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Railway 150th Anniversary

Shimbashi SL Plaza

2 Shimbashi, Minato City, Tokyo

Shimbashi Station west exit plaza, a place you're used to seeing on TV with on-the-street interviews. Shimbashi Station, where this steam locomotive stands, is where railways in Japan were established. Even now it is known and loved by people for this from its steam locomotives, to the subway, and the new transit system Yurikamome, too. Restaurants line the streets all the way from Ginza, Chuo City, but this is an area for the common man. It's always bustling with people going to and from work. From December to January, you will find the steam locomotive illuminated, too.

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Old Shimbashi Station Railway History Exhibition Hall

1-5-3 Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato City, Tokyo

The Shimbashi station building, which opened for business in 1872, has been reconstructed based on its appearance at the original time and place. As part of excavation starting in 1991, the foundation stones of the station building, platform, and other areas inside the station grounds were excavated, and in 1996 parts of the remains were designated as a national historic site. The site was to be protected, and a reconstruction was built to commemorate the history of the birth of the railway. Located inside are a railway history exhibition room and an exhibition of items dug up during the excavation.

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Commemorative monument of the Shinagawa Station foundation

3-26 Takanawa, Minato City, Tokyo

Before the train service started between Shimbashi and Yokohama in September 1872, a temporary service started between Shinagawa and Yokohama in May. The Shinagawa Station at the time was a little more to the south than it is now, and the station building was located on a beach. All the passenger car windows had to be closed to avoid the splashing seawater hitting the rocks.

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