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Enjoy cruises from Takeshiba, Hinode, or Odaiba! We’ve put together a guide to boats and cruises that can be taken from Minato Ward, Tokyo.

With spots such as Takeshiba, Hinode, Shibaura, and Odaiba, Tokyo’s Minato Ward offers top-class oceanfront cityscapes. The boats and cruise ships that criss-cross the bay are one part of this scenic landscape. Tokyo Bay is a beautiful to behold, even from the land. But for those who have made their way to Minato Ward, it would be a pity not to enjoy the views from the water. With that in mind, today we’d like to introduce wonderful boats and cruises that can be boarded from piers in Minato Ward.

Visit the Izu Islands on Tokai Kisen services departing Takeshiba Pier

Tokai Kisen operates services to the Izu Islands from Takeshiba Passenger Ship Terminal located in Takeshiba.

Tokai Kisen operates daily jet ferry services to the islands of Oshima (about 1 hour & 45 minutes), Toshima (about 2 hours & 25 minutes), Niijima (about 2 hours & 20 minutes), Shikinejima (about 2 hours & 20 minutes), and Kozushima (about 3 hours & 5 minutes), together with a large passenger ship that stops at these islands (about 9 hours & 55 minutes to reach Kozushima, the final stop). The company also operates a daily large passenger ship service to Miyakejima, Mikurajima, and Hachijojima (about 10 hours & 25 minutes to Hachijojima, the final stop). (※The time required varies with the season).

Seven Islands is a high-speed jet ferry with a jetfoil design. Utilizing the dynamic lift provided by the hydrofoils attached to the bottom of the vessel, front and back, the ferry’s hull is lifted up to the surface of the water, allowing it to travel at a speed of 80 km/hr. The vessel has a total length of about 27 meters. Seawater sucked in from the rear hydrofoil provides jet power, and a special device is used to stabilize the vessel, resulting in the characteristically comfortable ride that jetfoils provide.

Tokai Kisen also operates two large passenger ships: Salvia Maru and Tachibana Maru. Salvia Maru was built just last year. Both vessels have a total length of 118 meters and travel at a speed of about 38 km/hr.

Salvia Maru is an eco-friendly hybrid vessels powered by a diesel engine and an electrically driven propeller. The ship departs Takeshiba Pier around 11:00 p.m. and stops at each of the islands the next morning. Rooms are divided into five grades, with private rooms also available.

The ship is fully equipped with shower rooms, refrigerated lockers, and pet rooms. At the observation restaurant on the top floor, passengers can enjoy a variety of dishes including ashitaba* curry and island nori salt-flavored ramen. (*Ashitaba is a leafy green that grows widely in the Izu Islands.)

Also, from the same Takeshiba Passenger Ship Terminal, Ogasawara Kaiun operates a large passenger ship, the Ogasawara Maru ,bound for Chichijima in the Ogasawara Islands.

Enjoy a spaceship experience on the sea with TOKYO CRUISE

TOKYO CRUISE, a water bus operated by Tokyo Cruise Ship, has boarding points at Hinode Pier and Odaiba Marine Park in Minato Ward. From Hinode Pier, there are daily services to Asakusa/Azumabashi (about 40 minutes; 8 services daily), Odaiba Marine Park (about 20 minutes; services suspended during the Tokyo 2020 Games).

The Asakusa-bound service takes a route traveling north along the Sumida River. On its way to Asakusa, the boat passes under 13 bridges, each with a different personality: the very recently opened Tsukiji Ohashi; Kachidoki Bridge, which has a deep sense of history; Ryogoku Bridge; and Azuma Bridge, to name a few. It is a route that connects the heart of Tokyo with its Shitamachi downtown area. From Odaiba Marine Park, there are also services to Asakusa (about 55 minutes) and Hinode Pier (about 20 minutes) (all services are suspended during the Tokyo 2020 Games).

In addition to Ryoma, Kaisyu, and Dokan, ships with the flavor of a historical romance, Tokyo Cruise Ship operates three other vessels that are the TOKYO CRUISE flagships: Himiko, Hotaluna, and Emeraldas.

The master manga artist Leiji Matsumoto designed the vessels to resemble space ships. They have creative gull-wing doors and a silver-metallic hull that creates a streamlined shape. Hotaluna, and Emeraldas have an observation deck on the roof, while inside the ship, characters from Mastumoto’s manga masterpieces, Galaxy Express 999 and Queen Emeraldas, act as sightseeing guides.

There are also services to Asakusa and Toyosu from Waters takeshiba, a new spot that is attracting a lot of attention. Cruising on the sea itself, which can be enjoyed on a trip as short as 20 minutes one way, is the simplest way to enjoy the scenery of Tokyo Bay.

Anniversary Cruise, offering a variety of meals and productions

Anniversary Cruise offers chartered cruises, which are the perfect way to enjoy cruises for a party or anniversary. Cruises are available for any number of passengers from 2 up, and you can select from over 70 vessels to fit your purpose and number of guests. Anniversary Cruise offers various plans, from casual to luxury.

There are boarding points in different spots around Tokyo Bay. In Minato Ward, you can board from Takeshiba, Hinode, or Odaiba Marine Park. As Anniversary Cruise offers chartered cruises, the route traveled is basically up to you. An experienced concierge will help you to put together a route that suits your tastes.

For a route departing from Hinode Pier, for example, you can sail your way around Harumi Wharf and Odaiba or enjoy city views from the boat while traveling north along the Sumida River. It is lovely to view the shifting scenery while moving across the bay, but you can also spend a relaxing time with the romantic scenery all to yourselves as the boat sways gently on water.

The onboard dining, brought to you by TORA DELI ~ Spice Journey ~, a much-loved delicatessen in Toranomon is popular, as are the buffet dining, BBQ, and bento boxes, which also offer plenty of choices.

Production plans include dance performances and live on-board concerts, and also other features such as decorating the ship interior with balloons. Being able to arrange everything in a way that is only possible with a charter cruise service, you are bound to spend an unforgettable time on your cruise with Anniversary Cruise!

Waterside Taxi Service with a Love of the Local

TOKYO WATER TAXI is a cute-looking boat with purple letters on a yellow background. This water taxi is available for all sorts of use, from business to private.

In Minato Ward, TOKYO WATER TAXI can be boarded from Odaiba Marine Park, Hinode Pier, Tamachi, Shibaura, or Shinagawa. Different plans are available, including the basic ride direct service, which is generally used for moving between locations, and the basic ride customer service, for which routes can be arranged according to your needs.

The taxi has a total length of seven meters and a passenger capacity of six to eight persons. It is equipped with a toilet, air conditioner, and power outlets. With its small turning circle, this is a lovely vessel on which to spend some private time with friends or someone special. Passengers can also travel with their dogs, thanks to the availability of dog-friendly boarding points.

Also available for passengers who purchase the custom service for a minimum of an hour is Ji-motto Service, which is offered in collaboration with local restaurants. Through this service, the charter fee will be discounted by the amount that has been spent on take-out orders at restaurants with which the company has a friendly relationship. Some of these restaurants also offer food pick-up on board the taxi.

Enjoy the charms of the city along the water’s edge to the full with this combination of local specialty foods and views from on board!

A luxury cruise experience in Restaurant Symphony on Tokyo Bay

Passengers can board the Tokyo Bay Cruising Restaurant Symphony from Hinode Pier. This is cruise boat for sightseeing, where passengers can enjoy fine food while taking in the scenery while on board.

Four cruises with different time zones and boarding times are available: a lunch cruise, an afternoon cruise, a sunset cruise, and a dinner cruise. Because of the current state of emergency, until September 19th, all cruises are suspended on weekdays, and on weekends, only the lunch, afternoon, and sunset cruises are in operation (excluding group charters).

Symphony Moderna mainly caters to sightseeing cruises. Approximately 70 meters in length, this is a large passenger ship with a boarding capacity of 600 people. Symphony Moderna is a luxury cruise ship with reception rooms and private rooms to ensure your privacy. The large observation deck offers panoramic views of Tokyo Bay.

The lunch, sunset, and dinner cruises are famous for sailing a heart-shaped route that passes under the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Gate Bridge. The cruises are officially recognized by the non-profit organization Regional Revitalization Support Center as one of Japan’s Lover’s Sanctuary Satellites.

In addition to the view, one of Symphony’s attractions is the wide range of dishes on offer—with courses including sushi, and French and Italian cuisines, just to name a few. Come spend a romantic time with panoramic views and delicious food.
In addition, Tokyo’s MInato Ward also offers traditional boathouses and the amphibious bus TOKYO NO KABA. Passengers can enjoy the sea around Minato Ward in these boats that are bursting with personality. Enjoy cruises from Takeshiba, Hinode, and Odaiba! We’ve put together a guide to boats and cruises that can be taken from Minato Ward, Tokyo.

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