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Check out the best cherry blossom viewing spots in Minato Ward, Tokyo! How to view cherry blossoms in style in central Tokyoto look at flowers in style in the city center

Minato-ku has many cherry blossom viewing spots where you can enjoy cherry blossoms in style. You can enjoy cherry blossoms in a historic park or on the terrace of a stylish restaurant! In this issue, we will introduce our recommendations and hanami gourmet information for each of these cherry blossom viewing spots in the heart of Tokyo.

Kyushibarikyu Gardens, an urban oasis near the station

The Kyu Shiba Rikyu Gardens, located near Hamamatsucho Station, is one of the feudal lords' gardens created in the early Edo period. It is a beautiful kaiyushiki fountain garden with a pond at its center, and the cherry blossoms look beautiful against the water. The cherry trees are planted in the stable on the east side of the garden, and the expected bloom time for 2023 is around March 18, with full bloom in late March. From the opposite bank of the stable, the cherry blossoms as a distant view are magnificent. Visitors can enjoy the elegant blooms in the garden under the Tokyo Tower and skyscrapers.Tower and skyscrapers, you can enjoy the elegantly blooming garden.

You can also bring your own lunch boxes and beverages. Enjoy the splendid collaboration of the Daimyo Garden and cherry blossoms. After the Someiyoshino cherry trees have finished blooming, a rare green-colored cherry tree called "Goyo-Yoshino" blooms, and you may want to visit in April to see its cooler hues.
*No access to lawns other than the lawn area.

Aoyama Cemetery" where you can enjoy the arch of cherry blossoms

Located behind the office district of Aoyama, Aoyama Cemetery is a metropolitan cemetery established in 1874. Despite its location in the heart of the city, the 26-hectare site is lush with greenery, making it easy to forget that you are in the city. The park also contains the graves of famous people such as Toshimichi Okubo and Hayato Ikeda, as well as those of foreign nationals.

Aoyama Cemetery is also famous for its more than 300 cherry trees. One road stretching from Aoyama to Nishiazabu is lined on both sides with cherry tree-lined avenues, and when the cherry trees are in full bloom, it looks like a beautiful archway of cherry blossoms. There are cherry trees all over the park, but this is the best place to take pictures. Although this is a famous cherry blossom viewing spot, you are not allowed to spread out leisure seats for eating and drinking; just forget about the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the cherry blossoms while strolling quietly.

Little Darling Coffee Roasters

"HAMBURGER" 1,650 yen (tax included)

After viewing cherry blossoms at Aoyama Cemetery, it is recommended to stop by the nearby Little Darling Coffee Roasters. This is located across the road from Aoyama Cemetery and is a place for relaxation. There is a terrace and a lawn area on the grounds, so you can buy food and drinks at the cafe and have a picnic.

This time of year, the original ""HOPPING SHOWER"" coffee blend is available only in spring. Based on Colombia, it has the gorgeousness of elderflower, bright acidity reminiscent of apple, and soft candy-like sweetness. You can enjoy its smooth texture with a hint of thickening. The culinary menu offers a menu of one-handed hot dogs and hamburgers. It will be fun to scarf down the hearty menu under the sky.
*Sutra may be read during the higan season. Please do not speak loudly.
*Please take your garbage with you.
*Please be careful when taking pictures, as many visitors come to the park by car.
Little Darling Coffee Roasters
Address: 1-12-32 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku
Phone number: 03-6438-9844
Business hours: 10:00-19:00 (LO 18:30), open irregular holidays

Roppongi Hills" is also looking forward to being lit up.

Roppongi Hills is a cherry blossom viewing spot featuring the Mori Garden and the cherry blossoms on Roppongi Sakura-zaka. Mori Garden is a Japanese garden with a circular path around Mori Pond. There are seven Someiyoshino, one Maihime, one Yokou, and one Yamazakura cherry tree, and visitors can enjoy the cherry blossoms while listening to a waterfall and the murmuring of the river. There are 75 Someiyoshino cherry trees on Roppongi Sakura-zaka, a 400-meter-long row of cherry trees. They have grown magnificently in the 20 years since Roppongi Hills opened. Roppongi Sakura-zaka becomes a cherry-blossom-colored landscape as it covers the road. The expected bloom date for Roppongi Hills is March 20, and the expected full bloom date is March 25. Mori Garden and Roppongi Sakura-zaka will be illuminated at night during the blooming period from late March to mid-April. The fantastic nighttime cherry blossoms dancing in the urban night is another thing to look forward to.

Terrace seats at "Mohri Salvatore Cuomo"

Chinese Restaurant Golden Tiger bamboo shoots and stir-fried beef with black pepper (500 yen, tax included)

There are several places to enjoy hanami in a relaxed atmosphere at restaurants in Roppongi Hills. From March 31 to April 2, "Roppongi Hills Spring Festival 2023" will be held at "Mouri Salvatore Cuomo" where you can enjoy a meal while viewing the cherry blossoms in Mouri Garden from the terrace. Gourmet food stalls by restaurants and hotels will be featured. This year, visitors can enjoy a limited menu featuring bamboo shoots, which bring good luck, as well as original menus featuring the specialties of each restaurant. Enjoy the cherry blossoms and seasonal ingredients to your heart's content.
Lighting hours 17:30-23:00 (Roppongi Sakura-zaka -22:30)

Limited outdoor lounge to appear in "Tokyo Midtown

Tokyo Midtown is home to approximately 100 cherry trees, including 40 cherry trees inherited from the former Defense Agency. The "Spring Walkway" on the Nogizaka side of the street is lined with cherry trees, making it a perfect place to stroll and take scenic photos. In addition to cherry blossoms, the Midtown Garden is also naturally alive with spring flowers and plants. The cherry blossoms in Tokyo Midtown are expected to bloom on March 22 and be in full bloom a week later.

In the outdoor lounge, you can enjoy the gorgeous menu and original cocktails of Hotel The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo.

Lounge set included in the seat fee for special seats (7,000 yen, tax included). Set of 2 drinks, 2 snacks and 3 sweets

THE SINGLETON BLOSSOM LOUNGE, an outdoor lounge, will be available in Midtown Garden from March 15 to April 16. About 100 seats will be available under the cherry trees, with a full range of seating options to choose from depending on the scene of use. A menu and cocktails created by The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo will be available. Heater and blankets are provided to protect you from the cold even outdoors. Enjoy a spectacular time.

Prince Hotel in Takanawa area" where you can enjoy 17 kinds of cherry blossoms in the Japanese garden.

From March 17 to April 9, the "SAKURA View Stay" plan is now available.

Surrounding the Japanese garden in the Takanawa area are three hotels and one ryokan: The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo, Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa, Takanawa Hanakaji, and Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa. In the 20,000 m2 Japanese garden, approximately 210 cherry trees of 17 varieties bloom at the right time of year. Kawazu-zakura, the earliest blooming cherry tree, is at its best in February, followed by Someiyoshino, which blooms from mid to late March and is at its best in sequence, Yamazakura in early April, and Sekiyama in late April, providing a three-month cherry blossom feast for the eyes.

Pier seats at "Teppanyaki Shabu-shabu Steakhouse Katsura"

You can stroll through the garden on foot, but you can also view the picturesque cherry blossoms from the guest rooms and lounge. Since you can view the cherry blossoms from your guest room in a private space, we offer a variety of cherry blossom stay plans for this time of year. The restaurant also offers plans to enjoy the taste of spring. In the Japanese garden, the contrast of the cherry blossoms with Kannondo, the bell tower, and the gate, all of which are designated as tangible cultural properties by Minato City, is wonderful. At night, you can enjoy the illuminated nighttime cherry blossoms.

Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa 1F Lounge Komei's "Hannari Small Box" (11,000 yen, tax included)

The hotel's restaurants offer courses and menus inspired by spring and cherry blossoms that are unique to this time of year. At Lounge Komyo on the first floor of the Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa, adjacent to the Japanese Garden, we recommend the "Hanrin Kobako" course, which can be enjoyed with large window seats, and the "Yae" course at Teppanyaki Shabu Shabu Steak House Katsura, which has plank seats. Other restaurants and bars also offer elaborate menus. You will be able to enjoy the cherry blossoms and delicious food in a luxurious and elegant atmosphere.
The cherry blossom viewing spots in Minato Ward were all sophisticated and gorgeous. Rather than being lively and noisy, they are perfect for spending time in style. This year, take advantage of the plans provided by the parks and facilities to enjoy the cherry blossoms in the heart of the city.

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