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Friendly to all! Barrier-free hotel in Minato-ku, Tokyo

Tokyo's Minato Ward, with its many attractive tourist spots and convenient access to various parts of the city, offers a wide variety of lodging facilities to meet the needs of visitors to the city for sightseeing or business trips. For this issue, we have selected three hotels that focus on the theme of "barrier-free" accommodations. We hope you will find them useful as a reference for accommodations for families traveling with elderly family members, as well as for sightseeing in Tokyo.

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【Minami-Aoyama】Hotel Asia Kaikan, where hospitality is provided for everyone to stay comfortably.

Hotel Asia Kaikan is a 5-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Aoyama-itchome Station or Nogizaka Station.
The hotel, which has its roots in 1957 as a place for international exchange from Asian countries, is within walking distance of the National Art Center, Tokyo, Roppongi Hills, Tokyo Midtown, and Nogi Shrine. It is also located near the Aoyama Cemetery, famous for its rows of cherry blossom trees, and the ginkgo trees of Meiji Jingu Gaien, famous for their autumn foliage. The quiet environment in a residential area and easy access to the business areas of Akasaka and Roppongi make it a popular choice for both tourists and guests on business trips.

Located in a quiet environment, the hotel's interior is decorated in a modern Japanese style that evokes a sense of serenity. All rooms are equipped with Simmons beds for a comfortable night's sleep.

Barrier-free facilities include universal twin rooms designed with the elderly and wheelchair users in mind. With wide entrances and sliding door bathrooms and toilets with handrails, anyone can stay at the hotel without anxiety. There is also a multipurpose restroom in the building, and parking for wheelchair users is available. The entire building, including the entrance, is brightly lit, making it safe for walking.

In terms of service, the hotel offers hospitality that makes all guests feel comfortable, with staff who have attended seminars on guide dog handling and are well-trained to deal with visually impaired guests. Wheelchairs are also available for limited use within the hotel.

【Shinbashi】 Dai-ichi Hotel Tokyo - A luxury hotel with barrier-free access throughout the entire building.

Dai-ichi Hotel Tokyo is about a 2-minute walk from the Hibiya Exit of Shinbashi Station. It is directly connected to the subway station via an underground walkway. The hotel is conveniently located for train and subway travel to various parts of central Tokyo, and the Yurikamome Line provides easy access to Odaiba. The neighborhood is surrounded by a variety of gourmet spots, as Shimbashi and Ginza are located in the downtown area.

The hotel's interior, based on the concept of "Elegance & Excellence," has an elegant and gorgeous European atmosphere. The guest rooms are also decorated in an elegant atmosphere, and all rooms are equipped with Simmons beds for outstanding comfort. The deluxe rooms have a view from the bath, creating a romantic atmosphere at night.

Of the 278 guest rooms in total, some of the moderate twin rooms on the general floor and the Premiere twin rooms on the special "Premiere Floor" are universal rooms. The door to the bathroom is a sliding door, and a large space is provided under the washbasin. The height of the closet's hanger bar can be adjusted, and other features are designed with wheelchair users in mind. The bathtub and toilet are equipped with handrails for the comfort of the elderly.

The entire building is barrier-free, with the exception of the building's corridors, elevator hall, banquet hall, and 1st floor lobby lounge. A wheelchair-accessible restroom (non-ostomate accessible) is located on the first basement floor, and wheelchairs are available for rent for use within the hotel. In addition, written communication is available, and a fax machine is available for hearing-impaired guests in guest rooms.

【Shinbashi】 Hotel The Celestine Tokyo Shiba - A fusion of East and West beauty and art, a healing space for everyone.

Hotel The Celestine Tokyo Shiba is located a minute's walk from Shiba Koen Station on the Toei Subway Line, within walking distance of Zojoji Temple, Shiba Park, and Tokyo Tower. The hotel, which stands on the site of the former Edo residence of the Satsuma clan, reflects the accumulated memories of the area in its interior design under the concept of "CROSS OVER TOKYO. The hotel is a unique space with a high sense of aesthetics, combining Western-style furnishings with Japanese design and art, such as Edo komon and faceted cutting patterns.

Of the total of 243 guest rooms, the accessible double on the 14th floor is barrier-free. It is equipped with an automatic door that opens and closes automatically, a bathroom with a sliding door and handrails, and a separate living space and bed space for ease of use.

On the same 14th floor, there is a public space available 24 hours a day. The indoor guest lounge is based on the theme of "the living room of the mansion," and is a space where one can relax and unwind with books on Western and Japanese culture and the history of this land on the bookshelves. Meanwhile, the open-air patio is a space where you can stretch your limbs and enjoy slow time while feeling the sunlight filtering through the trees.

In addition, there is a multipurpose restroom on the first floor, wheelchair rentals are available, and written communication staff are available to meet a variety of needs. There is also a parking lot exclusively for wheelchair users.
These are three hotels in Minato Ward, Tokyo, that focus on barrier-free accessibility. In addition, the "Barrier-Free Town Walking MAP in Minato City," which introduces 12 routes connecting popular sightseeing spots in Minato City, is available online at the Minato City website.

Barrier-Free Machiaraku MAP in Minato City

Please refer to this map and enjoy your stay in Minato City!

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