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Akasaka Hikawa Shrine "Akasaka Hikawa Festival"

Period: Sep 13, 2019 - 9/15/2019
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This year, we will hold a three-day tour of floats and mikoshi, mainly on september 15th.
On The 13th, the town of Edo-type floats and the town-kai mikoshi will be toured at night, the next day will be a tour of the children's mikoshi and taiko floats, and on the 15th, three shrine formations and three Edo-type floats will travel at the same time. The Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held next year. Fifty years ago, there was no sign of the city when torch runners ran on Aoyama Street, and today there are many high-rise buildings. However, I think that it is in the mind of the Japanese what should be unchanged no matter how the age moves.
Community and human connections foster a heart of compassion and help, which is sure to be useful in the event of an emergency. Festivals connect people and create opportunities for communities to become one. We pray that many people will participate in the festival and that the relationship between the local communities will be connected. Thank you for your further understanding and cooperation.

HoursFriday, September 13
・Evening Palace Tour 17:30-21 / Hikawa Yamaru "O", 2 mikoshi
Saturday, September 14
Children's mikoshi tour
Akasaka District 14-16
Ark Hills District 13:30 - 14:30
Dedication performance
Yukawa Gagakukai "Gagaku No Tone"
Akasaka Hikawa Choir Yaei "Chorus" 17:45
Sunday, September 15
Example Daimatsuri 10 o'clock Saito
・Shinko Matsuri 13:30-17 / Hikawa Float "O", "Yoritomo", "Emperor Jinmu"
September 14 (Sat) and September 15 (Sun)
・Night shop, Akasaka meigai 16-21 o'clock Bon Odori 18:30-21 p.m.


Akasaka Hikawa Shrine
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