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Azabudai Hills will make Minato Ward even more enjoyable! An overview of the hot new spot scheduled to open in 2023!

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One of the biggest tourism news in Tokyo's Minato Ward in 2023 is the expected opening of Azabudai Hills, which is scheduled to open by the end of the year. The newest "Hills" in Minato Ward, after ARK Hills, Roppongi Hills, and Toranomon Hills, will be the tallest building in Japan at 330 meters above ground level, and is sure to attract nationwide attention. In this issue, we will provide a quick overview of this hot new spot, focusing on points of interest from a tourist perspective!

Azabudai Hills, the tallest building in Japan at 330 meters above ground

The Toranomon-Azabudai Project, led by Mori Building, has been underway in the targeted areas of Toranomon 5-chome, Azabudai 1-chome and Roppongi 3-chome in Minato Ward. Including the predecessor organization, the project has been planned over a period of 30 years since 1989, and construction began in 2019. With construction set to be completed in March of this year, the name of the district was announced as "Azabudai Hills" last December, and the unveiling of the project is just around the corner.

At the center of Azabudai Hills, the "future of Hills," is the main tower, which will stand 330 meters above ground. When completed, the skyscraper will surpass Osaka's Abeno Harukas (300 meters) to become "the tallest building in Japan. It is growing taller by the day, and its tall appearance, visible from Roppongi, Shiba Park, Odaiba, and other locations in the district, is already becoming a new sight in Minato City. Let's take a look at the points of interest in Azabudai Hills.

Where can Azabudai Hills be built?

Azabudai Hills will be located in Toranomon 5-chome, Azabudai 1-chome, and Roppongi 3-chome, covering an area of approximately 8.1 hectares. The Azabudai Hills complex is directly connected to the Tokyo Metro Roppongi 1-chome and Kamiyacho stations. A 700-meter east-west connecting passageway will be laid out between the two stations, creating a highly mobile townscape.

Azabudai Hills is located adjacent to ARK Hills, also owned by Mori Building, and is halfway between the "cultural heart" of Roppongi Hills and the "global business center" of Toranomon Hills, a global business center. With the "Four Hills" of various themes within walking distance from each other, a new cultural and economic zone will be created in the heart of the city.

What kind of "town" will Azabudai Hills be?

Azabudai Hills will consist of four blocks: Block A, with the 64-story main tower at its center; Block B-1, consisting of the 270-meter-high West Tower; Block B-2, consisting of the 240-meter-high East Tower, where the first luxury hotel brand in Japan, Janu Tokyo, will be located; and Block C, where the permanent facilities of Team Lab will be established. The building will consist of four blocks. In addition to a variety of corporate offices, the upper floors of the three towers will house a total of approximately 1,400 residential units, each with a different concept, creating a new urban space that seamlessly links commercial facilities, cultural facilities, hotels, offices, residences, schools, and other functions related to human life.

As indicated by the concept of "a town like a 'plaza' surrounded by greenery, connecting people to each other - Modern Urban Village," the area at the center of the entire project has a total green area of approximately 24,000 m2, centered on a central plaza boasting an area of approximately 6,000 m2, creating a landscape in which the city and nature are in harmony. The area will be centered around a central plaza that boasts an area of approximately 6,000m2 of greenery. In addition, the entire city will be powered by electricity that complies with RE100, an international renewable energy initiative, to create an environmentally friendly city.

On the other hand, world-renowned designers were involved in the design of the innovative buildings and city blocks befitting a new city, and the exterior design of the three skyscraper towers was undertaken by PCPA, an American firm founded by Cesar Pelli, who also designed the American Embassy in Japan and the Haneda Airport Terminal 2 and International Terminal. The design of the exterior of the three skyscrapers was designed by PCPA.

Thomas Heatherwick, who designed the torch tower for the London Olympics, is in charge of the low-rise architectural and landscape design, including the east entrance with its unique streamlined appearance. In addition, internationally acclaimed architect Sousuke Fujimoto, who is active in Japan and abroad, has designed the commercial space of the main tower, bringing together talents from around the world.

What kind of facilities will Azabudai Hills have?

Now that we have an overview of Azabudai Hills, what is still of interest from a sightseeing standpoint is the lineup of various facilities, including stores and restaurants that travelers can use.

In total, about 150 stores are open in the commercial areas established in various locations, including the main tower. Among them, a large food market with an area of about 4,000 square meters will appear in the basement of the central plaza. Details of the stores and restaurants have not yet been revealed, but they will include a wide variety of stores in fashion, beauty, culture, art, and other genres. Let's look forward to more information.

Meanwhile, in the lower part of the B-2 district, the sister brand of Aman, which operates luxury hotels around the world, will make its first appearance in Japan with the opening of ""Jannu Tokyo. The new hotel, which will feature a guest room configuration with a larger proportion of suites than a typical luxury hotel, will have a 3,500m² spa, the largest in Japan, and six restaurants, cafes, and bars that can be used for a variety of occasions.

And Azabudai Hills will also feature cultural facilities such as museums and galleries. Already announced among them is the ""Mori Building Digital Art Museum: TeamLab Borderless,"" which will relocate and open the facility that was opened in Odaiba from 2018 until last year. As a ""museum without a map"" where multiple artworks intricately move back and forth within the same space, the museum has recorded approximately 2.3 million visitors in Odaiba. The new facility will further evolve the concept of ""wander, explore, and discover in a single world without boundaries,"" and will feature surprising digital art, so expectations are high. In addition, art spots will appear in various locations to create one-of-a-kind spaces.

Azabudai Hills is sure to become a new center of attraction for Minato City and Tokyo. We hope that many people will visit Azabudai Hills after its opening and enjoy the sights and sounds of Minato City as well as the surrounding area!

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