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【Video article】Screaming experience in the symbol of Tokyo! Try "Tokyo Tower Bungy VR"

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Three, two, one. ...... Bungy! is a popular activity that can be enjoyed throughout Japan. However, bungee jumping is mostly available at amusement parks and in mountain canyons, and it is nearly impossible to jump from towering structures in the city. The only way to bungee jump from skyscrapers and high-rise towers is to go abroad.
However, you can now experience bungee jumping in Japan, right in the middle of Tokyo! The Tokyo Tower Bungy VR, a new sensory attraction using virtual reality (VR), started in April 2021 and is held every Saturday, Sunday, and holiday on the main deck of the Tokyo Tower, the symbol of Tokyo. On the days when the event is held, the ""Tokyo Tower Bungee VR"" attracts a large number of visitors, from children to adults.

Simulation of bungy on the main deck with a view of the Tokyo cityscape

The 333-meter-high Tokyo Tower is a powerful sight even when viewed from directly below. The Tokyo Tower Bungee VR is held on the main deck of the observatory, so first purchase an admission ticket and go up to the main deck. Please note that there is a separate fee to experience the Tokyo Tower Bungee VR.

From the lobby on the 1st floor where the ticket counter is located, take the elevator directly to the observation deck to the main deck, which is 150 meters high. It takes only 45 seconds. You will be there in no time.

The Tokyo cityscape below. Take a tour around the main deck and enjoy the view of Tokyo as you build up your voltage!

You can simulate a bungee jump with the famous "Skywalk Window" looking directly below the main deck. If you think "I can't do that" here, perhaps you should stop.

Tokyo Tower Bungy VR" is being held at a corner of the 1st floor of the Main Deck. The experience is available only to those who are over 7 years old and under 190 cm. The weight is limited to 100 kg or less. There are other precautions, so be sure to check the official website well in advance.

A realistic feeling close to the real thing! Experience virtual bungee jumping!

After registering, follow the operator's instructions and lie face down on the special experience device. In addition, you will be fitted with VR goggles. Anticipation and anxiety are rising. From the outside, however, it is difficult to see what you are doing.

Projected on the VR goggles is an elaborate 3D virtual scenery that reproduces the view of the city center from Tokyo Tower. The main deck is 150m high, but the 3D virtual scenery is from the 250m top deck. In other words, ""Tokyo Tower Bungy VR"" allows you to experience a bungy experience from the 250m portion of Tokyo Tower. The highest real bungee jump in Japan is the Gifu Bungee at 215 m. Even though it is virtual, it is still higher than the highest bungee jump in Japan. ......

And finally, the moment of tension. To jump off, you automatically move forward step by step. If you can afford it, enjoy the realistic 360-degree view of Tokyo that could be mistaken for the real thing. If you turn around, you can even see the virtual Tokyo Tower.

Then, it's time to go bungee! The operator spins a special device in time with the video, which turns you upside down and makes you feel like you are in a real bungee. It is exhilarating! The visuals show you falling from 250 meters above the ground, just barely touching the ground. When you finish, you are rewarded with a shout of "Nice bungee! When you finish, you will be rewarded with a shout of "Nice bungee!

It takes about 4 minutes. Upon completion of the experience, visitors receive a "Certificate of Bungy Jumping Courage. According to Tetsuya Nonomura of Logiricity, the company that plans and operates "Tokyo Tower Bungy VR," many of the visitors have never experienced a real bungy jump, and some of them even give up halfway through because it is so realistic. In fact, Mr. Nonomura is such a bungee enthusiast that he has experienced bungee jumping in Japan and abroad, and has even appeared as a presenter on "Matsuko no Shiranai Sekai" (The World That Matsuko Doesn't Know). The "Tokyo Tower Bungy VR," developed by such a bungy enthusiast, has been well received by customers who have experienced real bungy jumps, saying, "It's just like the real thing! and it has been well received by customers who have experienced a real bungee.

On the day of the event, about 100 customers, young and old, experienced "Tokyo Tower Bungee VR" every day. Mr. Nonomura, a visitor of elementary school age said, "It was fun. I want to do it again! Nonomura couldn't help but smile when she heard a visitor of elementary school age say, "That was fun. It seems that the number of visitors from overseas has been increasing recently.
Tokyo Tower Bungy VR"" is a new type of attraction that is recommended for those who have experienced the real Bungy, as well as those who have not. You can apply on the day of your visit, but advance reservations are recommended to ensure your ""flying"" experience. For more detailed information and contact details, please refer to the official website below. The realistic bungee experience will be a memory you will cherish for a lifetime!

Tokyo Tower Bungy VR

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