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Umesoin "Spring Higan - Gujo Hachiman Bussan Exhibition - Spring Higan Vaudeville (Performers: Tachikawa Kodanshi, Tachikawa Laughing Ohmaru)"

Period: Mar 21, 2023 - 3/22/2023
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At Umesoin, we will hold "Spring Higan Vaudeville" and "Gujo Hachiman Tourism Product Exhibition" for the first time in four years.

For vaudeville, you can enjoy the rakugo of Master Tachikawa Kodanshi and Tachikawa Laughing Ohmaru at Soshido.
The product exhibition was held with the cooperation of the Gifu Prefecture Gujohachiman Tourism Association, which has a close relationship with Umesoin.
It is held at Kannondo during the spring season.
The place name "Aoyama" is derived from the Edo residence of the Aoyama family, the owner of Kamihachiman Castle in Gifu Prefecture,
Since the Bodhi Temple of the Aoyama family is a plum window, we are holding a product exhibition.
On the day of the event, Gujo Hachiman's sake, candy, miso, food samples, etc. will be sold.

Admission to both vaudeville and product exhibitions is free and no application is required, so please come to the venue.

【Performer Profile】
Tachikawa Kodanshi
Born on September 8, Showa 51. Originally from Gifu Prefecture, his real name is Masaharu Terada.
Joined Tachikawa Danshi in May 1999. The former seat name "Dankichi".
In July 2007, he was promoted to the second rank and took the name "Sensui-tei Nishikiyu".
In November 2011, Danshi died, so he moved to Ryushimon in April 2012.
In October 2015, he was promoted to Makachi and took the name "Tachikawa Kodanshi" as the second generation.

* In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections, we ask for your cooperation in the following.
・Please refrain from visiting if you have a fever of 37.5°C or higher, or if you have a fever, or if you have or continue to have cold symptoms.

・ We ask for your cooperation in wearing a mask and disinfecting your hands and fingers when you come to the venue.
* If a state of emergency is declared or priority measures are issued to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to prevent the spread of the disease, it will be canceled.

For the latest information, please check the Umesoin website.
* Please refrain from coming by car.

Organizer: Aoyama Culture Village (Public Relations Department, Umesoin)
〒107-0062 2-26-38 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo (Reception hours 9:00~17:00)

Hours■Gujo Hachiman Product Exhibition (1F Kannondo)
March 21 (Tue) ~ 22 (Wed) 10:00~17:00
【Ends around 16:00 on the last day】

■ Vaudeville (B2F Soshido)
March 21 (Tue) 13:00~13:50
Vaudeville performers: Tachikawa Kodanshi, Tachikawa Laughing Ohmaru
Transportation1 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Line "Gaienmae Station" Exit 1B.
Go through the approach to the shrine and see the main hall building on the right.
AdmissionAdmission free, no application required. Anyone is welcome to attend.
* Please refrain from coming by car.


Minato-ku Minami Aoyama 2-26-38 Baisoin
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