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【Video article】A screaming experience with a symbol of Tokyo! Challenge "Tokyo Tower Bungee VR"

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「3、2、1...... Bungee!" Bungee jumping, in which you throw yourself into the air with a shout, is a popular activity that can be enjoyed all over the country. However, bungee jumping can be experienced in most amusement parks and mountain valleys, and it is almost impossible to jump off towering buildings in the city. To bungee from skyscrapers and skyscrapers, you have no choice but to go abroad.
However, in the Japan, right in the middle of Tokyo, you can experience bungee jumping! That is the new attraction "Tokyo Tower Bungee VR" using VR (virtual reality). This event, which started in April 2021, is held every Saturday, Sunday, and holiday on the main deck of Tokyo Tower, which is also a symbol of Tokyo. From children to adults, we have taken on the challenge of "Tokyo Tower Bungee VR" with many people coming to the event on the day of the event.

Gaze at the Tokyo skyline on the main deck and simulate bungees

Tokyo Tower, which is 333 meters high, is impressive even when viewed from below. "Tokyo Tower Bungee VR" is held on the main deck of the observatory, so first buy an admission ticket and go up to the main deck. Please note that if you want to experience "Tokyo Tower Bungy VR", you will be charged separately.

From the lobby on the first floor, where the ticket counter is located, take the elevator directly to the observation deck to the 150-meter-high main deck. The journey takes 45 seconds. We arrived in no time.

Below you can see the cityscape of Tokyo. Let's go around the main deck and take in the scenery of Tokyo while increasing the voltage!

Take a peek directly under the main deck at the famous Skywalk Window and simulate bungee jumping. If you think it's impossible here, maybe you should stop.

"Tokyo Tower Bungee VR" is being held in a corner of the first floor of the main deck. You must be 7 years old or older, and under 190 cm. It is limited to people weighing no more than 100 kg. There are other precautions, so be sure to check the official website in advance.

A realistic feeling close to the real thing! Experience virtual bungee jumping!

After completing the reception, follow the operator's instructions and lie face down on the dedicated experience device. In addition, VR goggles are attached. Expectations and anxiety are heightened. However, from the sidelines, I don't really know what they are doing.

The VR goggles project an elaborate 3D virtual landscape that reproduces the view of the city center from Tokyo Tower. The height of the main deck is 150m, but the 3D virtual scenery is from the top deck at 250m. In other words, "Tokyo Tower Bungee VR" allows you to experience bungee from the 250m part of Tokyo Tower. The tallest real bungee jump in the Japan is the Gifu Bungee at 215m. Even though it is virtual, what is the height above Japan?

Finally, there was a moment of tension. It automatically moves forward one step at a time to jump off. If you can afford it, enjoy the realistic 360-degree view of Tokyo that can be mistaken for the real thing. If you turn around, you will see the virtual Tokyo Tower.

And now it's time to bungee! When the operator rotates the special experience device in time with the video, the body turns upside down, making you feel like a real bungee. This is exhilarating! Vision falls from 250 meters above the ground and passes the ground. When you're finished, you'll be able to work with a shout of "Nice bungee!"

It takes about 4 minutes. At the end of the experience, you will receive a "Bungee Jumping Courage Certificate". According to Tetsuya Nonomura of Rojiricity, who plans and operates "Tokyo Tower Bungee VR," many of the customers have never experienced real bungee jumping, and some of them give up halfway through because of the realism of it. In fact, Mr. Nonomura is such a bungee lover that he has experienced bungee jumping in Japan and abroad and appeared in "Matsuko's Unknown World" as a presenter. The "Tokyo Tower Bungee VR" developed by Bungee Mania has been well received by customers who have experienced a real bungee, saying that it looks like the real thing!

On the day of the event, about 100 people, regardless of age or gender, experience "Tokyo Tower Bungee VR" every day. Mr. Nonomura, an elementary school student-sized customer said, "It was fun, I want to do it again!" When he heard him say that, he couldn't help but smile. Recently, the number of customers from overseas seems to be increasing.
"Tokyo Tower Bungee VR" is a new attraction that can be recommended not only to those who have experienced the real bungee, but also to those who have never experienced it. You can apply on the day, but advance reservations are recommended to ensure that you "fly". For more information and how to contact us, please check the official website below. An authentic bungee experience will be a memory of a lifetime!

《Tokyo Tower Bungee VR》

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