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[Video Article] Experiencing "Madame Tussaud's" at Odaiba! Into an Area of Dreams Where Lifesize Figures of Superstars Such as Michael Jackson, Masaki Suda, and Yuzuru Hanyu Come Together!

Maybe some of you might have thought looking at this picture above, "Is this the real Masaki Suda!" Actually, this is a lifesize figure displayed at "Madame Tussaud's Tokyo" inside DECKS Tokyo Beach in Odaiba. Of the 25 permanent facilities, the Odaiba facility is the only one in Japan. The facility is full of lifesize figures of celebrities all around the world. In this article, we will be introducing some of the 70 figures inside the facilities.

Matsuko Deluxe Welcomes the Visitors

DECKS Tokyo Beach, where "Madame Tussaud's Tokyo" is located, is near the "Odaiba Kaihin Koen Station" of the Yurikamome Line. Of the two buildings, the Island Mall is close to the ocean, and Seaside Mall is close to the land. The ticket counters are on the 3rd floor of the Island Mall. Wait... is that Matsuko Deluxe waiting for us at the entrance?

Matsuko-san awaits us with a gentle gaze. Maybe, many would think that she looks "Smaller than you think" than how she looks on TV. You are free to take pictures inside Madame Tussaud's Tokyo, so let's first take a picture with Matsuko-san here. By the way, the displays are so close that you might be able to reach them. Therefore, we recommend you store your backpacks and other large bags in the lockers nearby the entrance.

After entering the facility, the doors of the elevator that leads us to the exhibits open. There we see a shadow of a bulky man…

It's a little bit surprising, but if we look closely, it's a figure of Bruce Willis, famous for the 'Die Hard' series. The Hollywood star leads us to a wonderful experience.

From the "Goromaru pose" to the "Yuzu" Smile… What Is the Secret of the Real-looking Figures?

The first area resembles the Oscars. After getting off the limousine, we see Johnny Depp posing on the red carpet. He looks great as a pirate in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series, but he also looks cool in his suit and hat!

After the exhibit of the leaders of Japan and the world, we go into a zone with superstar athletes. Next to Ayumu Goromaru, who was part of the historical win at the World Cup, there is Usain Bolt, who holds the Men's 100m track world record of 9.58 seconds. The two have "poses of athletes that everyone wants to mimic." However, it might be embarrassing to do both poses... No, there aren't many chances, so let's pose and pretend!

There are also figures of Major Leaguer Yu Darvish, David Beckham from soccer, and figure skater Mao Asada doing a graceful spin. Also, the area is "crowded" with superstars in the field of sports such as figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu and Yuki Ishikawa from volleyball. On the other hand, there is the historic Yokozuna Chiyonofuji and legendary F1 racer Ayrton Senna. This would make the fathers who've seen them in their times want to talk about their facts.

What's fascinating about Madame Tussaud's is that you can come up close to celebrities so much that "you can see their pores." The reason the figures look real 360 degrees is that most figures are created from measured data of the celebrities themselves. Not only the shape of their face and build of body, but the craftsmen also touch the skin of the people themselves to reproduce the texture of the skin. One figure takes around four months to create. The clothes are also a "one-of-a-kind" just like a figure skater costume. The clothes are either borrowed from the person or produced by him or her.

In one corner of the facility, there is an area that shows the history of Madame Tussaud's and its founder, Marie Madame Tussaud, and the figure-creating process. You can feel the long history and traditional craftsmanship of more than 250 years.

The World Famous MJ, and a Person Related to Minato Ward…

All of this is only the beginning. Ahead, there are many look-alike figures of celebrities such as musicians, historical figures, inventors, and Hollywood stars. There is not enough time if you look at each of them closely.

One of the most popular among all generations is Michael Jackson. The legendary MJ would make you want to say "Pow!" if you stand in front of him. In fact, the Michael Jackson figure and Lady Gaga figure on the other side of the room are placed in every Madame Tussaud's. They are "the celebrities of celebrities."

The first figure in the historical figures area is Ryoma Sakamoto. The courageously standing figure looks as if it popped out from a textbook. By the way, Ryoma met Kaishu Katsu at Akasaka, Minato Ward. In the remains of the Kaishu Katsu Residence in Akasaka 6-chome, there is the "Kaishu Katsu / Ryoma Sakamoto Master-Pupil Statue," making him a person related to Minato Ward.

By the way, our interest might go towards looking and taking photos with the figures but don't forget to look at the explanations next to the figures. There, you can see the profile of the person, the method of creation, and a memorable quote by the person. You might be able to receive energy and power from significant words from people who went to the top.

Just like a model in the TGC? Co-starring on the runway with Rola?!

The exhibit continues, with legendary stars in Japan such as Takeshi Kitano and Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, Yayoi Kusama standing in a space full of dots with presence, and international stars such as Jackie Chen and Tom Cruise. The Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt figures are so handsome that it would make you want to hesitate to stand between the two.

Produced by Rola herself, the costume renewed Rola figure is displayed in the center of a bright runway of a fashion show. You can of course walk along the runway. You will be shown on the display, so you can feel as if you're co-starring with Rola.

Madame Tussaud's Tokyo not only has things to see but also attractions where you can experience things. The facility is disinfected with sanitizers placed inside the facility, so infection prevention is done. The funny photos that you took would make a perfect story the next day at your workplace or school. What I was able to show you today is just one part of the exhibitions. At times, there are works only shown for a limited time because of renewals, so don't forget to check the latest details on the official website!
Address: 1-6-1 Daiba, Minato Ward, Tokyo, DECKS Tokyo Beach Island Mall 3rd Floor
Phone: 0800-100-5346
Refer to the website for opening hours, closed days, fees, and other information
Official website:

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