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Tokyo Tower "Tomica" 50th Anniversary Special Exhibition TOMICA GALLERY"

Tokyo Tower Foottown 3F Tower Gallery

The Tower Gallery, an exhibition space on the third floor of Foottown, will hold a special exhibition "TOMICA GALLERY" to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the release of Tomica, a minicar that is very popular among children, from Sunday, March 15 to Friday, May 8. From more than 1,050 models of the past, 100 Tomica that colored each era to exhibit together with the release chronology [Let's benkyo to Tomica no Rekishi! ] In addition to the corner, we will exhibit the "Gigantic Diorama" that reproduces the world "Tomica World" in which Tomica plays an active part, and "Gigantic Tomica Tower" of about 2 meters in height.

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Tokyo Tower "333 carp streamers" and giant "Sanmanobori"

In front of the main entrance on the 1st floor of Tokyo Tower

As a special project of the "Tango festival", this year, from Friday, March 27 to Wednesday, May 6, we will decorate the colorful "carp streamer" in front of the front entrance on the first floor. That number is 333 animals! It is truly spectacular to see colorful kites, large and small, swimming in the sky all at once. A carp streamer swimming majestically with the blue sky and red steel frame in the background. It looks as if you are challenging the "tower climb" that does not climb the waterfall! It is rarely seen in Tokyo, but here in Tokyo Tower, it is popular as a feature of this season. Please come and see it!

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Nezu Museum of Art "Special Exhibition: The Temptation of Color in the National Treasure Lion Flower Drawings"

Nezu Museum of Art

"Shishihana Zufu" by Kosuke Ogata (1657-1716) is a work depicting a group of woodpeckers using only two types of paint, Gunjo and Green-Blue[Rokusho] on a large screen with gold leaf.  These three colors of blue, green and gold (yellow) were often combined and had a special tradition in Japan and the Orient. On the other hand, the sense of color of this work can be seen as reflecting the aesthetic sense unique to the Edo period.  In this exhibition, there are medieval Buddhist paintings with gold on the screen mainly in blue and green, and pottery works of the same era, such as the three colors of the new Kokutani and Huang Seto, where these three colors are active, By exhibiting a number of gold screens that share the same color tendency, we will try to shed a new light on the "Shishihana-zu-kaze".

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Tokyo Metropolitan Garden Museum "Architectural 2020 Tokyo Modern Life Life: The 1930s in the Tokyo Collection"

Tokyo Metropolitan Garden Museum (Main Building + New Building)

This exhibition is an annual exhibition that introduces the charm of the Asakanomiya Residence (now the main building of the Tokyo Metropolitan Garden Museum), which was completed in 1933. This time, which will be held in 2020, we will focus on Tokyo in the 1930s, the era and city where this mansion was built. In this exhibition, we will try to depict the modern city of Tokyo in the era when the Asaka palace residence was born through the introduction of a variety of collections that cross fields, such as paintings, furniture, photographs, magazines, and clothing owned by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. I will explore the "modern breath" that is still alive in Tokyo.

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Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art "Rouault and japan Exhibition: Art and Souls Resounding - A Hundred Years of Exchange"

Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art

Georges Rouault (1871-1958), one of France's leading painters in the 20th century. This exhibition focuses on the narrative connection between Rouault and Japan, while exhibiting the works of oil paintings, watercolors, prints and works by leading painters of modern Western paintings such as Ryuzaburo Umehara, Shunsuke Matsumoto, and Yoshitaro Migishi, which have been praised in Japan. It highlights the role Rouault played in the history of Western-style painting in Japan and the peculiarities of Luo's evaluation in Japan. With the keyword of Japan, we will explore new aspects of Luo art through approximately 80 works and related materials exhibited from Japan and abroad.

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Suntory Museum of Art "ART in LIFE, LIFE and BEAUTY"

Suntory Museum of Art

The Suntory Museum of Art has exhibited and collected "Art in Life" as its basic philosophy. Since its opening in 1961, the museum has widely introduced such works of art through special exhibitions and collectionexhibitions. In this exhibition, which is the first after renewal, we returned to this basic philosophy again, and from kimonos and ornaments suitable for the place of the banquet, "Halle" (non-daily) place, to items that have been subjected to the design of foreign hobby, We will carefully select and see the gorgeous masterpieces that have colored our lives. In addition, as a new attempt, a special exhibition will be held in which contemporary artists who are well versed in ancient art, Mr. Satoshi Yamaguchi, Mr. Takashi Hikojue, Takashi Wakamiya, Taro Yamamoto, and Tetsuya Noguchi cross the collection of contemporary art and the museum.

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Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa "NAKED SAKURA AQUARIUM"

Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa

The spring event of Aqua Park, where the cherry blossoms of digital art color the world of the sea, will start on Sunday, March 1, 2020! Please enjoy the cherry blossom viewing feast where countless petals dance with the living things of the sea.

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Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum "Taro Okamoto's Prints"

Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum

Art, like daily food, is an absolute necessity for human life. Life itself, to live. Taro Okamoto, who had such a thought, sent art into his daily life through all channels. The area of expression covers all kinds of genres, from the Tower of the Sun to tie pins. What is distinctive is that we have actively sent out multiple works that can be mass-produced. Taro was happy to create a "omake" by pushing the opposition around him, saying, "My career will hurt me." What was in the undercurrent was the view of art that "art is not part of mania or rich, but people's." I created a lot of public art all over the country, and I created a free bonus, all of which was from the idea that art is life itself. One of the media that Taro put his most effort into is prints. It might have thought that it was possible to enter the average of people's lives if it printed. Using a variety of techniques such as lithographs, etchings, silkscreens, and woodblock readings, Taro left behind a variety of prints. Please enjoy your first exhibition focusing on prints.

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National Museum of Nature And Science "Kinoko Exhibition"

National Museum of Nature and Nature Education

What kind of companion are mushrooms? What shape is there a mushroom? Where are you doing mushrooms? Such a mysterious mushroom world full of mushrooms. In this exhibition, we will delve deeply into the story and introduce mushrooms and their companions in manga and picture books. Who is the true nature of the mushrooms that appear in that story? Is it drawn exactly as the real thing? Let's feel the world of mushrooms more deeply by comparing it with specimens and photographs!

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Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Gardens "Rene Lalique Art Deco Glass: The Beauty of Modern Elegance"

Tokyo Metropolitan Garden Museum (Main Building + New Building Gallery 1)

Rene Lalique (1860-1945) opened the art deco era with elegant glass-based works. This exhibition selects about 220 masterpieces representing the art deco era from Rene Lalique's works from the Kitazawa Museum of Art, which has one of the world's best glass collections, and features lalique's works, including the front entrance glass relief doors. Art Deco's House" is a stage introduction to the former Asakanomiya residence. In addition, there will be a special exhibition of Lalique's works, which the Asaka imperial family used to hold, as well as vases that Emperor Showa brought back from Paris to commemorate his visit to Japan during the Crown Prince's time.

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Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa "ROLAND x Aquapark Presents "ROLAND Fish Book Exhibition"

Maxell Aqua park Shinagawa 2nd floor "Little Paradise"

This is a new sense of collaboration exhibition created by ROLAND, which reigns as the pinnacle of the host world, and Maxell Aquapark Shinagawa, which is at the forefront of the aquarium world, that is full of originality and always born from the commonalities of a positive samurai. The positive and elegant phrases unique to "ROLAND" and the charm of the world of the sea have spun out, and we will treat our guests with a "gyoroku" that is not a book of words.

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21_21 DESIGN SIGHT "㊙ The Original Paintings of Rarely Seen Designers"

21_21 DESIGN SIGHT Gallery 1&2

21_21 DESIGN SIGHT will hold "㊙ Exhibition: Original Paintings of Designers Rarely Seen" from November 22, 2019. At the core of this exhibition is the many sketches, drawings and models that members of a wide range of generations who belong to the Japanese Design Committee have created in the process of their design. They are less light than finished products that are visible to many people. However, the essence of design is engraved in such a "hidden part". Seeing them up close will be an experience full of excitement and suggestion, especially for those who are responsible for manufacturing in the future, especially for the generation that assumes digitized manufacturing. This exhibition aims to be a node between people of different generations and regions, and to create a rich accumulation of Japanese design in the creation of the future.

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ITOCHU Aoyama Art Square "The Journey of The Sour- Itochu bei and Miyoshi Mikata"

ITOCHU Aoyama Art Square

From August 20, at ITOCHU Aoyama Art Square, a regional contribution base, the 160-year history of ITOCHU corporation, known as the commercial view of itochu corporation founder itochu beiti, who is the representative of Omi merchants, will be displayed on smartphones. we will hold a permanent exhibition to be introduced in "Soon-go". The spirit of "three-way yoshi" (good for sellers, good for buyers, good to the world) is alive and well as ITOCHU's management philosophy even today when it conducts business globally. Through "Mikata Yoshi", which leads from its founding to the present, this exhibition will be able to convey the hearts of Japan and the Japanese people to many overseas visitors who are coming to Japan for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

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