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"19th Minato Ward Travel Photo Contest 2021" Is Here Again This Year! Introduction to Some Popular Photo Spots in Minato Ward, Tokyo and Past Awards

The Minato Travel & Tourism Association will hold its "19th Minato Ward Travel Photo Contest 2021" this year. During the entry period from November 1st, 2021 to January 31st, 2022, anyone can submit photos that introduce tourism and rediscover attractive spots of the city. The contest is divided into three. They are the camera division, smartphone division, and the photo contest Koshien which is for junior high/high school students. You don't have to live, work, or study at Minato Ward to enter. Other entry conditions and prizes can be seen on the entry page below that says "Click here for entry and details". In this article, we will show you information on recommended photo spots in Minato Ward, also with some awarded works from last year's 18th contest.
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A scenic view with the Tokyo Tower There are as many favorite sceneries as there are people

Every year, many of the photos submitted are around the Tokyo Tower. It is one of the most famous spots in Minato Ward as there are many expressions depending on which direction you take pictures from. It is a popular spot for photograph fans.

Other famous spots are Shiba-koen, Zojoji Temple, the pedestrian bridge of Mita… However, after years of change of the city's scenery, Tokyo Tower always shows us new scenic views. We recommend you rent a share-bicycle and look for your favorite view.

18th Minato Ward Travel Photo Contest Area Award (Shiba/Mita) After the Evening Rain Toshihiro Danzuka

18th Minato Ward Travel Photo Contest Judges' Special Award (Minato Retro Award) Which One Is the Real Tokyo Tower? Mikiko Sakamoto

By the way, Shiba-koen is holding its annual "Christmas Garden" from early December. It would also be great to take a photo of this limited-time event until Christmas day.

Takanawa Gateway Station, the new station that shines bright day and night and is still evolving to this day

Takanawa Gateway Station opened in 2020 as a new station on the Yamanote Line, the last new station dating back 49 years. The 30th station of the line is designed by Kengo Kuma, one of the most prominent architects in Japan. The facilities around the station is still in renovation, but the station building itself lets a lot of light shine through and is a piece of art itself. The view of the city can be seen from the building as well. The roof is inspired by origami, and the glass-covered structure is always shining, day and night.

At certain times, planes that arrive at Haneda Airport fly above the station. You may be able to take a picture with planes, trains, and cars all in one frame!

18th Minato Ward Travel Photo Contest Bronze Award Takanawa Gateway in the Sunset Ryo Sasaki

The new station still in development is a great place to capture a view on camera.

Arisugawa-no-miya Memorial Park, a harmony of history and nature of Azabu

Arisugawa-no-miya Memorial Park was formerly a mansion of the Morioka-han in the Edo period and an estate of the Imperial Family in the Meiji to Showa era. The park still retains its natural landscape and shows the four seasons. Even though it is located in the center of the city, it has a waterfall, a pond, and streams.

Another great thing about the park is that there is always activity by people who live close by. Some sit on the benches, reading a book, and children play after school. The scenes of people relaxing in the park create a flavorful scene. The koi fish swimming in the pond is another popular motif.

18th Minato Ward Travel Photo Contest Area Award (Azabu/Roppongi) Feeling Autumn Makoto Honda

The park also has the Tokyo Municipal Central Library, which has a scenic café. It is worth a visit.

The scenery around Takeshiba, a new view around every corner

Takeshiba is the up-and-coming spot from its redevelopment and new facilities. Tokyo Port City Takeshiba has the skip terrace "Takeshiba Shinhakkei", where you can see a view of the Takeshiba Wharf and Hamasakibashi Junction. Views from Waters Takeshiba are seamless from the waterfront. There are many new discoveries since it is a newly redeveloped part of the city.

The Takeshiba Ship Terminal is another recommended photo spot. It is where many large cruise ships stop to let passengers on and off. The silhouette of the ship with the Rainbow Bridge in the background is a unique view that only Minato Ward, a seaside town, can shoe.

Also, you can walk along the sea to Hinode and Shibaura to find your best photo spot. The loop bridge of the Rainbow Bridge is a powerful night scenery spot.

Odaiba Marine Park, the "Beach of Minato Ward" which also became an Olympics venue

Odaiba Marine Park became known this year as the venue of the triathlon and open water swimming of the Tokyo Olympics. It is a popular sunset photo spot.

There is also a beach called "Odaiba Beach", and when the sun is up, there is a "tropical" atmosphere. However, when the sun starts to set, the Rainbow Bridge lights up and the night view becomes melancholic.

18th Minato Ward Travel Photo Contest Koshien Division 2nd Place Waiting Ayano Kouchiwa

Also, at the Seaside Terrace of Tokyo DECKS Beach, the "YAKEI" illumination, centered around a 20-meter tree, is held all year. Why not take a picture of what you think of Odaiba, whether it's a nostalgic scene or a romantic scene?

These are the 5 recommended spots. Please send us your best photo of Minato Ward, Tokyo that you want to share. You can always refer to this article. You can also enter with smartphone photos. We're waiting for your photos!
"19th Minato Ward Travel Photo Contest 2021"

Click here to enter the Camera/Smartphone Divisions

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Former awarded works of the "Minato Ward Photo Contest" are listed here

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