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MINATO NIGHT WEEK 2019 – A special 9-day experience of the night in Minato-ku, Tokyo

Minato-ku is one of the most famous downtown areas in Japan, including Roppongi, Shimbashi and Akasaka. There are countless nightspots in Minato-ku, from the night view of Tokyo from the high-rise buildings lined up, the night view from the boat, the bars of hotels and famous shops, and the night activities that are exciting at night. In particular, the annual Roppongi Art Night was so successful that about 760,000 people visited the event in 2018, and there are many other popular events unique to Minato-ku. This time in Minato-ku, minato NIGHT WEEK2019 to liven up the night of MINATO has been decided to 10/26-11/3 Ladies and gentlemen, why don't you take this opportunity to experience the night of Minato-ku?

Night Bus Tour – Enjoy the night in Minato-ku! Original tour of the night view spot

A special tour of the night view spots of Minato-ku, such as Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge, Roppongi Hills, and other attractions such as shopping streets will be held for free. (Advance application and stopover cannot be made.)
Departing from Tokyo Tower, visitors will visit the minato-ku attractions, such as Atago Shrine, Hamarikyu Garden and Rainbow Bridge.
Even if it is said a night tour, because it is a tour in the form of enjoying the car window on the bus, anyone from the elderly to the child is reliable. Roppongi Hills looking up from the bottom is a masterpiece!
I'm thrilled to see you everywhere! You can see Tokyo Tower and Roppongi Hills, and you can enjoy the rapidly changing scenery of Minato-ku from the car window.
It is minato-ku of the image that the high-rise building swarm stands, but there is a shopping street where a long-established shop is lined, and the rich expression of the town can be felt.
The Shimbashi and Shiodome areas are a fantastic sight, especially when the white light of the office district shines!
Tokyo Tower, which comes up with a warm color in the night sky, is also a spot where photography shines, such as Odaiba, where gorgeous colors are attractive.
A special night bus tour that allows you to go around various places from the sparkling night view spot to the shopping street surrounded by elegant and warm neon lights. Why don't you try to enjoy the minato-ku at night from the car window?
*The contents of the course are subject to change without notice due to transportation agencies, tour facilities, traffic conditions, and other reasons.

Participation is a pre-application system (if there are a large number of applicants, a lottery). Please use the application form below.
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Night Yoga Class – The Night View of Minato-ku Relax and power charge with an extraordinary night yoga experience

Have you ever experienced night yoga? This time, the night yoga class will be held free of charge in an extraordinary venue where you can see the night view. (Advance application required)
One of the venues is the World Trade Center Building on the 38th floor in Hamamatsu-cho. Night yoga while watching the night view of Tokyo that spreads all in front of you, the mind and body will be refreshed, it will be a very high-quality time!
At the end of the day, you can take a quiet breath and feel your body relax as you move your body freely to the extent that you feel comfortable while bathing in the moonlight.
The turn of the season is a very important time. Many people tend to lose their balance during this time of the summer when they are tired. Move your body after the cool evening to reset your mind and body!

While looking at the night view, a high-quality time of healing to return to the original self by yoga. Especially at night, you can feel the relaxing effect and the spacious space to open yourself up.
Why don't you try yoga on autumn night and make an important time to face yourself?
Yoga is my first time! Those who say is also welcome. A night yoga class where you can enjoy it gently without hesitation. The yoga instructor at the World Trade Center building is a very popular teacher with a gentle smile. Why don't you join us?
Introduction of lecturers ("Night Yoga Class" at The World Trade Center Building)
Tomoko Oki (OKI SATOKO) Representative of The Restaurant. In 2007, he met yoga and has been practicing YOGA for 12 years. After acquiring the qualification in 2014, he started working as a free instructor with flow yoga, which linked breathing and movement. In 2016, she was awarded the first Miss Yoga award. In 2017, he was active in a wide range of fields, including supervising and performing on ginza yoga, the first yoga program in Japan. In the same year, he founded Burestaurant Co., Ltd. and is struggling to spread the importance of breathing skills.
In addition to the World Trade Center Building, it will also be held at The Anchorage Observatory, located on the Bridge platform of the Rainbow Bridge. This is a special space that is not usually open to the general public. Night yoga while enjoying a precious night view is also outstanding sense of openness!
*Please refrain from participating in non-junior high school students and non-yoga purposes (tours, etc.). There are no lockers or changing rooms, so please wear comfortable clothes. Please refrain from eating in the venue. Instructor, event time is subject to change. Thank you for your understanding.

Participation is a pre-application system (if there are a large number of applicants, a lottery). Please use the application form below.
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Night Boat Luck Tour – Beautiful Tokyo night view reflecting on the surface of the water! Enjoy the water's light-up romantically

In addition, we will also hold a boat transportation tour (Japanese and English) around Shibaura Canal and Tokyo Port. It is a very popular and must-see tour to enjoy the waterside at night.
There are many bridges in the Shibaura Canal that flows through Minato-ku, and this year the bridge light-up of the canal began.
The Rainbow Bridge looks up from the boat and is so surprised by the power. It is a boat tour that is outstanding.
Unlike the glittering Tokyo seen from the top floor of a high-rise building, you can feel a dynamic Tokyo with a sense of dynamism from the ship of Tokyo Bay.
This is the only tour where you can enjoy the light of the buildings while looking at the sparkling water lit up the bridge of the canal!
Why don't you take this opportunity to visit the waterside of Minato-ku?
Learn more about English tour the event details and recruitment of participants.

The Japanese tour will be posted on October 11th.

Pre-event holding decision! Enjoy Minato's nights with guest talk shows and yoga experiences!

Prior to MINATO NIGTH WEEK 2019, a pre-event will be held on Wednesday, October 16! The nighttime will be exciting with talk show by guest guest Mr. Morihoshi (model) and the opening of a kitchen car.
Pre-event guest

Born in 1992. Born in Tokyo. Active as a model in numerous fashion magazines and advertisements. Since 2015, he has been named “Because I am a Girl” angel at Plan International Japan.
Please enjoy the best time such as special yoga experience held at Roppongi Hills and talk show by guests.
Partial advance application system
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Rugby World Cup 2019 ™ Public Viewing-Get Rugby World Cup 2019 ™ Public Boo Final Final!

Rugby World Cup 2019 ™ is being held in 12 cities in Japan from September 20th!
Enjoy the Rugby World Cup 2019 ™ public viewing final in Minato-ku, the birthplace of Japan rugby.

Rugby World Cup 2019 ™ is being held in 12 cities in Japan from September 20th!
Enjoy the Rugby World Cup 2019 ™ public viewing final in Minato-ku, the birthplace of Japan rugby.
MINATO NIGHT WEEK 2019 is a place where everyone can participate freely. Tokyo Tower and Odaiba, as well as minato wards where the whole town is crowded until night. There are still a lot of large commercial facilities, the latest activity spots and bars! Take advantage of this special night week to experience the night of Minato-ku!
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