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21_21 DESIGN SIGHT "2019 Long Life Design Award Exhibition"

21_21 DESIGN SIGHT Gallery 3

The Good Design Long Life Design Award is a award given to designs that have been supported by people for many years and will continue to live in the future as a landscape of life. It is an internationally unique award focused on the value of design that continues to be loved as a standard, not a newly born design. Here are some of the latest award-winning works. We will tell you the charm of design that has long been loved in various fields, such as essential items in our lives, great masterpieces, and programs that everyone has been familiar with.

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Former Shiba Rikyu Gardens "Small Autumn Same"

Former Shiba Rikyu Gardens

In the former Shiba Rikyu Gardens, we will hold a small autumn-soaked garden so that you can enjoy traditional Japanese culture. Enjoy the autumn garden while experiencing Japanese culture.

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Shinagawa Season Terrace "Sinahalo 2019♪"

Shinagawa Season Terrace

Shinagawa Halloween, sinahalo for short. It is a fun festival of Halloween that residents of Shinagawa Port South area, Shinagawa corporate volunteers, Shinagawa season terrace area management office, etc. gather and plan and collaborate! Let's create an opportunity to meet and interact through Halloween again this year♪. Sinahalo stamp rally Sinahalo Family Day Sinahalonite

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"National Exchange Product Exhibition in Shinbashi" such as SL Square in front of JR Shinbashi Station

SL Square in front of JR Shinbashi Station and Sakurada Park in Minato Ward

Minato-ku has been holding the National Exchange Products Exhibition every year since 2009 as part of its efforts to create opportunities for exchanges and promotions between the ward shopping district and local governments throughout Japan. Since FY2016, the event has been held at two venues, SL Square in front of JR Shinbashi Station and Sakurada Park in Hokkaido, Yamagata Prefecture, Shonai Town in Yamagata Prefecture, Funagata Town in Yamagata Prefecture, Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, In addition to all cities including Gujo City, Gifu Prefecture, we are exhibiting at the shops association that is a member of the Minato-ku Shopping Street Federation from Minato-ku. Minato City Tourism Association is also planning to sell sightseeing brochures and delicious Japanese sweets of Minato-ku! In addition to a selection of products such as seafood and local sake from all over the country, we will also hold a lottery at the same time where local characters and other performers will be presented, as well as special products from participating organizations.

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World Trade Center Building "Hamamatsucho Station West Exit Area Community Development Concert Vol.3"

World Trade Center Building, 1st Floor, Piroti

Free music program concert vol.3 to deliver the breath of a new culture. This is the third time, we will deliver a worldwide music by multinational units. Please drop in on your way home from work. It will be canceled in the event of a typhoon or other stormy weather. We will inform you of changes to the venue and cancellation of events on Facebook. Note: Admission may be restricted depending on the congestion situation on the day.

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21_21 DESIGN SIGHT GALLERY "Google Design Studio | comma"


to be between, to think, to be poetic, and to connect. We'll call these moments in everyone's daily life comma. This is the theme of the new exhibition that Google represents. With a selection of daily necessities, gentle coloring, textiles and other meditative installations selected by trend prediction pioneer Lidovic Edelcourt, we will explore how technology can blend into people's lives. The installations on display are zoned by a variety of lifestyles and appearances. It is completed as one expression through all of them.

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Tokyo Meat Market "Tokyo Meat Market Festival 2019"

Tokyo Central Wholesale Market Meat Market

At the Tokyo Meat Market Festival, we work hard together with livestock farmers and processing and distributors to enjoy safe and secure domestic beef and pork that have been inspected. We hope that this event will be an opportunity for everyone to know about the safety of meat while enjoying it.

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"Autumn Tea" at The Tokyo Metropolitan Garden Museum of Art, "Koka" (important cultural property)

Tokyo Metropolitan Garden Museum of Art, Tea Room "Koka"

We will continue to hold "Autumn Tea ceremony" at the tea room "Koka" in the Japanese garden, which will continue in spring. In the seat of the chair seat, dried sweets and matcha are served, and the main cake and matcha are served in the room of the parlor with the point front. It is a little early for autumn leaves, but the matcha tea you have in the fresh air of autumn is exceptional. Only the garden can participate, so please come by all means. However, please note that both the standing seat and the booth will be limited on a limited day on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library "Tokyo Cultural Property Week 2019 Participating Exhibition "Dairei in Kiko Bunko"

Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library 4F Planning Exhibition Room (Venue 1) and Multipurpose Hall (Venue 2)

"The Great Bow" is a generic term for a series of ceremonies associated with the emperor's throne. I introduce the state of the odaire centering on the related material of "Kiko Bunko" which collects the material transmitted to the Kiko family who was a carpenter in the back of the inside from generation to generation about the orei of emperor Meiji and The Taishoemperor. At the same time, the important cultural property "Edo Castle Construction Materials" will also be exhibited.

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Toranomon "Shintora Village"

Shintora Village *Kitaeru CrossFit Toranomon Back

A remake of the toranomon area into a unique and open playground decorated with art and reused and created waste materials. Various shops and events will appear in the future. In addition, a kitchen car of various dishes comes every day, including the limited-time food produced by Makoto Irie, one of Japan's leading French chefs! Please come once by all means.

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Tokyo Midtown DESIGN TOUCH

Tokyo Midtown

This is a design festival held every year since 2007, based on the concept of "enjoying design with five senses.". Designers and notable designers who are active on the front lines in Japan and overseas gather in Tokyo Midtown. It is an event where everyone can experience the charm and the possibility of design close to everyone.

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Tokyo Midtown

Halloween menu full of individuality in sweets that look cute. Not to mention the classic pumpkin, the material which feels the season was gathered. Halloween in Tokyo Midtown is fun, delicious, and gorgeous.

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National Museum of Art, Cartier, The Crystal of Time

National Art Center 2E

Cartier's work has been introduced in Japan through exhibitions in 1995, 2004 and 2009. This exhibition is the first attempt in the world to focus on contemporary works from the 1970s onwards, and to express the innovation, modernity and uniqueness of its creative activities against the backdrop of the history of creation that maison has built up. In this exhibition, we will explore the world of cartier's innovation in design with three chapters: "Transformation of colors and materials", "Form and design", and "Universal curiosity" following the introduction to "time". By freely traveling through time and exploring the possibilities hidden in the material, we introduce the secret of Cartier's imaginative beauty, which continues to breathe a new wind into the jewelry world while continuing to inherit traditions such as colors, lines and forms. The venue is organized by The New Materials Research Institute / Hiroshi Sugimoto and Michiyuki Sakakida. Based on the philosophy that "old materials are the newest", their designs, which fuse traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology and finish with modern detail, create an exhibition space that is conscious of the time and travel around, and present a new appreciation experience.

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Tokyo Metropolitan Garden Museum of Art, "Asian Image: The "Oriental Longing" of Japanese Art

Tokyo Metropolitan Garden Museum (Main Building + Shinkan Gallery 1, 2)

Around 1910-60, there was a time when Japanese intellectuals, art lovers, and artists yearned for asian classical art. The Asian heat at this time was exceptional though the tang thing hobby was a tradition of Japan. The longing for Asia faded out of the front stage around 1960, but how has it deepened since then? At the New Museum Gallery, three contemporary artists expressed their expressions.

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Minato-ku Shiba Park Minato Rugby Festival 2019

Minato-ku Shiba Park

It is an event to enjoy rugby and various entertainment! A worldwide rugby event is being held in Japan, and the rugby festival is held amid the growing heat of rugby. Let's feel rugby by the skin and get excited in the whole minato-ku by feeling rugby by the opening of a variety of entertainment sand which can be touched by anyone and the company in minato-ku in addition.

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Tokyo City View "Haruomi Hosono Debut 50th Anniversary Exhibition "Hosono Tourism 1969-2019"

Roppongi Hills Observatory Tokyo City View Sky Gallery (Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 52F)

From Friday, October 4, 2019 to Monday, November 4, 2019, haruomi Hosono will hold the 50th anniversary exhibition "Hosono Tourism 1969 – 2019". This exhibition is part of the "Haruomi Hosono Debut 50th Anniversary Project<細野さんに会いに行く>" project, which includes not only a wide range of musicians, including Hosono's rock, techno and world music, but also films, art, rakugo, manga, etc. We introduce a variety of interests along with valuable exhibits. This exhibition will be a "sightseeing" tour of haruomi Hosono's 50-year-old track, a spectacular visual chronology that follows each age, and five exhibitions organized by age. How he faced phenomena, history, and culture in each era, and what kind of music and world it has drawn, through a variety of exhibits such as musical instrument collections, music notes, interviews, and book collections, You can experience Hosono World]. Take a leisurely trip through Haruomi Hosono's world while looking out over the city from Tokyo City View.

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All minato districts

"MINATO NIGHT WEEK 2019 (Minato Night Week 2019) (Reiwa October 26 (Sat) - November 3 (Sun), night bus tour of night spots, night yoga with night view, etc. We offer evening events that can be enjoyed only during this period. Enjoy the evening event while dining and shopping in the minato flag shop. Please refer to the following URL for the "MINATO NIGHT WEEK 2019- Minato Night Week 2019" feature article.

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Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art" Raoul Duffy Exhibition : Painting and Textile Design

Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art

Raul Duffy (1877-1953), a painter who attracts many people today with his gorgeous, bright colors and light-hearted brushwork. This exhibition brings together Duffy's textile design-related works, including modern and elegant paintings and silk fabrics heavily used by Paul Poiret, the Emperor of Mode. We will explore the artists created by lightly crossing the two mediums of expression, painting and textile design, to explore the essence of the artist's expression and the significance of the decorative properties associated with Duffy's work.

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Platinum Hills Shoeikai "Platinum Marche 2019 Autumn"

Shirokanedai Acorn Children's Playground

The famous shop of the local gathers in the gem of the sticking in all of Japan. Please come to platinum marche.

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Akasaka Ichitsuki-dori Shopping Street Promotion Association "Akasaka Halloween"

Ichitsuki Street

Participants parade around One Tree Street in costume. Participants will receive sweets!

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Aoyama Minami ichi Shoshokai "Festival 2019 Western Carnival inAOYAMA Village"

Minato-ku Aoba Park

It is a popular annual event every year. This year, the 26th Sports Festival tug-of-war competition will be held with lots of freebies and country and western live performances. Participation fee is free, so please look forward to it!

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Izumiya Hirokokan Branch "Cultural Properties Forever"

Izumiya Hirokokan Branch

The cultural assets that are now transmitted are protected by the restoration and preservation technology of the time, and have been through the damage caused by deterioration and natural disasters for a long time.  However, it is not easy to endure for a longer time and to inherit cultural properties for the next generation. At the Izumiya Hakukokan Branch in Tokyo, we will exhibit about 50 paintings and crafts, including national treasures and heavy sentences that have been repaired in recent years by traditional technology and state-of-the-art science, and introduce the forefront of cultural property restoration to protect beauty. It will be a great opportunity to meet the new creative techniques and the real faces of the rescreated cultural assets through repairs.

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Suntory Museum of Art "HuangSeto, Setokuro, Shino, Oribe - Mino's Tea Ceramics"

Suntory Museum of Art

In the Momoyama period, pottery for tea ceremony was created in kilns around Japan. In the Mino (Tono region) of Gifu Prefecture, a large amount of tea pottery "Huang Seto, Seto black, Shino, oribe" with strong figure, vivid colors, and innovative designs were burned in large quantities, and it became very popular. However, it was underste that "Yellow Seto, Setokuro, Shino, oribe" was burnt in Mino was a Showa era, and it was thought that it was burnt in Seto -Aichi Prefecture before that. In this exhibition, i hope you will enjoy the unique and lively modeling of Mino ware. At the same time, i hope you feel the popularity and reputation of Mino ware since the modern era through the masterpieces of the modern few-year-old brewery and the masterpieces of modern ceramicartists Toyozo Arakawa and Kato Karakuro (Kakyukuro, 1897-1985).

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TOTO Gallery Inter "Architectsten de Wilder Vink Tayu Exhibition"

TOTO Gallery

Toto Gallery, based in Ghent, Belgium, will hold its first exhibition in Japan of architects unit Architects De Wilder Vink Tayu (advvt) that is gaining worldwide attention. ADVVT has created a wide variety of spaces, regardless of the budget, new construction, or renovation, while actively incorporating the accidentalness and existing conditions that we cannot control. AdVVT, which considers education to be an important part of its design activities, held a workshop at Tokyo Institute of Technology this spring for this exhibition. By exploring how the concept of ADVVT's work is read, reinterpreted, and reflected in the design when inserted into the context of Japan, not only the differences in the context between Belgium and Japan, but also the differences in the context between Belgium and Japan. Trying to extract the essence of universal architecture. Please take a look at the works of ADVVT, which are flexible and positively change the conditions, with models and drawings created at the workshop.

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ITOCHU Aoyama Art Square "The Journey of The Sour- Itochu bei and Miyoshi Mikata"

ITOCHU Aoyama Art Square

From August 20, at ITOCHU Aoyama Art Square, a regional contribution base, the 160-year history of ITOCHU corporation, known as the commercial view of itochu corporation founder itochu beiti, who is the representative of Omi merchants, will be displayed on smartphones. we will hold a permanent exhibition to be introduced in "Soon-go". The spirit of "three-way yoshi" (good for sellers, good for buyers, good to the world) is alive and well as ITOCHU's management philosophy even today when it conducts business globally. Through "Mikata Yoshi", which leads from its founding to the present, this exhibition will be able to convey the hearts of Japan and the Japanese people to many overseas visitors who are coming to Japan for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

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