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Event places for enjoying the moment.

Minato City Tourism Association Digital Stamp Rally

2-4-12 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku Tokyo Monorail Hamamatsucho Station 3F Concourse Minato-ku Tourist Information Center (There are many other facilities eligible. For details, please check the official website.)

Rediscover the charm of Minato-ku! We will hold minato-ku sightseeing digital stamp rally that you can enjoy with your smartphone. During the period, please read the QR code installed at the digital stamp rally target facility with your smartphone and earn a stamp. If you collect 3 or more stamps, you will win the products of a long-established Japanese confectionery store in Minato-ku by lottery! In addition, we also offer digital coupons that offer novelty and discount benefits! (*Only some eligible facilities) Let's go around the tourist attractions of Minato-ku for fun and deals! For details on how to participate, stamp eligible facilities, etc., please check the campaign official website from the following URL. * Each stamp rally facility may be closed without prior notice due to the effects of the new coronavirus. Before using, please check the business status on the official website of each spot.

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Mori Art Museum Another Energy: The Power to Continue To Challenge: 16 Female Artists from around the World

Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 53F, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

In recent years, there has been a movement around the world to correct diverse identity imbalances such as gender, race, ethnicity, and creed, and to emphasize diversity. In contemporary art, for the past decade or so, attention has been focused on female artists who began their activities in the 1950s and 1970s and have continued to this day. The Another Energy Exhibition will focus on 16 female artists in their 70s and above who continue to take on challenges around the world, shedding light on their activities. The age of 16 ranges from 71 to 105, all of them with careers spanning more than 50 years. He is also from 14 countries around the world and has a wide range of current bases of operations. They have continued their own creative activities without being bound by the evaluation of museums and art markets, while maintaining their beliefs in the environment in which they were placed and the changing times. In this exhibition, we will consider what "Another Energy" is, a special power of their long careers, through a variety of powerful works such as paintings, images, sculptures, large-scale installations, and performances. As the world seeks to recover from its unprecedented situation, their continued beliefs and lifelong walks will give us new powers to take on challenges. Phyrida Barlow 《Untitled:Canvas Rack; 2018-2019》 2018-2019 Concrete, Canvas, Hardboard, Paint, Plastic, Aggregate, Iron, Tape, Wood Variable size Courtesy: Cross Steele Collection Exhibition view: "Cul-de-Sul-de-C,"Royal Academy of Arts,London,"2019 Photo: Damian Griffins

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Okura University Museum Special Exhibition "Colored Paper - The World of Paper Decoration"

2-10-3 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Paper is generally used for calligraphy. In this exhibition, we will exhibit "colored paper" processed paper to make letters and pictures look more beautiful. There are various types of "colored paper". There are "paper presses" that are smoothed by damping and beating, paper processed into irregularities to give a change to the characters, and gorgeously decorated paper such as sowing gold and silver on colored paper. In this exhibition, we will introduce "Kenka Sutra (Daijobu)", which is a solemn sutra of the Nara period, "Kokoma Waka collection" and "Ishiyama kiri", which conveys the glory of dynastic nobles, Otsu paintings that are being reevaluated as Edo paintings, and Arimi Tanaka's reproductions of paper from "Heijie No Sutra" with enlarged images of microscopes. We will shed light on the paper decorations of each era that reflect people's wishes and aesthetics, and explore the changes in prayers, dreams, and beauty entrusted to them.

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21_21 DESIGN SIGHT Exhibition "Translations Exhibition - Let's Understand 'Understanding'"

Akasaka 9-7-6, Minato-ku, Tokyo

21_21 DESIGN SIGHT will hold "Translations Exhibition - Let's Understand 'Understanding'" from October 16, 2020. The exhibition director will be Dominique Chen, an information science researcher involved in a variety of expression media, who is involved in the field of art and design. The process of "translation" supports communication in order for the existence that should not be understood to be able to communicate with each other. In this exhibition, we regard the act called "translation" as a kind of "design of communication" and present the possibility of accepting each other's "understanding" by creating a space where you can feel the wonder of the language you use freely and the fun of "interpretation" and "misunderstanding" that comes from it. This exhibition will be held with the original session changed from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infections. This exhibition will be held by introducing a pre-booking system to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections. For details, please check the 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT official website from the following URL.

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