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Suntory Museum of Art "HuangSeto, Setokuro, Shino, Oribe - Mino's Tea Ceramics"

Period: Sep 4, 2019 - Nov 10
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In the Momoyama period, pottery for tea ceremony was created in kilns around Japan.
In the Mino (Tono region) of Gifu Prefecture, a large amount of tea pottery "Huang Seto, Seto black, Shino, oribe" with strong figure, vivid colors, and innovative designs were burned in large quantities, and it became very popular.
However, it was underste that "Yellow Seto, Setokuro, Shino, oribe" was burnt in Mino was a Showa era, and it was thought that it was burnt in Seto -Aichi Prefecture before that. In this exhibition, i hope you will enjoy the unique and lively modeling of Mino ware. At the same time, i hope you feel the popularity and reputation of Mino ware since the modern era through the masterpieces of the modern few-year-old brewery and the masterpieces of modern ceramicartists Toyozo Arakawa and Kato Karakuro (Kakyukuro, 1897-1985).

Hours10:00-18:00 (Fri and Sat 10:00-20:00)
*The museum is open until 20 o'clock on Sunday, September 15, Sunday, October 13, and Sunday, November 3, and Sunday, November 3. *All admission is 30 minutes before closing.
*Open until 18 o'clock on November 5 ※Shop x cafe is open every day during the exhibition period.
Day ¥1,300
Advance ¥1,100
University and High School Students
Day ¥1,000 Advance ¥800


Suntory Museum of Art
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