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Aomatsuji Temple

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After eight years of civilization, Michiirrigation was started, and Keicho moved to the current location for five years. The cemetery is located on the hill following the Atago mountain, and there is a tomb of 槍持 Kansuke which was made in the form of a person near the entrance. 槍持 Kansuke (real name Ashida Yoshikatsu), the Mimasaka tsuyama domain (Okayama Prefecture) is the foot light of the main Matsudaira Echigo Morisen Wealth, the Spear of Echigo-Mamoru at that time is very long and heavy, it is a serious article to be knocked down. Whether the hardship which had this was not left afterwards, a strong seppuku of the mind was cut down the pattern of the spear, and it was exhausted voluntarily. It is said that it was September 14, Genroku. In the Matsudaira House, it is said that iron is hard-core in the handle of the spear for fear of being cut again. The grave of Kansuke is also called the man Jizo, and it is said that the person who puts the request that it works well for the sickness below increases, and the person who did all cures puts sake in the bamboo tube and thanked. The large precincts include the Edo period Confucian, which is designated as the capital city, and the tomb of Inoue Kim Emue, the Falun Kannon statue, the Bamboo Grove and spring water.

Transportation8 minutes walk from Exit 3 of Kamiyacho station on Hibiya Line, 5 minutes walk from exit A5 of Mita Line Onarimon station, 15 minutes walk from Jr Shimbashi Station, 20 minutes on foot from Hamamatsucho station, and Mae Bus East 98 and Toei Bus East


2-4-7 Atago, Minato-ku, Tokyo
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