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Minato City World Promotion Video Discover the Charm of Tokyo Minato City

[Discover the charm of Tokyo Minato City] is a short video we produced to introduce Minato-ku through four of the city's novelties: "Modernity", "Tradition", "Gourmet", and "Scenery". You can find a brief introduction to each of the facilities shown in the film on this page. We hope that you can get a preliminary feel from the video, then check out the home pages of the different facilities before ultimately making your way to the city in person to immerse yourself in Minato-ku's abundant attractions.

100-second version



Chinese (Simplified)

Chinese (Traditional)

Hangul (Korean)

15-second version



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Chinese (Traditional)

Hangul (Korean)

A List of Facilities and Stores Featured in the Video

Tokyo Midtown

National Art Center, Tokyo

Toranomon Hills

Mori Art Museum


Roppongi Hills

Kyu Shiba Rikyu Garden

Akasaka Palace (State Guest House)

Minato-ku Local History Museum

Sengaku-ji Temple

Akasaka Tsutsui

Naniwaya Sohonten


Shibashinmei Eitaro

Paris Ogawaken


Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Bay Cruising Restaurant Symphony

Maxell AquaPark Shinagawa

Fudoka Tourindou

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