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Event places for enjoying the moment.

ITOCHU Aoyama Art Square "The Journey of The Sour- Itochu bei and Miyoshi Mikata"

ITOCHU Aoyama Art Square

From August 20, at ITOCHU Aoyama Art Square, a regional contribution base, the 160-year history of ITOCHU corporation, known as the commercial view of itochu corporation founder itochu beiti, who is the representative of Omi merchants, will be displayed on smartphones. we will hold a permanent exhibition to be introduced in "Soon-go". The spirit of "three-way yoshi" (good for sellers, good for buyers, good to the world) is alive and well as ITOCHU's management philosophy even today when it conducts business globally. Through "Mikata Yoshi", which leads from its founding to the present, this exhibition will be able to convey the hearts of Japan and the Japanese people to many overseas visitors who are coming to Japan for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

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Shimbashi "Fukushima Sake Festival"

SL Square at the west exit of Jr Shimbashi Station

Fukushima Prefecture will hold the "Fukushima Sake Festival" at SL Square in Tokyo Shimbashi, a city of salaried workers, to commemorate the number of gold awards in Japan for the seventh consecutive year for two days on August 29th and 30th. It is a great event with more than 30,000 visitors every year! In addition to the stage event this year, we have prepared a number of snacks made from local ingredients that match sake, and we look forward to seeing you there.

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Hiromi Kikuchi Memorial Satoshi Museum of Art "100th Anniversary of The Birth of Fuji Instinctmichi : Ceramic artist who depicted life"

Hiromi Kikuchi Memorial Satoshi Museum of Art

2019 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Fuji Ondo (1919-1992), one of the leading artists in postwar Japanese ceramics. Fujimoto further developed existing color painting techniques, improved color paints, and worked on new expressions that fused paints and glazes, and in 1986 was recognized as an important intangible cultural asset "color edai porcelain" technology holder. The museum's founder, Satoshi Kikuchi (1923-2016), loved ceramics and enjoyed interacting with the artists, but fujimoto's works were the most concentrated and collected. The collection contains a number of valuable works that can be said to be fujimoto's masterpieces. In this exhibition, the kikuchi collection will be used to examine the activities of Fuji Kodo again, with the addition of works from the Municipal Museum of Art in Ome City, where the workshop was located, and unpublished drawings, and to see the rich trajectory of the creation. (There are plans to change the exhibition during the exhibition.)

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Shiba Park "Starry Sky Viewing Party - Let's see the great triangle of summer and Jupiter and Saturn as the sommelier ® of the stars"

Shiba Park No. 18

Shiba Park is one of the oldest parks in Japan designated as a park by Taisei Kanfuinu in The Meiji Era 6(1873). It is a park of the ring scattered around Zojo-ji Temple. Although it is a park in the center of the city, there are large trees such as kusnoki, zelake, and ginkgo, and you can experience rich nature and history. This time, we will observe the large triangle, Jupiter, Saturn, etc. of the summer using the astronomical telescope in the park in the center of tokyo. In the city, you rarely see the starry sky, but why don't you take this opportunity to experience the fun of astronomical observation?

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Tokyo Metropolitan Odaiba Seaside Park "Reiwa Year"Odaiba Plage"

Odaiba Seaside Park

A limited-time swimming event "Odaiba Plage" will be held on the beach of Odaiba Seaside Park. In addition to recreating the atmosphere of the Paris Plage, an event where you can enjoy a vacation atmosphere along the Seine, we will also set up a PR booth in Paris. Feel like Paris on the sandy beach in Odaiba. Children's attractions are also available free of charge. *Plage "Plage" means "sandy beach" and "beach" in French.

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Minato-ku "2019 SUMMER MINATO COLLECTION Minakore 2019 Summer"

Minato-ku Museum of Art

Minato COLLECTION is a project in which cultural facilities such as museums and museums in Minato-ku work together to hold cultural and artistic events intensively. By casually experiencing the rich cultural and artistic resources of the city, the residents and many visitors to Minato-ku will deepen their understanding of culture and art, and will lead to new discoveries and the development of a rich mind. Some of the Minakore participating halls are 22 of the 27 Minakore participating halls, where you can stamp them when you see the exhibition or participate in an event. You can get original goods according to the number of stamps collected.

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Minato-ku Folk History Museum "Summer Lantern Night"

Minato-ku Folk History Museum Front Yard

We will hold a "Summer Lantern Night" that colors the night view of the history museum with the mini lantern slated for your work. Please enjoy the competition of the light only of one night when a lot of lighted up historical buildings and a lot of mini-lanterns sway on the surface of the water!

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The 51st Exhibition Of Streamlined Railway1930s Locomotives

Former Shimbashi Station Railway History Exhibition Room

Streamlined used in the design of trains that emphasize express, such as shinkansen and express trains. This is a form that reduces the vehicle's air resistance during driving and pursues speed so that rail users can reach their destinations faster. In Japan, in 1934, the Ministry of Railways changed the original design of the existing C53 steam locomotive, creating a streamlined railway. The streamlined locomotive, which is completely different from the appearance of the conventional steam locomotive, became a hot topic in various places, and attracted the attention of many people, including children. In this exhibition, we will introduce you to the streamlined railways of the 1930s in the linear genealogy that is still used in the design of high-speed rail.

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Tokyo Metropolitan Garden Museum "Summer Night Museum 2019"

Tokyo Metropolitan Garden Museum of Art

Tokyo Metropolitan Museums will also hold the Summer Night Museum, which will extend the opening hours to 21 o'clock on Friday* during the summer vacation! This year, the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Contemporary Art, which has just been reopened, will be held at five museums: the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Tokyo Metropolitan Garden Museum, the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. Admission after 17 o'clock is full of evening-only benefits, such as discounted admission, fun events such as mini concerts and gallery talks, and special services in cafes and shops. On summer evenings, enjoy the exhibition in a cool museum.

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Tokyo City View "Yukata DE Free" Sky Deck] In addition, sky deck opening hours are extended! 」

Tokyo City View Sky Deck

If you wear yukata and come to the observatory, you will be offered a free entrance fee to the sky deck! In addition, the skydeck will extend business hours until 22:00, usually until 20:00. On the sky deck, where you can enjoy the view of 270m above sea level, you can also see the fireworks display near Tokyo, which is a summer tradition! When you go out, stop by the sky deck in the summer where you can enjoy the spectacular views♪

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ANA InterContinental Tokyo "Fruit Palette - Taste of Summer"

ANA Intercontinental Tokyo

Welcome to "Fruit Palette - Taste of Summer" is decorated with colorful fruits! This summer, creative chefs have transformed bowls and foam bowls into paintbrushes and easels, and offered sweets and drinks made with plenty of fresh, vibrant, vitamin-colored fruits. Why don't you compare the fresh, healthy, vitamin-rich sweets depicted in a variety of fruit palettes?

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Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa "NAKED Fireworks Aquarium"

Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa

Dolphins present "Summer Festival by the Sea"! The performance is performed on the japanese tone by Japanese drums and shamisen. Splash time to deliver "cool" to everyone in the hall The fantastic summer scenery that the fireworks of the sky and the sea charm, and night entertainment where dolphins dance brilliantly. We will present a program that tells a new story based on the art of sound, light, and water.

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Arisugawamiya Memorial Park "Play Park"

Arisugawamiya Memorial Park

It is a playground that aims to be able to do as much as possible even if the child wants to do it. Let's play freely at my own responsibility! You are free to participate and anyone can participate.

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National Museum of Art, Tokyo Metropolitan Garden Museum, etc. "Mystery Rally 2019"

National Museum of Art, Tokyo Metropolitan Garden Museum, etc.

This rally is an experiential art entertainment that takes you through museums, museums, and stations while reading the story by getting a booklet from the racks of each tokyo metro station. In each museum, you can actually appreciate art works and architecture, and collect the stamps of the station to solve the mystery. If you have cleared it, you will receive a nice prize by lottery. This year, we offered three courses, and even if you have completed only one course, you can apply for prizes, so you can participate more easily. In addition, it is safe to turn it over how many days you start from during the period. In addition, in accordance with the diversification of summer night time, the "Night Museum" (open at night) is held mainly on weekends, and you can enjoy the rally at a great price by taking advantage of the great night-only admission fees and events. We propose a lifestyle that makes it easy to visit museums and museums for leisure after work or during summer vacation. Please enjoy a new art experience at Mystery Rally 2019 this summer.

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Andaz Tokyo Peach Afternoon Tea

Andaz Tokyo The Tavan Grill & Lounge

From July to August, The Tavan Lounge offers afternoon tea with plenty of sweet and fresh seasonal peaches that were well received last year. The mini-bar gar of the bite size that the acidity of the sweetness of the peach and the acidity of the goat cheese is good, and the texture which combined peach chutney and chilli sauce to the rice cracker with the shrimp of the prepuri and the crispy, including the savoury, From verine to tarts and scones, this is a tea set that you can enjoy without leaving any peach pulp and fruit juice.

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Tokyo Midtown Midtown Garden

While feeling the cool ness in the shade of the tree which interrupts the shot, the time wrapped in green is put on. This year, we collaborated with The Japanese Craft Gin "Roku". The cool menu is just here this summer. The sun goes down and the heat softens. Let's drink together while feeling the pleasant night breeze that sat on our cheeks. The open adult daylight saving time under the night sky is exceptional.

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Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art "Meissen Zoo Exhibition"

Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art

The First Hard Porcelain Manufacturing In Europe was successful and in 1710 the royal porcelain factory was established at Meissen Porcelain Manufacturing In Germany. This exhibition focuses on the animals of Meissen. This exhibition focuses on works from the Art Nouveau period. In addition to porcelain and instruments, materials such as catalogs are also on display, and a new approach will be used to trace the shapes and decorations of Meissen.

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Tokyo Midtown "The Premium Malts TATAMI TERRACE - Ryokuan Suzusoan"

Tokyo Midtown Midtown Garden

An standing in the green where the night wind gently blows through the tatami mat. If you look up at the large milky tent above your head, you will see a world of pale gradations like the sky painted in ukiyo-e on the inside. I forget the heat in the beautiful night sky which can be seen through, and the feel of the fresh tatami mat.

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Tokyo Midtown "Digital Art Garden of SUNTORY Light and Fog living with Water"

Tokyo Midtown Lawn Plaza

An art garden with the motif of 20×40m of dead mountain water, which is sized on a large edge on the lawn square, will appear. It is surrounded by a cool fog, and it is cool like a summer resort. From dusk, the production of light joins in the fantastic atmosphere. The expressive grains of light express "sand crests" and "fireworks". Please sit on the edge and enjoy. Directed by "Hakuexhibition" and "WOW", a visual design studio.

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Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art "Luo Gallery Special Exhibition "Luo and Jacome - Images to Be Replicated"

Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art Luo Gallery

A special exhibition "Luo and Jacome- Reproduced Image" will be held in two phases from (Saturday) to December 15, 2019(Sunday), at the Luo Gallery, which is a permanent exhibition room. In addition to the oil paintings and prints of Georges Luo (1871-1958), a copy of Luo's work by the atelier of the artist Daniel Giacome (1894-1966), with special cooperation from the Luo Foundation in Paris. I introduce it with related original works.

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Conrad Tokyo "Summer Festival" Afternoon tea

Conrad Tokyo 28th Floor Bar & Lounge "Twenty Eight"

The summer festival, which is themed on the summer festival of the Japan, and fireworks, is started on July 1. Sweets and savory are packed with the beauty and enjoyment of the unique summer of the Japan, and finished in a colorful afternoon tea full of elegance and playful to enjoy the refreshing summer fruits.

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Takanawa Sengakuji Mae shoten "Summer festival bon Odori"

Sengakuji Mae Children's Amusement park

There are a lot of festivals such as Bon Odori, mock shops, Fukobiki, and raffle around the Taiko (tower) that local children hit!

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Shin-ichi no Hashi Shoten "Shinichi No Hashi Matsuri"

Higashi-Azabu, Minato-ku, along the road

From the intersection of the new bridge to Higashi-Azabu, there are a wide array of wagons and stalls at the merchants ' stores.

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Azabu-Juban Shopping Street Promotion Association, Sakashita Town Council "Azabu-Juban Summer Matsuri"

Azabu-Juban Shopping Street Overview

It is a festival that many people visit. There are lots of local products and stage events.

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Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Museum "Building materials and people in the interior decoration of the House of the Year 1933"

Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum (Honkan + Annex Gallery 1)

This exhibition is an exhibition of the building once a year to introduce the charm as the architecture of the old Asaka Palace (now Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum), which was completed in 1933. This time, the elements that make up the room-focusing on wood, stone, tile, wallpaper, furniture, etc., will try to unravel the materials, techniques, craftsmen and companies involved, from the materials such as construction specifications and catalogs at that time. The aim of this exhibition is to provide the opportunity to shine the light on the work of the people who supported the manufacturing of Japan, as well as to show one's view of architecture as a cultural property and how to enjoy it.

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