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"My Route" Tokyo Minato-ku Illumination Christmas Market Special Feature!

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In Minato-ku, Tokyo, illuminations and Christmas markets are being held in various places for Christmas and the end of the year next week.
I tried to summarize the main spots using the "My Route" function (course creation function) in Minato City Tourism Association HP! !
You can read the page's two-dimensional code from your mobile device to find the route from your current location to each spot.
Please use "My Route" to enjoy the fun with your friends while walking around the city.
How to use "My Route" is easy!
Click on the area guide on the Minato Tourism Association's website to see additional information.
If you want to share, click "View" from the "My Route" page to display the share to SNS and two-dimensional code.
If you want to edit, you can change the order and delete the spot on the "Edit" page.
It is also possible to print cleanly, so you can also check it with your hand!
Please enjoy Minato-ku by collecting your favorite spots from the website of Minato Tourism Association!

Please check the following URL on the My Route page. My route of Minato-ku Illumination Christmas Market is from the following URL!