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The whole ROPPONGI is dyed in glittering light! Roppongi Illumination & Christmas Special 2021

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The lights of the illuminations gradually begin to dye the city for Christmas. Roppongi, which has two major spots, Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown, is a hot area that attracts attention not only in Tokyo but also nationwide. Of course, the illumination and Christmas event full of originality started in various parts of Roppongi this year. We will tell you the latest information along with the actual state of the event.

Roppongi Hills CHRISTMAS 2021

Roppongi Hills CHRISTMAS 2021 (Roppongi Hills Christmas 2021) will be held from November 10 to December 25 at Roppongi Hills. During the period, various events for Christmas are starting sequentially in various places in the facility. "Reyakizaka Illumination" appeared again this year on Roppongi Yakizaka Street, which runs through the facility. The 400m tree-lined road is decorated with urban and sophisticated "SNOW&BLUE" (lighting time: 17:00 to 23:00).

The illumination, which is famous as a winter scenery representing Tokyo, is attractive for its glittering tree-lined streets and the scenery that matches the tokyo tower beyond. The white and blue light of the tower shining red and about 700,000 LEDs complements their existence. If you want to see the whole view, it is recommended from the top of the Joyakizaka Connection Bridge, which connects with the hillside 1st floor.

The scenery from Keyaki Sakaue and the forest tower looking up from the middle of the street and the illumination competition are also photogenic atmosphere. In addition, the long time from The Sakashita, where people and cars come and go, is a scenery unique to the city.

On the other hand, bon-bon blossom is on display on the West Walk, which is enjoyed every year with a unique Christmas tree. The innovative tree inspired by chocolate bonbon chocolate uses ross flower (the flower material that was supposed to be discarded), and you can see a unique tree that suits modern times such as eco and sustainable.

In addition, "Christmas Market 2021" will be held from November 27 to December 25 at The Large Roof Plaza. It recreates a Christmas market in Stuttgart, Germany, and offers sausages, German cuisine, hot wine and original German Christmas goods. In addition, from November 23, three pop-up shops related to Christmas will be opened sequentially at hills café/space on the second floor of Hillside. Gourmet fairs by 29 stores are held, and the museum gradually becomes a holy night mood for Christmas.

Roppongi Hills Observatory "Christmas in the Sky 2021"

"Christmas in the Sky 2021" is held from November 1 to December 25 at Roppongi Hills Observatory.

In addition to the Christmas version of the "Unforgettable Tower" currently on display at the Sanrio exhibition, Christmas limited goods are available at the Tokyo City View Shop. From November 20th, you can enjoy a special experience with the theme of "Sky CHILL" on the Sky Deck on the roof of Mori Tower.

In this event, in addition to lighting up the Christmas color, "chill out in the sky" is produced at five points, such as installation of a disinfectant liquid scented with yuzu and music of healing music. You can enjoy a moment of peace with a superb view of 270 meters above sea level from the open-air observation deck.

Roppongi Hills CHRISTMAS 2021 in Roppongi Hills offers a view from the Sky Deck stained with Christmas colors and a more spectacular scenery than usual. No matter who you go out with, it's sure to be an unforgettable memory!
Roppongi Hills CHRISTMAS 2021

Tokyo City View "Christmas in the Sky 2021" Event Page

Tokyo Midtown "MIDTOWN CHRISTMAS 2021"

"MIDTOWN CHRISTMAS 2021" will be held at Tokyo Midtown from November 18 to December 25. This year, you can enjoy colorful and emotional light based on the concept of VIVID.

Among the three main areas, midtown garden and plaza 1F "MIDTOWN WIN-TER LIGHTS" develop fantastic illuminations that make use of the outdoor space. The 150 trees surrounding the park will be transformed into a limited-time "light walkway" (lighting time: 17:00 to 23:00).

A walk of light that evolves year by year. This year, light and dark dimming of the light is added, and at 00 minutes per hour, you can enjoy a dynamic production as if the trees resonate with each other. The gold light-filled walkway is indescribably romantic. In addition to enjoying walking, it is also recommended to take a break on the benches and bridges and take a look at it.

Two popular programs are appearing in the middle of the walking path this year. One of them, SNOW LIGHT GLOBE, is impressive for its dynamic performance using a huge snow dome about 3 meters high and 4.5 meters in diameter.

The dome, which expresses the moment of the four seasons with light and color, is as glittering as a jewelry box. This year, the surrounding light-up is also expanded, and the fantastic atmosphere is powered up. In addition, during the period until December 12, special productions with shabondama are also held (from 00 minutes per hour to once every 12 minutes). The snow-dancing white soap bubbles create moments that are unique to that moment.

Another "tree that becomes a present" is also a VIVID specification this year. The mysterious tree where the present bears fruit is a mechanism that the present box lights up one day from December 1 to 1, and the countdown to Christmas is carved. And on Christmas Day, all the boxes will be lit up, creating a colorful Christmas tree. In addition, there is a participatory pleasure where the tree and the present box will start to shine when you hold your hand over the "Tree Santa" just around the corner.

Mitsui FUDOSAN ICE RINK, where you can enjoy outdoor skating from this time, has opened in the lawn square of Midtown Garden. It's fun during the day and romantically skating in the evenings, illuminated by the colorful lights. Now that the Winter Olympics are just around the corner, why not immerse yourself in winter sports a little earlier (11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., reception until 8:00 p.m.). For other details on admission fees, please refer to the official website below.)

On the other hand, the Galleria Installation, which is being held in the museum, features "Color Jungle", a creative unit spread that features "color and concept". Art, which is developed in three areas with the motif of a vibrant forest, water and light flow, brings a vivid impression that the word VIVID is truly suitable in the luxurious atmosphere of Tokyo Midtown.

Also note the "Santa Tree", where about 1,800 Santa Claus ornaments are colored in the museum. There is also a "VIVID" Santa of another color hidden in countless red Santas. If you look further, actually such things and things other than Santa ....

The Light Walkway and MITSUI FUDOSAN ICE RINK will be held until February 27 next year, so you can enjoy it after the Christmas season. "MIDTOWN CHRISTMAS 2021" is fun from daytime along with shopping and dining. There are also restaurants that offer Christmas menus and restaurants where you can appreciate the illuminations from indoors, so please immerse yourself in the fantastic world the way you want.
Tokyo Midtown "MIDTOWN CHRISTMAS 2021" Special Site


ARK HILLS CHRISTMAS 2021 will be held at ARK Hills from November 19 to December 25. This year, under the theme of "connection with the forest", illuminations using cedar trees thinned in the forest of Hinohara Village in Tokyo have appeared in Karajan Square (lighting time: 8:00 to 23:30).

The eco-friendly illuminations are designed to feel the warmth of wood. In addition to the use of thinned wood, cedar used for last year's tree is actually reused for tree ornaments and surrounding benches, making you think about not only cleanness but also the importance of nature and resources.

During this period, last year's workshop "Let's Play with Trees 2021", a workshop that reuses wood from trees, will be held every Saturday, and a Christmas concert will also be held. Feel the kindness to the environment throughout Christmas at ARK HILLS CHRISTMAS 2021 in ARK Hills.

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