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Minato City Tourist Information Center

Minato-ku Tourist Information Center is located at Tokyo Monorail Hamamatsucho Station.The staff is available in English (Korea by day) and provides information about the various tourist information,...

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Minato-ku Time Travel Tour

Many new spots that are ahead of the times are created in Minato-ku - a place where businesses and trends start. This is not a recent thing - Minato-ku has been home to trendy spots throughout history...

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A meeting of trendy and historic! Minato-ku as a cosmopolitan city

In the present day, Minato-ku is a place where trends are invented; a center of commerce and business marked by rows of skyscrapers. This landscape, which seems completely normal now, looks completely...

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Parks, today's public places of relaxation, tell the story of Minato-ku history!

Taking a carefree stroll, eating lunch on a bench, resting under the shade of a tree. Parks are a place of relaxation for people of all ages to enjoy as they please, and experience the changing of the...

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Japan's internationalization starts from Minato-ku! Easy world tour

There are currently around 140 embassies in Japan, more than half of which are in Minato-ku. The reason why there are so many in this one area dates back to the opening up of Japan. Many foreign dip...

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A luxury residential area since the Edo period? The reason why Minato has so many temples & shrines

Have you ever been stopped in your tracks by a beautiful shrine appearing out of nowhere between the modern buildings of Minato-ku? That's no surprise - there are about 40 shrines, and 280 temples in ...

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