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Torakor Akasaka Store

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Toran was founded in Kyoto in the late Muromachi period.
It has been able to run the confectionery shop for five centuries.
From the reign of Emperor Yosei (1586 to 1611), the Imperial Palace is served.
Along with the Tokyo Capital in Meiji 2, the store in Kyoto enters Tokyo as it is, and it leads to the present as it is accompanied by the emperor. The Akasaka store reopened in October 2018.
In the second floor of the shop, you can choose from staple Yokan to seasonal sweets, store-limited products, and more in a spacious store.
In the third floor of the Toraya-Ka dormitory, we prepare a meal menu that uses the ingredients of Japanese sweets, such as sweet beans and tsukune IMO, made at the shop place in the store. There is also a gallery in the basement, and we will hold exhibitions and events related to Japanese sweets and Japan culture, and a material exhibition by the confectionery library and the Toraya Bunko.

Hours● Sales from 8:30 to 19:00 (weekdays) 9:30 〜 18:00 (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) ● Toraya Sweets dormitory 11:00-18:30 (weekdays) l.o.18 11:00-17:30 (Saturdays, Sundays, holidays) l.o.17-gallery 10:00 ~ 17 : 30 (change depending on event)
Holiday6 days/month (except December)
Transportation7 minutes walk from exit a of Akasaka-Mitsuke station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line and Ginza Line


4-9-22 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
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