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Japan's Largest Indoor Theme Park! All the ways to enjoy Tokyo Joypolis

Located within Odaiba shopping mall DECKS Tokyo Beach, Tokyo Joypolis, the largest indoor theme park in Japan, celebrated its 27th anniversary on July 7th, 2023. Its greatest feature is an entirely indoor experience that remains temperate, allowing you to enjoy its over 20 attractions whatever the weather. For those making their first visit to Tokyo Joypolis, this article will cover recommended attractions, the most efficient order to go around the park, the most popular merchandise, and more.

Aim for the High Score at the No. 1 Popular Attraction

You'll find the entrance to Tokyo Joypolis located on the third floor of the DECKS Tokyo Beach Seaside Mall. If you want to get the most out of your trip, we recommend getting the unlimited access passport for attractions along with your ticket purchase. However keep in mind that each attraction has its own height and usage limitations, so be sure to thoroughly research beforehand.

Right past the entrance on the 1st Floor of Joypolis you'll be welcomed by 'Halfpipe Tokyo,' boasted as the No. 1 most popular attraction. On this thrill ride 2 guests stand on a board-shaped platform and swing back and forth on a U-shaped, halfpipe like for snowboarding or skateboarding, competing for scores by rotating the board.

When you press the foot pedal when the board reaches the bottom of the halfpipe, the ride will spin. It can rotate a maximum of three times. The more you spin, the more points you get, so aim for a high score by making consecutive spins.

Some people are experts and hit the foot pedal with precision timing, scoring high points.

The exhilaration and thrill of Halfpipe Tokyo gets addictive, but as the headlining attraction of Joypolis, lines are frequent. We recommend trying it out earlier on in your visit along with the coaster attraction 'Gekion Live Coaster,' also on the 1st Floor.

Get absorbed in shooting games and motion rides!

Projection mapping shows are also held on the Main Stage located in the center of the 1st Floor. The view of Gekion Live Coaster gliding right above the stage is powerful.

Snap a commemorative photo with popular mascot character Sonic! This one shows Halloween Sonic dressed up in his black cape and hat.

Next up, on the 2nd Floor is the shooting game ride/theater-based attraction, 'House of the Dead: Red Dawn - THE ATTRACTION.' The experience is like a theme park attraction version of an arcade shooter, so perhaps avid gamers may be able to get a high score?

Using a gun controller, you'll mow down waves of incoming creatures. You won't be able to find this sort of intense realistic atmosphere anywhere else.

Once the game concludes your ranking will be displayed for you and your fellow agent playing, as well as score rankings across the whole attraction. Try to rank no. 1 in the game!

The 2nd Floor is teeming with other exciting attractions including 'Sonic Athletics,' a running event where up to 8 people can enjoy racing each other; 'Storm-G,' a spinning racing game attraction; 'Transformers: Human Alliance ~Special~ ,' a shooting game attraction, and more!

Top 3rd Floor, we recommend checking out the 'Wild Adventure Tour Series' of motion simulator ride attractions. In 'Wild River: The Treasure Hunt,' your journey unfolds down raging rapids encircling a hidden treasure; travel full speed through an uncharted jungle in an off-road vehicle in 'Wild Jungle Brothers;' and take a flight tour full of unexpected surprises in 'Wild Wing.' Be sure to ride all three to claim mastery over land, air, and sea.

There are many popular horror attractions as well; like the 'Haunted Mansion ~Edo Hyakki Yako Ghost Story~' where you can experience the world of ghosts and monsters through a 3D ukiyo-e painting; or 'Right Behind You...Sadako ~Curse Psychic Manor~' modeled after that well-known Sadako.

Recently, there have been many overseas guests; we're very curious as to how they perceive this "Japanese horror."

Don't skip out on the cafe and original merchandise!

The refreshing and immersive attractions are of course fun, but trying one after the other is sure to wear you out a little. When you need a rest, take a break at Frame Cafe, the cafe restaurant on the 3rd Floor. Enjoy lunch, drinks, or dinner while getting a spectacular full view of Tokyo Bay and the Rainbow Bridge.

Seating on the terrace is also available when the weather permits. After you've enjoyed a nice leisurely view of Odaiba you can get back to making your way through the attractions!

Aside from the normal, more extreme attractions, there are also some more unconventional attractions at Tokyo Joypolis like 'Fortune Forest,' where you can get your fortune told, or 'Laura and Carla's Bombshell Interview' where you can find out if you have what it takes to work in the nightlife industry. There's also a full game center with arcade cabinets and claw machines. The greatest joy of Joypolis is the numerous ways you can spend having fun!

How about getting some original merchandise to commemorate the fun time spend at Tokyo Joypolis? At the JP STORE on the 1st floor you can buy Sonic T-shirts or brand collaboration items, and rows of treats. Anyone would love to receive these as a souvenir for sure.

You can also get plushies of Tokyo Joypolis' own 2 mascot characters, the cute LOPIT, and the weird but cute Joypoly-kun. Joypoly-kun's signature move is their 'Doki-Doki-Docking.'

At Tokyo Joypolis you can re-enter the theme park as many times as you like within the same day of your visit until the final admission hour. You can enjoy a run-through of the most popular attractions in the morning, go have lunch at nearby restaurants in the area at noon, and then re-enter in the afternoon and repeat any attractions you really liked -- oh what a wonderful way to spend the day! Along with other establishments to enjoy in the neighborhood, Tokyo Joypolis is one of the must-see tourist spots in Odaiba. From school groups to families to couples, Tokyo Joypolis is popular with a wide range of people. Come spend an exciting day here!
《Tokyo Joypolis》

Address: 1-6-1 Daiba, Minato-ku,Tokyo DECKS Tokyo Beach 3F~5F
Business Hours: 10:00 ~ 20:00 (Final Admission 19:15) *Subject to change
*Business hours differ depending on the season, check the website to confirm
Closed Days: Irregular
Price: Passport (Opening time ~ Admission Time + Unlimited Attractions)
Adults (18 and over) - 5,000 Yen
Students (Elementary/Middle/High School) - 4000 Yen, etc

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