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Participate Easily Even with Photos Taken on a Smartphone! Minato City Tokyo Photo Spot Feature that Will Make You Want to Apply for the Minato City Tourism Photo Contest

At the Minato City Travel & Tourism Association, we are currently accepting entries for the 18th Minato City Tourism Photo Contest, which is aimed at introducing the tourism resources of Minato City, Tokyo and also rediscovering the charm of Minato City. Every year, the photo contest has three divisions: camera division, smartphone division, and the middle and high school student “Photo Contest Koshien”* division. Participants do not have to live, work, or study in Minato City to participate. Leading Japanese photographer, Mineko Orisaku, is the head of the screening committee, giving the contest a very much professional feeling, but it is still open to everyone, as is evidenced by people being able to freely participate with smartphone photos. In addition to the top prize being 100,000 JPY, there are also meal tickets for restaurants and shopping tickets for shops within the city, which is another pull of the contest. We would love to see as many participants as possible, so we will be introducing the works of previous winners and our recommendations for photo spots, too. Applications will be accepted until Sunday 21st January 2021. Please use the information on this page as reference and apply to join us!
*Koshien is a baseball stadium that is the venue of the finals of the annual, nationwide high school baseball tournament
The 18th Minato City Tourism Photo Contest
↓Please see here for applications for the camera division and the smartphone division↓

↓Please see here for applications for the Photo Contest Koshien division↓

Rainbow Bridge/Odaiba: There are unlimited photo spots here! Find your own unique sights see

Rainbow Bridge connects the center of Tokyo with Odaiba. It was opened in 1993 together with the development of the Waterfront City. It is now a spot symbolic of Tokyo. The scenery is not only beautiful in the daytime, but it is also famous for the variety of light up events and night views that can be enjoyed here depending on the day.

In addition to both the Shibaura and Odaiba sides of this huge bridge that stretches over Tokyo Bay, you can get a full view of the scenery of Toyomi Suisan Wharf and Toyosu Gururi Park, both located in Chuo City, which is right next to Minato City.

(16th Contest: Area Award) Chakkan Queen Emeraldas Photographer: Takeharu Adachi

There is a pedestrian bridge around 1.7km in length also attached to the bridge that can be crossed between 9am and 9pm (except between November and March when the times are 10am to 6pm. Closed on the third Sunday of the month and the day after national holidays). From the top of the bridge, you can take your own personal shots.

(15th Contest: Smartphone Division (Gold)) Playing with Seagulls Photographer: Jun Hirata

From Shibaura Wharf, you have a view of Odaiba which includes Tokyo Bay and a collection of unique buildings for a view representative of Minato City. As it’s such a wide area, there are so many different sides to the area that can be seen in photos from here. It can be a good idea to try to find the best spot among the scenery, but focusing on a family or special people, or nearby events making use of the view with Rainbow Bridge and the townscape as a backdrop to maximize the scenery can also make for a wonderful photo.

Shiba Park: The Best Spot for Capturing a Full View of Tokyo Tower

Shiba Park was designated as one of the first parks in Japan in 1873. There is a children’s play area and baseball ground, making it suitable for the family, too. It is a relaxation spot for Minato City residents of all ages. The park surrounds Zojoji Temple and stretches around for a space of 1.3 hectares. The park is split into areas 1 to 23.

The park is a popular spot for photos of Tokyo Tower. There are a few Tokyo Tower photo spots in Minato City, but the draw of this park is the impressive angles you can view the red tower at from such a close distance.

(15th Contest: Area Award) A Toast Under the Cherry Blossoms at Night Photographer: Hiroyuki Hirano

From the clocktower in area 4, that connects to Onarimon Station, you will find special scenery that can only be founds in cities- a lit up Tokyo Tower towering over its surroundings with an arched approach also lit up by the lights in the rows of trees. Taking a tripod is a must to take a beautiful shot after dusk.

(15th Contest: Winner) A Height Comparison with Tokyo Tower Photographer: Ayaka Terajima

From the grassy field plaza in area 1, you can take photos of the heartwarming sight of young children and their parents relaxing together. Around this time of year with New Year closing in, paying a first shrine/temple visit of the year to the adjacent Zojoji Temple, then taking a family photo with Tokyo Tower in the background is always an excellent choice. Please try capturing the famous places in Minato City that are loved by all Tokyo residents in your own, unique way.

Shiba/Shibaura Neighborhood Canals A Bayside View Perfect for Those Who Like Rides

In addition to large cruise boats and tourist boats that make their way down Tokyo Bay, you will also find a variety of private houseboats and fishing boats of all sizes. The waterways around Shiba and Shibaura, there are berths for these kinds of boats scattered around, which create a unique sight blended together with the city.

(15th Contest: Bronze Award) Intersection Photographer: Masakazu Suzuki

Kanasugi Bridge, located between Hamamatsucho and Tamachi, is a place that was drawn as one of the 100 Famous Views of Edo, as selected by Hiroshige Utagawa long ago. The water closing in right before your eyes and fishermen are floating in their small boats. The scenery is a lot different now than it was in the Edo Period, but the sight of the many houseboats docking from the bridge, itself location under the elevated Inner Circular Route, allows you to capture scenery that has a taste of the Edo Period to it.

(15th Contest: Winner) URBAN COMET Photographer: Noriyuki Sugiura

The Shibaura Canal, which is out of the east exit of Tamachi Station, is also an attractive photo spot. There are small boats all around the watery townscape, in addition to the sight of the monorail, with rides and transport for land and sea blending into one. It’s a sight unique to Minato City. The night view that generates the atmosphere of an urban-looking water’s edge is incredible.

Happoen: Photogenic No Matter What Angle You Photograph it From!

Originally the land of the residence of Tokugawa Ieyasu’s aide, Okubo Hikozaemon, in the Edo Period. This was acquired by Kuhara Fusanosuke in 1915, an entrepreneur and politician from the Meiji Period to the Showa Period. The 12,000 tsubo* size residence and garden he constructed formed the base for the present day Happoen.
*1 tsubo is roughly 3.3m2

The name Happoen has the idea of Fusanosuke built within it and means “beautiful no matter what angle [it is] looked at from”. As the name suggests, it makes use of the natural landforms. While doing so, it is also home to trees over 400 years in age and as well as having a collection of artifacts from other eastern artifacts that made their way to Japan a few hundred years ago. It is truly photogenic from all angles that gets the hearts of cameramen racing, just as you would expect of a location used for wedding ceremonies.

(17th Contest: Area Award) Falling in Love With Carp: Say Cheese! Photographer: Toshio Matsuda

Built as a villa for Fusanosuke, it exudes an air of regality and quintessential Japanese taste. Going through the main gate, you will find Kochuan, which is now used as a Japanese restaurant, and the tasteful arbor islands in the water. The colored carp that swim across the pond with ease radiate an aura of life. You will surely be able to take a photo reminiscent of a painting that allows you to even forget this is part of Tokyo.

Waters Takeshiba: A new spot that has popped up in 2020. Try and find some excellent sights and spots here!

Last is a place that hasn’t been shot in one of the past award-winning photos. If you’re looking for new scenery that most people have yet to find, then this is our recommendation. Waters just opened in June this year.

Waters Takeshiba is a 5-minute walk from Hamamatsucho Station. It has compound facilities that house the Shiki Theatre Company’s new theater, the luxury hotel Mesm Tokyo, and commercial facilities such as Are Takeshiba. It is close to Takeshiba Pier and right in front of Tokyo Bay. There are also boarding points for water buses to Odaiba, Toyosu, Asakusa, and Kasai.

A key characteristic of the building is that it faces the water and that all the floors from the ground plaza to the 4th floor are built in a terraced style. In addition, the waterfront that blends in seamlessly with the rich green plaza will be developed as Takeshiba Higata (Takeshiba Mudflats) under the Mizbering Takeshiba project. There are plans to conserve and regenerate the area, which was the habitat of many creatures that lived in Tokyo Bay.

It sounds like fun to walk through this new spot while enjoying shopping, food, and photography. You’ll no doubt be able to take an impressive shot by capturing people in the town after dusk in slow motion.

These are five spots that we recommend, but there are so many more photo spots in Minato City, including Roppongi Hills, Kyu Shiba Rikyu Garden, and Atago Shrine. Also, even without choosing a specific spot, you’ll surely be able to find a wonderful place or scene to shoot. You can even apply with photos taken on a smartphone, so please try and submit a favorite photo of yours. The 18th Minato City Tourism Photo Contest applications are open until Sunday 31st January 2021. We eagerly await your applications.

For applications for and details on the 18th Minato City Tourism Photo Contest, please see here

Camera Division/Smartphone Division

Photo Koshien Division

You can find other past Minato City Tourism Photo Contest award-winning works published here

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