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Look out over a sparkling Tokyo! Featuring inspiring Minato-ku night view spots

From skyscrapers to the bay area, the beauty of the sparkling Tokyo night view will captivate you. Have you ever visited a Tokyo observation deck? There are many famous night view spots in Minato-ku that overlook 360 degrees of Tokyo. We will introduce observation decks from which you can see impressive night views along with sightseeing spots that can be visited simultaneously! Come and visit Minato-ku to catch the fascinating night views.

Tokyo Tower - A long-loved sparkling Tokyo seen from Minato-ku

The irreplaceable Tokyo symbol Tokyo Tower is also a symbol of Minato-ku. This tower has long been loved by many as a symbol of rapid post-war growth. First, to the 150 meter high main deck. Upon getting off the elevator, you can see through many large windows the Tokyo night view spreading out before you.


The view is beautiful from all directions, but in one part, a nightscape shaped like the Tokyo Tower suddenly appears. This is actually from car lights on the ground that look like the Tokyo Tower. Experience the strange feeling of seeing the Tokyo Tower from inside the Tokyo Tower. It is known as the "second Tokyo Tower." Please check it out if you visit the main deck.

In addition, events are held regularly on the main deck. Each year, the Milky Way Illumination and 3D projection mapping TOKYO TOWER CITY LIGHT FANTASIA are popular summer features of Minato-ku.


In the Milky Way Illumination, with two-color blue and white LED bulbs on the main ceiling to represent the summer night sky, big shooting stars fly through the sparkling Altair and Vega stars.


The 3D projection mapping has a powerful impact when layered over the night view. A wondrous Japanese landscape overlaps the summer night sky.


After fully enjoying the main deck, head to the 250 meter high top deck!
The top deck was reopened on March 3rd, 2018. You will be welcomed by a special deck full of sparkle as the night view is reflected by the geometric observation deck.


The top deck has geometric glass that reflects the twinkling neon lights from the skyscrapers seen from the observation deck. It is a wondrous space that makes you feel like you're in the sky, and many people stay for hours without even realizing it!


The top deck has geometric glass that reflects the twinkling neon lights from the skyscrapers seen from the observation deck. It is a wondrous space that makes you feel like you're in the sky, and many people stay for hours without even realizing it!


The top deck can only be visited by those in the experiential viewing Top Deck Tour. The evening to nighttime is especially popular, so it is recommended to book in advance.


For memories of the night view, head to the Tokyo Tower goods section, with items such as mineral water with a cutely shaped water bottle and a 366 days strap. You are sure to find many items that are perfect for souvenirs.

[Opening hours] Main Deck (150m) 9:00 - 23:00 [last entrance 22:30]
Top Deck Tour (150m+250m) 9:00 - 22:45 [last entrance 22:00 - 22:15]
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Click here for detailed information about Tokyo Tower
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Roppongi Hills Observatory Tokyo City View - Picturesque scenery from the heights of Roppongi Hills, a Minato-ku must-see

The Roppongi Hills Observatory, Tokyo City View has an open air observation deck in addition to the indoor one, and it boasts the highest rooftop sky deck in Kanto.

Because the 11 meter high indoor observation deck is an atrium, the night view expands before your eyes on an overwhelming scale!

The night view from the Tokyo City View indoor observation deck is recommended at dusk. The Tokyo Tower lights are illuminated as the sun sets and the surrounding buildings are gradually lit up.

In the summer, this observation deck enables you to look down at the Tokyo area firework displays. Exhibitions and events are held throughout the year on the indoor observation deck, and there are always plenty of new attractions. The observation deck exhibitions, such as projection mapping on a large window that blends the scenery and the display, are also popular!

At the Restaurant THE MOON, you can enjoy French food with Japanese elements on the same floor as the observation deck. It is a special place where you can have a meal while simultaneously viewing the Tokyo Tower and Sky Tree. There is also a bar counter adjacent at THE MOON Lounge that is open late where you can enjoy seasonal cocktails and the night view following an observation deck date or dinner.

Furthermore, if you go up to the rooftop sky deck where you can feel the wind, Tokyo landmarks such as the Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree appear before your eyes. In the bay area are the Tokyo Gate Bridge, Rainbow Bridge, and a Ferris wheel. On the opposite side is the New National Stadium. In the Shibuya area, you can overlook the stunning Tokyo with a line of red and white lights from cars driving on the Shuto Expressway!

It is a special spot where you can spend time leisurely viewing the transitioning scenery while listening to romantic background music that changes seasonally.

At the sky deck, the Roppongi Astronomial Club holds a Starry Sky Viewing Party with commentary from an astronomy expert on the fourth Friday of each month. The Roppongi Astronomical Club sponsored by Tokyo City View will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year with its hugely popular events attended by a total of 140,000 people.

In addition, starry sky commentary seminars by Star Sommeliers, special observation events held in conjunction with the celestial events of the four seasons, and kids workshops will also be held. From 2019, there are explanations each month in various languages for international visitors.

Uchikan (Center Atrium) (C) Mori Art Museum

International contemporary art museum Mori Art Museum is also a recommended spot. The museum is open until 22:00 except on Tuesdays, and it is known for its unique art, architecture, and design exhibitions. You can enter with the same ticket from the Tokyo City View observation deck, so it is recommended to take your time there after visiting the observation deck.
Roppongi Hills is a popular complex commercial facility in Tokyo that includes gourmet dining, shopping, and art museums in addition to the observation deck. You can experience the sophisticated Minato-ku in each of these spots. Visit and experience the beautiful night view and gourmet dining.
・Tokyo City View
[Opening hours] Weekdays and holidays 10:00 - 23:00 (last entry 22:30). Fri, Sat, and the day before holidays 10:00 - 25:00 (last entry 24:00)

The rooftop sky deck is open from 10:00 - 20:00 (last entry 19:30) *Closed during storms and high temperatures *Some days excluded (*Hours extended to 22:00 from 7/13 (Sat) - 8/25 (Sun) in 2019)

・Mori Art Museum
[Opening hours] Mon, Wed to Sun 10:00 - 22:00 (last entry 21:30) Tue 10:00 - 17:00 (last entry 16:30)
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Caretta Shiodome Sky View - Minatu-ku bay area night view overlooking the sparkling blue ocean

Free viewing space on the Caretta Shiodome 46F sky floor Sky View. The main attraction of this viewing space 200 meters above ground is the beautiful view of the expansive bay area!

The combination of the beautiful blue Tokyo Bay that spreads out below and the Odaiba, Tsukiji, and Toyosu area skyscrapers show a varied scene that feels like new Tokyo.

In the post-sunset blue hour sky, the bay area is surrounded by the city lights and begins to sparkle. The vast sight of the illuminated Odaiba Rainbow Bridge and beautiful lights of the Ginza and Toyosu area skyscrapers is very wondrous.

The night view reflected on the surface of the Tokyo Bay and the sight of the Yurikamome line train going back and forth is a unique view of the Minato-ku Shiodome area.

Caretta Shiodome is a complex commercial facility with about 60 restaurants and shops as well as cultural institutions such as the Dentsu Shiki Theatre, UMI.

The Ad Museum Tokyo, which opened in 2002 and has had over two million visitors, is an advertising museum unlike any other. There are permanent exhibitions in which you can see the history of advertising in Japan and project exhibitions in which various international advertising awards and museum-specific special projects are displayed. It is open until 18:00, so you can visit before enjoying the observation deck.

Between November and February, the Caretta Illumination takes place, with about 500,000 visitors each year. It captivates the Shiodome area visitors.

Caretta Illumination 2018 details

[Opening hours] 11:00 - 23:00
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Aqua City Odaiba Deck Terrace - Tokyo Bay and sparkling Rainbow Bridge overlooking Minato-ku Odaiba

Located beside the Odaiba Seaside Park, Aqua City Odaiba is a large complex shopping center in an amazing location that goes over the Statue of Liberty and Rainbow Bridge and overlooks the city. Even within the bay area of Tokyo, it is a nightscape spot with a great view of the Rainbow Bridge.

The seaside deck that extends for about 200 meters is adorned with objects spelling "LOVE" and "KISS," and is very popular as an Odaiba photo spot. "LOVE" is located near the Statue of Liberty and "KISS" is in front of the Rainbow Bridge, so you can take photos that are perfect memories. There is a special fence next to "KISS" where you can purchase and attach a "LOVE & HAPPY PADLOCK," making it popular for couples.

There are many restaurants on the seaside, and you can enjoy delicious gourmet food while gazing at the beautiful Tokyo Bay night view with the illuminated Statue of Liberty, Rainbow Bridge, and houseboats floating in the sea. Some stores include terrace seating. You can spend blissful moments in the spacious atmosphere as the night breeze blows around you.

The Aqua City Odaiba Shrine, located in the same facility, is actually one of the ten largest shrines in Tokyo and a branch shrine of the Shiba-Daijingu Shrine, long known as the "Oise-sama of Kanto." Just behind the shrine is the Fuji TV Building, beside it is a night view of the Tokyo Bay, and it is a little-known spot where you can enjoy the view of the shrine and the night scenery together.

Aqua City Odaiba includes a shopping zone with about 70 primarily casual fashion stores, the largest gourmet dining zone in the Tokyo Bay area, and large-scale cinema complex. You can visit many fun spots along with a night view of the bay area.
[Opening hours] Retail stores 11:00 - 21:00 Restaurants 11:00 - 23:00 (food court until 21:00, some restaurants until 4:30 the next day)
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The Minato-ku observation decks all have various characteristics and feature a magnificent night view full of inspiring sightseeing spots. You are sure to create special memories when you come by and visit.

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