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Roppongi Illumination & Christmas Special 2021

The illuminations start to light up cities as everyone gets ready for Christmas. Roppongi, where two major spots, Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown, reside, attracts attention not only from Tokyo but from all over Japan. This year is no exception as various places in Roppongi start their original illumination and Christmas events. In this article, we will be reporting on the latest information and the actual events themselves.


ROPPONGI HILLS CHRISTMAS 2021 will be held at Roppongi Hills from November 10th to December 25th. The "Keyakizaka Illumination" will be held again this year, which goes through the facility. The sophisticated lights of "SNOW&BLUE" color the 400m avenue.

The illumination is famous and represents the winter scenery of Tokyo. The brightly-lit avenue and the Tokyo Tower match perfectly, creating an attractive scene. For a panoramic view, the Keyakizaka connection bridge is a great spot, which connects to the first floor of Hillside.

The scenery from the top of Keyakizaka. The Mori Tower, which looms in the middle of the street, and the illuminations create a photogenic atmosphere.

On the other hand, in the West Walk, where unique Chrismas Trees are decorated every year, the "Bon-Bon Blossom" exhibit is held. This tree uses Ross Flowers to resemble bon-bon chocolats. This unique tree is also eco-friendly and sustainable.

Also, at the O-YANE Plaza from November 27th to December 25th, "Christmas Market 2021" will be held. The event recreates the Christmas Market at Stuttgart, Germany. 7 stores that offer German cuisine such as sausages, hot wine, and German Christmas goods line up.

Roppongi Hills Observatory "Tenku Christmas 2021"

At the Roppongi Hills Observatory, "Tenku Christmas 2021" is held from November 1st to December 25th.

The "Unforgettable Tower", which is displayed in the current Sanrio Exhibition, changes its light-up into a Christmas version. From November 20th in the Mori Tower top floor Skydeck, you can experience the special "Sky CHILL" theme.

In this event, five "chill-out" points are produced. Christmas color light-ups, yuzu-scented disinfection, and healing music are installed.

In "ROPPONGI HILLS CHRISTMAS 2021," you can enjoy the fantastic scenery from Roppongi Hills. It will definitely be an unforgettable memory, whoever you go with!
Roppongi Hills "ROPPONGI HILLS CHRISTMAS 2021" Special Website

Tokyo City View "Tenku Christmas 2021" Event Webpage

Tokyo Midtown "MIDTOWN CHRISTMAS 2021"

At Tokyo Midtown, "MIDTOWN CHRISTMAS 2021" will be held from November 18th to December 25th. With "VIVD" as its concept this year, you can enjoy the colorful and emotional light effects.

In "MIDTOWN WINTER LIGHTS" at the Midtown Garden and Plaza First Floor, the fantastic illumination lights up the outdoor space. 150 trees inside the park change into a "walkway of light."

This year, the light and dark dimming of the lights were added. It looks as if the trees resonate together in a dynamic way, which happens every hour.

Two programs are located in the walkway. One of them, "SNOW LIGHT GLOBE" is a huge, dynamic snowdome with a height of 3 meters and a diameter of 4.5 meters.

The dome, which expresses the four seasons with light and color, shines like a treasure box. This year, the scale of the surrounding illumination was enlarged and creates a powered-up fantasy-like atmosphere.

The other spot, "The Tree of Presents," is VIVID as well. This strange tree, which fruits presents, lights up one present box every day from December 1st. The tree is a countdown to Christmas day.

In the lawn square in the Midtown Garden, the "MITSUI FUDOSAN ICE RINK" outdoor skating rink is open.

On the other hand, "Color Jungle" by SPREAD, a creative unit featuring "color and concept," has appeared in the "Galleria Installation" held inside the building.

You can also find the Santa Tree inside the building, with 1800 Santa Claus ornaments. Here, a "VIVID" colored Santa Claus is hidden inside numerous Santa Claus ornaments.

Tokyo Midtown's "MIDTOWN CHRISTMAS 2021." There are restaurants that serve Christmas menus and allow you to view the illumination. Why not immerse yourself in this fantastic world in any way you like.
Tokyo Midtown "MIDTOWN CHRISTMAS 2021" Special Website


In ARK Hills, from November 19th to December 25th, "ARK HILLS CHRISTMAS 2021" was held. This year, the event was themed "Connection with the Forest," and an illumination that uses the thinned cedar trees of Hinohara Village, Tokyo.

You can feel warmth of the trees from the environmental-friendly illumination. Not only thinned wood but the cedar trees used last year were reused in the tree ornaments and the benches. Not only does it make you think it's beautiful, but it also makes you think of the importance of nature and resources.

Feel the environmental-friendly atmosphere on Christmas at "ARK HILLS CHRISTMAS" at ARK Hills.

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