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Tokyo Metropolitan Garden Museum "Tea Room "Koka" (Important Cultural Property), Special Exhibition in Autumn

Period: Nov 23, 2019 - Dec 8
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The Japanese garden has a lot of maples, and in autumn it is bright red. The tea house "Koka" in the Japanese garden will be specially open to the public according to the time of autumn leaves. It is usually possible to enter the "Standing Seat", but you can enter the "Hiroma" (zashiki) for this limited time. Please enjoy the view of the autumn leaves in the Japanese garden from the "Hall". Photography is also available.
Please note that there is a step when going up from "Standing seat" to "Hall".
In the "Hall", please take off your shoes and go up.
"Koka" is a valuable cultural property, so please cooperate with us so as not to touch buildings, fittings, etc.
Please do not touch the tea utensils etc. placed in the "Hall".
You cannot enter corridors other than "Hall" or water shops, booths, etc.
In addition, the staff is on-site, so please cooperate so that you follow the instructions.

Hours10:00 - 16:30
HolidayNote: Closed on November 27 (Wed) and December 7 (Sat) due to the host tea ceremony.
AdmissionPlease note that tickets to the exhibition or garden are required, including their respective passports.


Tokyo Garden Museum of Art Tea Room "Koka" (Important Cultural Property)
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