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That "escape shame hug" was also born in Minato-ku ..., pilgrimage to the famous location in Minato-ku, Tokyo!

Now, more and more people are visiting locations and venues that have become locations for TV dramas and anime. So-called "pilgrimage to the holy place" boom. There is no place called "sacred place" in Minato-ku where most tv stations in Tokyo gather! That's why this time we will introduce famous locations in Minato-ku. From the classic location that everyone knows to the latest location of the topic, in fact, that famous scene was born in Minato-ku.

Three famous filming locations where timeless masterpieces were filmed

Speaking of locations in Minato-ku, the first place to go up is "Jingu Gaien Ginkgo-namigi". The pleasant straight road of about 300 meters with ginkgo trees on both sides across the driveway is an indispensable spot as a location for trendy dramas since the 1990s.

Among them, the most famous are immortal masterpieces such as "The 101st Proposal" and "In the Name of Love". Since the 2000s, it has been used in HERO, Hana no Boys, and Sidekicks, and there must be one work that people of all ages know.
Tokyo Tower is also famous as a location in Minato-ku. In 2007, a film based on the novel "Tokyo Tower Okan and Me and Sometimes Othon" was produced, and it became a spot that symbolized the work.

In addition, as a representative scenery of Tokyo, its brave figure appeared in many works. In the popular dramas of the past 10 years, the main deck has been used for scenes of "Tokyo Tarareba Musume" and "There are people I like".
Rainbow Bridge is also one of minato-ku's famous filming locations. Opened in 1993, Rainbow Bridge is a spot reminiscent of a new and fashionable Tokyo that often appears in dramas and movies.

One of the most famous works is the movie "Dancing Investigation Line THE MOVIE2: Blockade the Rainbow Bridge", set in the fictional "Wangan Station" at the time. As the title says, whether rainbow bridge can be "sealed off" is the farewell to development. Rainbow Bridge can be crossed on foot, so if you're a boy in your 30s or over, you'll want to say "You can't lock it down!" on the bridge.

Location of the latest topical work where "that famous scene" was born

Next, let's introduce the locations that have appeared in important scenes in recent popular works.

In fact, minato-ku has appeared in more than 100 video works in the years since 2015, and there is a spot that is becoming a "sacred place in the holy place". Shinagawa Season Terrace is located about a 6-minute walk from shinagawa station's Port South Exit.

A tv drama that is especially famous among the locations of various works is "escape shame" that became a social phenomenon in "love dance", "it is shameful to run away but useful". The scene of the "pre-rented hug" in which the main character and heroine gave a hug for the first time was filmed in the event square adjacent to the facility.

In addition, there are many places where both the building and the outdoors were used as locations. The event square is a rare grass square around here. There are a variety of restaurants and cafés in the commercial area on the 2nd floor, and gourmet food is also substantial.
Famous temples and shrines in the ward are also locations. Hibiya Shrine in Higashi-Shimbashi appeared twice as a shrine where the main characters visited in the TV drama "Mother-in-law and Daughter's Blues".

The shrine in the office district is an environment where career women are perfectly linked to the story of the main character.
Hibiya Shrine
Location: 2-1-1 Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Reception hours (office): 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
The canal area of Shibaura, where waterways and skyscrapers weave unique landscapes, has also been chosen as a location for many locations. In particular, the bridge over the canal is a popular point.

Recently, Rakusui Bridge has been the location of miu404. In addition, Hyakuyobashi appeared in "Doctor X - Surgeon, Toko Daimon", which was broadcast the year before last, and Shinshibabashi appeared in "Love Will Continue" The Shinshiba Canal, where Hyakuyo Bridge and Shinshiba Bridge take, is a promenade for green spaces, so it is perfect for a walk.

"That famous place" that became the stage of a Hollywood movie

In addition, there is a place which became the location of the Hollywood great in Minato-ku, too. That is "Masumiji" which appeared in the movie "Vrvarin: SAMURAI" (2013) of the X-MEN series. The main character who visited a person's funeral appears in the scene where he is attacked by the enemy.

In the middle of a fierce battle scene, you can see Tokyo Tower behind you. It seems to have become a large-scale shooting with more than 400 people participating in a hollywood movie, but if you visit Masukeji temple and feel its size, you will be convinced that only Masujoji can do such a large location.
This time, we chose a place to visit casually from among the representative locations of Minato-ku and delivered it. In addition, Minato-ku, Tokyo is full of wonderful places like drama stage. Enjoy the pilgrimage to the Holy Land as if you were the main character of the story.

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