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Sarashina Fumiya Co., Ltd.

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In 1791, Shinshu's anti-mono dealer, Funey Yukichi, who was known as a soba-making expert, turned to a soba shop on the advice of the lord, Hoshina Hyobe Shogo.
We opened the Shinshu Sarashina Soba Restaurant in the Yakukenbori in Higashi Nihonbashi, and we have been operating in Owari Town and Motosachiya Town since 1922.
Soba is always served a total of five types of soba, "28 soba", "raw flour soba (soba flour 10%)", "Sarashina soba" and "two kinds of seasonal change soba". The buckwheat flour used is made from domestic soba flour, mainly from Hokkaido, but we also use carefully selected buckwheat flour from soba production areas nationwide depending on the time of year.
Soba soup is a "rich sweet taste" that uses only four kinds of ingredients called honzou soy sauce, main dead bonito broth, sugar, and honmi-don. In particular, the bonito is carefully selected from Tosa's "Hon-with-kare-katsuobushi" and Kagoshima's "Sanda-katsuobushi" is used to draw the soup stock.
I would like you to enjoy the food culture of soba since Edo with a menu that allows you to feel the season with Sarashina soba using only the center of the buckwheat fruit and the monthly change soba and the soba that started. You can enjoy stylish "soba shop sake" with sake lees and local sake unique to soba shops. We also offer a course meal "Soba Kaiseki" for other banquets.
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HoursMon-Fri 11:00-21:00
Sat 11:00-20:00
Sundays and national holidays 11:00-19:00


Shibadaimon 1-15-8, Minato-ku, Tokyo
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