voice of the Heart" are performed every hour for the live-action version. Enjoy both shows.

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Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa "ROLAND x Aquapark Presents "ROLAND Fish Book Exhibition"

Maxell Aqua park Shinagawa 2nd floor "Little Paradise"

This is a new sense of collaboration exhibition created by ROLAND, which reigns as the pinnacle of the host world, and Maxell Aquapark Shinagawa, which is at the forefront of the aquarium world, that is full of originality and always born from the commonalities of a positive samurai. The positive and elegant phrases unique to "ROLAND" and the charm of the world of the sea have spun out, and we will treat our guests with a "gyoroku" that is not a book of words.

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Hiromi Kikuchi Memorial Wisdom Museum "The 8th Kikuchi Biennale: The<今> Samurai of Contemporary Ceramics"

Kikuchi Hiromi Memorial Wisdom Museum

The Kikuchi Biennale is an exhibition of ceramics held biennially by the museum since 2004 with the aim of promoting contemporary ceramics. The feature of this exhibition is that ceramic works are recruited, screened, and exhibited without separating them from vessels to unused modeling.  In this 8th edition, we selected 54 winners and 5 winners from among the selected works.  In this exhibition, we will introduce the art of contemporary ceramics and its charm through 54 selected works that have been reused by the creative and technical achievements<今> of the creators.

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National Art Center "The 150th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and Hungary: The National Museum of Western Art , The National Gallery of Hungary, Budapest - 400 Years of European and Hungarian Art"

National Art Center, Exhibition Room 1E

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Hungary, the collection exhibition of the National Museum of Western Art and the National Gallery of Hungary, Hungary's largest museum, will be held. From the Renaissance to the early 20th century, this exhibition features 130 masterpieces of European and Hungarian paintings, drawings and sculptures over 400 years. Please enjoy the works of the gem which is coming to Japan all at once from Budapest, the capital of Hungary which is called "Pearl of the Danube".

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21_21 DESIGN SIGHT "㊙ The Original Paintings of Rarely Seen Designers"

21_21 DESIGN SIGHT Gallery 1&2

21_21 DESIGN SIGHT will hold "㊙ Exhibition: Original Paintings of Designers Rarely Seen" from November 22, 2019. At the core of this exhibition is the many sketches, drawings and models that members of a wide range of generations who belong to the Japanese Design Committee have created in the process of their design. They are less light than finished products that are visible to many people. However, the essence of design is engraved in such a "hidden part". Seeing them up close will be an experience full of excitement and suggestion, especially for those who are responsible for manufacturing in the future, especially for the generation that assumes digitized manufacturing. This exhibition aims to be a node between people of different generations and regions, and to create a rich accumulation of Japanese design in the creation of the future.

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Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum "The Original Shadow of Japan"

Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum

Taro Okamoto was the one who kept asking "What is Japan?" The journey between Jomon-Tohoku-Okinawa and Megurutaro was a journey to discover the original Japan, the forgotten Japan, that is, the true Japan. This exhibition is a relive of this journey based on photographs taken by Taro himself. It is an original song by jazz bassist Takashi Sugawa that flows into a solemn space. Please take a look at the "thick and rich Japanese" captured by Taro Okamoto's eyes.

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Old Shinbashi Station "The 52nd Exhibition: The World of Ancient Letter Tiles: Focusing on the Sumida Collection"

Former Shinbashi Station Railway History Exhibition Room

The late Dr. Shoichi Sumida (1893-1968), who is known as a maritime history and legal historian, was also active as an old tile researcher, and the materials collected by inspecting temple sites across the country are highly evaluated academically and can be said to be the best collection in Japan. The exhibition also focuses on "character tiles" written with spatula, especially the character tiles of female names, and also exhibits the character tiles that are rarely discovered in excavations, giving a glimpse of women's interest in Buddhist faith.

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