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Walking around Takeshiba/Shibaura/Odaiba with your pet dog and cat! Answering 10 questions about traveling with your pet in the Minato Ward Wangan Area

Did you know that the Wangan Area in Tokyo, Minato is popular among people who love to travel with pets? In this article, we will be answering 10 questions for those who are thinking of traveling with pets.

1. What are "special experiences" that you can do when you travel with pets in Minato?

One scenic experience that you can do is watch the Rainbow Bridge with your pet dog. You can ride on a boat with your pet on the "Tokyo Water Taxi."

You can hop on and off the boat from Hinode Pier, Shibaura, Tamachi, Shinagawa, and Odaiba stations. Dogs over 1 year of age can ride on the boat if it is connected to a leash.

There is also the 45-minute "Mi tiempo Cruise" that is centered around the Latin American restaurant "Mi tiempo," faced towards the canals of Shibaura.

Another reliable point is that some staff have a pet saver license. Other details can be seen in the Q&A section on the official homepage below.

2. What are the rules for accompanying pets at commercial facilities such as Waters, Aqua City, and Decks?

The rules for accompanying pets at three major commercial facilities in the Wangan Area are as follows:

[Waters Takeshiba]
Please refrain from bringing pets into the facility except for guide dogs, hearing dogs, and service dogs.
Pets can enter the plaza only when they are on a leash. Please refrain from bringing pets into the main staircase and terrace. (From Waters Takeshiba Homepage)

[Aqua City Odaiba]
Please put your pets inside pet carts or carrying bags inside the facility.
*Please do not carry your pets with your arms.
*When carrying or using a leash, please use the parking elevator.
(Visitors using pet carts and carrying bags can use all elevators) *The only facility route that can be used by visitors carrying pets or holding a leash is part of the Aqua Plaza 1st floor.
*Guide dogs, hearing dogs, and service dogs can use the whole facility.
*Our staff may stop entry into the facility in certain cases.
(From Aqua City Odaiba Homepage)

[Decks Odaiba Beach]
Please put your pets into carrying bags or cages where the pets' faces can be covered. Guide dogs, hearing dogs, and service dogs are allowed inside the facility (From Decks Odaiba Beach Homepage)

All three facilities have rules to enter such as putting your pets into carrying bags or cages, but there are some places outside where you can walk with your pet using a leash. Part of the plaza next to the boat landing is available for resting at Waters Takeshiba.

You can take your pet to a walk in the seaside decks at Aqua City Odaiba and Decks Tokyo Beach, and part of Aqua City Odaiba can be entered when carrying pets or using a leash.

For more information, please check the official homepage.

Aqua City Odaiba pet rules

Decks Tokyo Beach shops and restaurants where pets are allowed

3. What are great photo spots?

Great places to take photos that make an impression are the seaside decks of Decks Tokyo Beach next to the Odaiba ocean and the three sculptures in the goddess terrace in Aqua City Odaiba.

The "ODAIBA" sculpture on the seaside deck and the "KISS" and "LOVE" sculptures on the goddess terrace are places where you can try many ways of taking photos. Other than that, the sand at Odaiba Beach is a place where you can feel the tropical atmosphere, making you doubt if this really is Tokyo.

4. How can I let my pet play at a dog run?

For those who want to let their pets free from their leash and let them play freely, the dog run at Shibaura Chuo Park and Konan Ryokusui Park is a must-go.

The two dog runs are both divided into general use and an area for small dogs. Dog-run events open often at Shibaura Chuo Park. On the other hand, an observation deck is built beside the Keihin Canal in Konan Ryokusui Park.

Entry is free. However, registration is necessary at the administration office of each park before use. There are dog observation and rabies shot certificate checks.

Shibaura Chuo Park Dog Run
Open: 7 AM to 5 PM (6 AM to 7 PM from May to Sep)

Konan Ryokusui Park Dog Run
Open: 7 AM to 7 PM

*Administration offices of both parks are open for registration from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Minato Ward Homepage

5. A "pet concierge" at "Hotel Intercontinental Tokyo Bay"?!

The eighth floor of "Hotel Intercontinental Tokyo Bay" at Takeshiba is for dogs. You can spend a relaxed time with your dog at a luxurious lounge and room with views of Sumida River and Rainbow Bridge.

There are amenities specialized for dogs such as a cage, bed, toilet, and a food bowl. Also, there is a pet concierge that would tell you recommended pet walk routes.

There are also plans with "dog refresh" which is effective for health maintenance and promotion. Birthday cakes from Comif, where both you and your dog can eat together.

For detailed information, please check the official website below.

6. Can you walk the Rainbow Bridge promenade with your pet?

Rainbow Bridge has a promenade where you can walk from Shibaura to Odaiba. Many pet owners may be curious whether pets can walk across the famous bridge. The answer was on the homepage of the administrator, Tokyo Port Authority.

Pets are allowed if they are inside a cage.
*Putting pets in bags with their head outside is not allowed.
(Taken from the Tokyo Port Authority website)

Unfortunately, walking with your pet is not allowed, but you can carry your pet in a cage and look at the view from the bridge together.

7. Is there a yakiniku restaurant where dogs are allowed?

"Nikusaikobo Ushiosuke Daiba" on the 1st floor of Decks Tokyo Beach is a yakiniku restaurant with dogs allowed.

Rental mats and water for dogs are served even if it's your first time at the restaurant. The restaurant is dog-friendly in many ways.

There are more than 10 dishes on the dog-dedicated menu, supervised by a veterinarian and a pet nutritionist.

For more information, please refer to the website below.

8. What is the Pet Accompaniment plan by "Hilton Odaiba Tokyo"?

"Hilton Odaiba Tokyo" is another popular pet-friendly hotel. Here, hotel plans for cats and dogs with breakfast included are served.

There are sleep cushions, cages, and drink trays in the rooms. You can even set your pet free in the room during your stay!

The Seascape Terrace Dining is the perfect place for a breakfast buffet where you can bring your pets. The restaurant is on the main lobby floor. (Pets have their designated foods served in the hotel rooms).

For more information, please refer to the website below.

9. Tell me about dog-friendly cafes in Odaiba!

"DOG DEPT + CAFÉ Odaiba Tokyo Beach" is a dog-friendly café where you can bring your pet. The café also has a menu for dogs.

In this café on the 1st floor of Decks Tokyo Beach, there are many casual international foods on the menu. Also, "Ezo Deer Sticks," "Sirloin Steak," and "Chicken Sticks" are available for dogs.

Souvenirs are available in the store built within the café!

For more information, please refer to the website below.

10. Where can you keep your dogs for a few hours in Odaiba?

The cloak at "Petemo Grooming Salon Aqua City Odaiba" is a great place to keep your dogs for a few hours. You would need a combined vaccine certificate, a rabies shot certificate, and an ID.
For more information, please refer to the website below.

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