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Event places for enjoying the moment.

The National Art Museum "Christian Boltanky – Lifetime"

The National Art Museum Planning exhibition Room 2E

This is the largest retrospective exhibition in Japan, showcasing the full scope of the activities of Christian Boltanski (1944 –), a representative of contemporary France. The writer presented a short film from the late 1960s and, in the 1970s, actively used photographs to produce and attract attention to the works of self and others ' memories. In the 1980s, he worked on a religious theme with an installation of light and gained international recognition. After that, he has published his works all over the world, focusing on history, memories and traces of human existence. In this exhibition, I look back at the various attempts of the Bolance key for 50 years and at the same time, a writer who prides himself as "Artist of Space" works on an installation tailored to the exhibition hall.

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Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba "Yellow Afternoon tea Set"

Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba The Lobby Cafe (2F)

As a third part of the "green" and "orange", you can feel the midsummer atmosphere, such as pineapple, mango, lemon or grapefruit, with a refreshing yellow theme that will blow the summer heat We have a variety of sweets with fruit. You can enjoy the refreshing yellow world view created in the tropical sweets that represent the summer. Enjoy a luxurious afternoon tea set where you can feel the freshness of ' cool ' with tropical fruits at Odaiba, which is the smell of the sea breeze in summer with your family and friends.

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Grand Hyatt Tokyo "Summer Tropical fruit Afternoon Tea Buffet"

Grand Hyatt Tokyo French Kitchen

We offer a tropical fruit with plenty of summer sun and a summer tropical fruit afternoon tea buffet with plenty of seasonal peaches. The Premium organic tea brand "ART of tea" from Los Angeles, which is a great choice for high-quality organics, is a great time to forget the heat outside and enjoy the refreshing and elegant moments.

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ANA Intercontinental Hotel Tokyo "Mam Beach Club 2019"

ANA Intercontinental Hotel Tokyo

This summer, "# MUMMBEACHCLUB (Mam Beach Club)" appears in the center of Tokyo to feel the southern Buddha luxury resort Saint-Tropez! The palm tree shines in the sunny summer sun, and the iconic float reminiscent of Saint-Tropez offers an exciting, non-daily luxury moment. Enjoy the enchanting summer moments in Tokyo's most exciting and luxurious pool, with the energetic rose champagne of Maison Mam.

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Taro Okamoto Memorial Hall "Yoichiro estuary of life after 500 million years: Beyond AI"

Taro Okamoto Memorial Hall

Let's imagine the future of five billion years after mankind may not exist. As a pioneer of CG artists, Yoichiro Kawaguchi, who has been active on the world stage since the 1970s, says that. The "five billion years after life" exhibited here are both programmed to form, grow and evolve, and are mathematically simulated under certain laws. It is the one that the living thing was learnt in the history of 500 million years, and the appearance of evolution after 500 million years was created. "There is no creature in the universe without a vortex. The beginning of life is all a vortex. " Mr. Kawaguchi, who talks so, has continued to express the birth and energy of life by making full use of the self-propagating "growth model". In the same way, Taro Okamoto left a work that expresses the birth and energy of life. This is the tree of Life, which was installed inside the tower of the Sun during the Osaka Expo in 1970. The history of the evolution drawn there is up to the Cro-Magnon person though it is the one that the time of "life" over four billion years was modeled. Mr. Kawaguchi's attempt to shape the life of five billion years later may be said to be a sequel to this "Tree of life" in a sense.

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Geihinkan Akasaka Rikyu "Asahi Special exhibition"

Geihinkan Akasaka Rikyu

The "Asahi", which had been renovating for about two years since February 2017, has resumed its release in April this year. In commemoration of this, "special exhibition between the morning Sun" will be held from July 4 (Thu) to September 10 (Tue.). In this exhibition, you can walk on the Dantsu rugs that was used between the morning sun before renovation, and we will exhibit the error Le Piano of the Imperial household with the photograph of the time.  In addition, we also offer the distribution of photo guidebook that is renewed to the photograph between the morning sun after the renovation, along with the exhibition which can touch the carpet of various places in Geihinkan directly, and confirm the texture.  From August 10 (Sat) to 12 (Mon), the public (main building light up) is carried out at night. By all means, please visit the Geihinkan on this occasion.

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Suntory Museum of Art "the genealogy of the style of play"

Suntory Museum of Art

"Not to play and to be born" is a famous passage of the song Collection "Harigenhisocashou" of the late Heian period. This exhibition focuses on "play", a theme of art, and looks at the transition of each enjoyment that men and women are absorbed in, such as Suroku, Karuta, dance and fashion. In particular, many of the finest masterpieces in the Early Modern era "Yuraku figure" gather together, and it is an unprecedented opportunity to explore the relationship between life and play. This exhibition is especially about the expression of each person playing in the "fun figure". A smile is exchanged innocently at a certain time, and the secret of play and the art to live the Vale are delivered the time when it is thought to play in a listless way.

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