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Check out the famous cherry blossom spots in Minato-ku, Tokyo! How to see cherry blossoms in style in the city center

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Minato Ward has many famous cherry blossom viewing spots where you can see cherry blossoms in style. You can enjoy cherry blossoms in the historic park or watch it on the terrace of a fashionable restaurant! This time, we will introduce recommended points and cherry blossom viewing gourmet information for each famous cherry blossom spot in the city center.

An oasis near the station and in the city "Former Shiba Rikyu Onshi Garden"

Located just off Hamamatsucho Station, the former Shiba Rikyu Garden is one of the daimyō gardens built in the early Edo period. It is a beautiful strolling spring water garden with gardens and stones arranged around the pond, and the cherry blossoms also shine well in the water scenery. About 34 cherry trees are planted on the baba on the east side of the garden. Flowering in 2023 is expected around March 18, and full bloom is expected in late March. From the opposite bank of Baba, the cherry blossoms as a distant view are splendid. Under Tokyo Tower and skyscrapers, you can enjoy the elegant blooming in the garden.

In the lawn plaza in the southwest corner, you can sit down and see the flowers, so you can spread out your leisure sheets and relax. You can also bring your own lunch and drinks. Let's enjoy the wonderful collaboration between Daimyo Garden and cherry blossoms. After the Somei Yoshino cherry blossoms are over, a rare cherry blossom with a green flower called "Mii Yellow" blooms. In April, it is a good idea to go see the cool colors of the cherry blossoms.
*Lawns other than lawn plazas are not allowed.

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