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Plenty of cool ness! Minato-ku "Night Summer Festival" Special Feature

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Minato-ku is a city with a wide range of cities, from areas with deep history such as Azabu, Roppongi, Shimbashi and Daimon to areas where trends gather. Especially in the way of enjoying the night, you can meet many shapes in each city. This time, I would like to introduce the summer festival of the night in minato-ku. From bon dances with plenty of coolness to gourmet festivals where local gourmet sit-ins, we've carefully selected festivals that everyone can enjoy in the summer! Popular spots such as Azabu Juban Shopping Street, Roppongi Hills and Zojoji Temple are special festival venues only at this time of year. I want to go to the summer festival, but where should I go this year? If you are feeling the summer night breeze, how about enjoying this summer in the Minato-ku area?

Azabu Juban Suzu Matsuri 2019

The Azabu Juban Suzu Festival attracts 400,000 visitors every year. It is one of the most popular in Tokyo, and it is one of the most popular festivals in Minato-ku as a hot night festival.

From the long-established history and tradition of Azabu Juban, to the up-and-coming new famous shops, azabu juban shopping street is crowded with many people from everyday. Each of these stores has a special menu for the day, and they set up a store on the street of Azabu Juban Shopping Street.

The enjoyment of Azabu Jubansei Matsuri is, after all, gourmet! The real thrill of being able to eat and walk around with everyone from the long-established store where the procession is not constant because of the popularity of everyday is in this day.

One of the pleasures of the "Ogokuni Pride" is not only the opening of shopping districts, but also the taste of hometowns throughout Japan. Once you have a wide range of national pride products from all over the country. From Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south, local governments carefully select stores gather all the way to the local gourmet and craft beer savoury and seasonal products.

There are more than 300 stores to open. "I want to try this and this", it is a large number of eyes. There are even repeat visitors who come to look forward to such a gourmet every year.

In addition to gourmet food, the special stage "10-BANG" set up on the patio ten-ban hosts powerful stages ranging from bands and dances to music. From day to night, it's getting more and more exciting. The must see is the authentic music that feels the "chic" of Oedo. It was very popular with foreigners and we scaled up again this year. The stage of the highlight which continues with the performance of various performers is held every day.

Especially recommended for children is the petting children's square venue, which has a lot of corners for adults and children alike, such as watame, shooting, goldfish scooping, yoyo fishing, shaved ice, lottery, super bowl, etc. It's a family-friendly area where adults can go back to their children's minds, and children can get excited about their first experience.

To tell the truth, azabu juban suzu festival that people in the shopping street handmade. It is a festival of the scale which does not seem to be at all from the gourmet to the stage, but it is a summer festival which is the representative of summer in Tokyo that the people in the shopping street and the local people have protected carefully for more than 50 years.
Period: August 24 (Sat) - August 25 (Sun), 2019 15:00-21:00
【Venue】Azabu Juban Shopping Street Center
【Expected number of mobilizations】Approximately 1,000,000 【Sponsor】Azabu Juban Shopping Street Promotion Association

Roppongi Hills Bon Odori

This year's 17th edition of the Roppongi Hills Bon Odori is a summer tradition of Roppongi, where you can dance the original "Rokuhimon Onto" around a special yagura in Roppongi Hills. Young and old men and women in yukata fill the venue and dance to the event, and the summer night swells.

Roppongi Hills Bon Odori is held on the same day as the Azabu Jubanno Suzu Festival. In fact, Roppongi Hills is very close to the venue of the Azabu Juban-no-Suzu Festival, and when you walk while enjoying the festival, you can feel that the venue is connected to nature. First of all, the course which goes to the hall of Roppongi Hills Bon Dance, and then walks to azabu juban suzu matsuri is full of atmosphere of the night festival as you walk along the street lined with lanterns. While you can hear the music, you will feel like you are enjoying the summer festival while enjoying the stalls.

Roppongi Hills Bon Odori will hold a eve festival on Friday 23rd the day before bon odori. In the Middle Ages, "Taraku", which had disappeared while dominating the issei around the capital of Kyoto, incorporated traditional performing arts and music from various parts of Japan, waltz and samba western rhythms and created a creative work called "Otaraku". It is attention to the performance of "Rakugeki Roppongi Raku" full of dynamism arranged in the Original Roppongi Hills. "Rakugeki Roppongi Raku" is a powerful performing arts performance in which kyogen artist Mannojo Nomura arranged the music dance drama "Otaraku" that revived the traditional Japanese festival in a modern style. About 150 dancers, including people living in Roppongi Hills, people who live in The Hills, and elementary, junior high and high school students in the neighborhood, practice for about a month and a half.

24th (Sat), 25 (Sun) is two days to enjoy plenty of Japanese performing arts and bon dance! In Bon Odori, in addition to the classic Tokyo onto and fireworks ontohead, everyone surrounds The Yagura at Roppongi Hills Arena in accordance with the original Bon Dance song "Rokuhimon onto".

During the event, workshops and special programs will be held on Roppongi Keyakizaka Street. The city is bustling with play stalls such as ring-throwing, shooting, and face-to-face, which both adults and children can enjoy. The Bon Odori of Roppongi Hills, which is attended by about 60,000 people every year, has become a springing let's take over as an event that colors the summer in the center of tokyo.

In addition, the popular bon odori original street and Keyakizaka Gourmet Street, which is popular every year, features restaurants in Roppongi Hills and special street stalls at roppongi hills' representative stores and facilities such as Grand Hyatt Tokyo. There are a lot of gourmet savoury tastes at a reasonable price.

On the day, only people wearing yukata or Jinbei will be held, and the roppongi hills observatory Tokyo City View rooftop sky deck will be free of charge (usually 500 yen for adults and 300 yen for children). Bon Dance in Roppongi Hills, where you can enjoy the festival throughout the city. Why don't you enjoy the summer festival in Roppongi Hills this year?
【Period】August 23, 2019 (Fri)Eve Festival
17:00-21:00 Sun Stalls 19:00-20:00 Rakugeki Roppongi Music

24th (Sat) and 25 (Sun)
15:00-21:00 Sun Stalls
17:00-20:00 Bon Dance
【Venue】Roppongi Hills
【Expected number of mobilizations】Approximately 10,000
【Sponsor】Mori Building Co., Ltd. *Bon Dance will not be held on Friday 23rd because of the eve festival.
The stalls are only available at Roppongi Hills Arena.
*Rain and rain
※There is a case to be canceled and the time change at rough weather. *The contents of all programs may be changed or discontinued without prior notice due to the weather and general circumstances on the day of the program.

Zojoji Parenting Site Kura Son Bon Dance Tournament

The memories of the nostalgic and sweet summer festival that everyone surely has.
Every year, there is a bon dance competition held at Zojoji Temple, which is full of emotions reminiscent of the memories of my childhood when I first entered the bon dance circle and tried to dance. This year's 41st bon dance competition, The Zojoji Parenting Ground, is held for the 41st time. A large yagura is built in front of the main shrine of the temple, and a lot of people dance bon dances under the lanterns that surround it.

(Zojoji Collection)

The Bon Odori of Zojo-ji Temple is a total of 10 bon dance songs by a group of volunteers, and let's put the power to add new songs every year. The lively bon dance tunes that feel summer liven up the festival.

Even if you've never danced bon dance, you can always see the role model that the teacher dances on the tower, so anyone can participate with peace of mind. The joy of dancing with everyone riding bon dance tunes while being blown by the night breeze has the charm that makes you want to dance again every summer.

(Zojoji Collection)

In the middle of the festival, there is a distribution of fireworks on hand that children are delighted with every year. At night lit by lanterns, the fireworks enjoyed by everyone in the temple grounds are full of summer atmosphere.
The type of fireworks is prepared a lot from incense fireworks to the hand-held fireworks of the stick shape, and it is reliable because i can choose it according to the age of the child. In addition, a lottery will be held at the end of the festival. It is a lottery where a luxury prize such as a ticket of the resort and a meal ticket is won. Please look forward to what will be the case this year.

(Zojoji Collection)

Zojoji Parenting Site Sai-son Bon Odori Competition is held for two days on Friday, July 26 and Saturday, July 27, and on Friday nights are served by office workers and couples on their way home from work, and on Saturdays they are joined by family friends. It is a festival of the spot where a lot of people can enjoy it to enjoy the bon dance and fireworks, and it is good to drink leisurely while watching Tokyo Tower and bon dance. Why don't you go to the temple bon dance this year to feel the summer of Japan with a sense of unity of bon dance?
【Period】July 26 (Fri) - July 27 (Sat)*We will not extend the period when it rains.
17:30 Jizo Son of Law (first day only)
18:00-21:00 Bon Dance
【Venue】Zojoji Daiden-mae Square 【Sponsor】Ohmotoyama Moveriji Temple, Konaka Federation, Morikai

Shimbashi Koichi Festival

The Shimbashi Koichi Festival attracts people who live, work people, and people who play in Shimbashi. It will be held on two weekdays on Thursday, July 25 and Friday, July 26. It is loved by people who usually gather in Shimbashi, and this is the 24th festival. The number of people is increasing every year as a festival that everyone can enjoy, mainly in the three venues around SL Plaza, The New Shimbashi Building, and Sakurada Park. Bon Dance, where everyone dances in a circle of many weights, is a spectacular scale. There are plenty of stalls and beer gardens around, and it's sure to be the best drink on your way home from work!

The bon dance is filled with local volunteers who take the sound head and liven up the dance.
It is in case of The Shimbashi Koichi Festival that it becomes a very lively bon dance from the yukata appearance to the suit appearance because the people who gather in Shimbashi including the salaried man and the office worker who works in Shimbashi participate in each jump. In addition, bon dance on Yanagi-dori will be held throughout the two days this year. Because you can dance casually in the street, this is also very popular.

Another main event of the Koichi Festival is the Yukata Beauty Contest. Ten cool Yukata beauties who passed the preliminary round will be on the special stage based on the criteria for judging such as "yukata looks good", "dressing in your own way", and "those who can have a love for Shimbashi". The Grand Prix is decided by the final examination such as the show of dress In addition, various programs such as the concert and the dance are held in the special stage. It is a festival rooted in a very friendly town that everyone who gathers in Shimbashi can enjoy.
Period: July 25 (Thu) - July 26 (Fri), 2019 12:00-21:00
【Venue】Sakurada Park, Around The New Shimbashi Building
【Time held by venue】
 Sl Square in front of Shimbashi Station
Venue (Stage/Store) 12:00-21:00
Sakurada Venue (Bon Odori/ Opening) 15:00-21:00
・Karasumori-dori and Yanagi-dori (Unrelated days, traditional play) 15:00-20:30
・Terrace (Beer Garden) 17:00-21:00 on the 4th floor of The New Shimbashi Building
【Expected number of mobilizations】Approximately 1,000,000 【Sponsor】Shimbashi District 12 Shop Association
There are many other summer festivals to be held!

Town Gurumi Mita No Ryo Carnival

10th Shirokane Awa Odori

2019 Four Bridges Summer Festival

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