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Places that are sure to create wonderful memories by simply being there and experiencing them.

Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square "TOKYO Craftsmen Exhibition"

Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square 1f Special Exhibition Space

This is a special exhibition of young craftsmen who are responsible for traditional crafts in Tokyo. During this period, we hold mini-seminars by craftsmen from 15 o'clock every day, as well as production demonstrations and production experiences. You can also listen to the craftsmanship that is hard to hear.

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Shimbashi SL Plaza "Tokyo Aidon Fair"

Shimbashi SL Square

In order to introduce the rich natural environment in the Izu Islands and ogasawara islands, the lifestyleof the people there, culture, tourism resources, and specialties, the Tokyo Aidon Fair will be held as follows. "There is love on the island of Tokyo.  Based on the concept, we exhibit and sell local dishes of the island, island sake, and other island specialties, and promote tourism.  In addition, we will exhibit and sell specialty products in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, which is engaged in city sales with the brand message "Hula City Iwaki" as a brand message to support the reconstruction of the Great East Japan Earthquake.  In addition, there is a bingo tournament where presents from izu islands and Ogasawara islands are hit, and there is a stage event to show the local performing arts by the performing arts preservation association, too. We look forward to seeing you there.

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Roppongi Hills "Belby Beer Weekend 2019"

Roppongi Hills Arena

Wow! 2019 is the 10th year to commemorate! Taste belgium for six days! Over 150 beers, exquisite gourmet de force live

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Minato-ku Folk History Museum "History Museum Classical Concert Vol.3"

Minato-ku Folk History Museum 2F Central Hall

On The 3rd Annual Historical Museum Classical Concert, September 28th, we will welcome the clarinetist Hayasuke Taniguchi and Mr. Tamura kai on the piano to send you an examination of instrumental music. Enjoy the wonderful performances and the sound of the space in the historic building (former public health academy).

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Platinum Hills Shoeikai "Platinum Marche 2019 Autumn"

Shirokanedai Acorn Children's Playground

The famous shop of the local gathers in the gem of the sticking in all of Japan. Please come to platinum marche.

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Shirokane takanawa "T8 Halloween Story 2019in Platinum/ Takanawa"

Seven shop associations in the Shirokane and Takanawa areas

This is a joint event of seven shop associations in the Shirokane and Takanawa areas. In the target shop, "Trick or Treat" If you say the word , you will get sweets.

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Akasaka Ichitsuki-dori Shopping Street Promotion Association "Akasaka Halloween"

Ichitsuki Street

Participants parade around One Tree Street in costume. Participants will receive sweets!

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Aoyama Minami ichi Shoshokai "Festival 2019 Western Carnival inAOYAMA Village"

Minato-ku Aoba Park

It is a popular annual event every year. This year, the 26th Sports Festival tug-of-war competition will be held with lots of freebies and country and western live performances. Participation fee is free, so please look forward to it!

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Shibaura Shotenkai and others "Shibaura Canal Festival"

Shibaura 3-chome Shinshibabashi, Canal Promenade

Canal cruises, boat race competitions and concerts are plentiful. On the promenade, there are also mock shops and tickets for children.

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Shiba Park "PARK AIR FITNESS" At The Sports Festival in Autumn at Tokyo Metropolitan Shiba Park "I'm not sure.

Shiba Park No.4

Shiba Park is one of the oldest parks in Japan designated as a park by Taisei Kanfuinu in The Meiji Era 6(1873). It is a park of the ring scattered around Zojo-ji Temple. In the park in the center of the city, we have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of fitness in the pleasant autumn breeze. Why don't you have a special experience of moving your body while looking at Tokyo Tower with your parents and children and friends?

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Shiba Daijingu "Da-Da-Da-Festival"

Shiba Daijingu Shrine

This is the autumn festival of Shiba Daijingu Shrine, which was said to be the Great Shrine of Kanto. Because of the length of the period that lasted more than ten days during the long rainy season of autumn, it became called the lazy festival. It is said that it is ginger festival because ginger city stands in the precincts. On 9/15, mikoshi parade salong nearby.

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Akasaka Rikyu "Garden Cafe in Autumn"

Akasaka Rikyu Front Yard

From Friday, September 20 to Monday, September 23, 2019, we will hold a garden café in the autumn of the Guest House. Coffee and alcohol are served in the front yard, as well as a daily food menu and a variety of other snacks, including cheese. (30 minutes before closing last order)  From Friday, September 20 to Sunday, September 22, the main building will be lit up from 18 o'clock every day, with a nightly opening time extending to 20 o'clock. Please take this opportunity to invite them to visit the Guest House.

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Grand Hyatt Tokyo "Matcha Voyage Afternoon Tea Buffet"

Grand Hyatt Tokyo French Kitchen

A luxurious afternoon tea buffet where you can enjoy as much as you like, a sweet tea with plenty of high-quality matcha and a savoury match tailored to the sweets. Please enjoy the sweets prepared by the pastry team which has produced the patissier who won and won the confectionery tournament of the world by all means.

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Hi-NODE (High Node)

2-7-103, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Hi-NODE is a new facility facing Tokyo Bay that connects regions and regions, people and people, and now and the future. A lawn plaza surrounded by trees, a café and restaurant with a terrace overlooking the sea, and a bridge connecting sunrise to bamboo turf in fantastic light at night. Surrounded by the sea, although it is located in the city, this Hi-NODE creates a new relationship between the seaand the living.

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Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa "NAKED Fireworks Aquarium"

Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa

Dolphins present "Summer Festival by the Sea"! The performance is performed on the japanese tone by Japanese drums and shamisen. Splash time to deliver "cool" to everyone in the hall The fantastic summer scenery that the fireworks of the sky and the sea charm, and night entertainment where dolphins dance brilliantly. We will present a program that tells a new story based on the art of sound, light, and water.

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National Museum of Art, Tokyo Metropolitan Garden Museum, etc. "Mystery Rally 2019"

National Museum of Art, Tokyo Metropolitan Garden Museum, etc.

This rally is an experiential art entertainment that takes you through museums, museums, and stations while reading the story by getting a booklet from the racks of each tokyo metro station. In each museum, you can actually appreciate art works and architecture, and collect the stamps of the station to solve the mystery. If you have cleared it, you will receive a nice prize by lottery. This year, we offered three courses, and even if you have completed only one course, you can apply for prizes, so you can participate more easily. In addition, it is safe to turn it over how many days you start from during the period. In addition, in accordance with the diversification of summer night time, the "Night Museum" (open at night) is held mainly on weekends, and you can enjoy the rally at a great price by taking advantage of the great night-only admission fees and events. We propose a lifestyle that makes it easy to visit museums and museums for leisure after work or during summer vacation. Please enjoy a new art experience at Mystery Rally 2019 this summer.

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Tetsu Senkai Noh Training Center

4-21-29 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

There is Noh stage in the Noh performance group and the Tetsu Sen Association centering on the product º of the Kanze Tetsu, and it does not only the training but also the Aoyama Noh etc. As a regular performance once a month. The distance to the stage compared with other Noh theater is near, and a powerful play can be accomplished.

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Arisugawa Palace Memorial Park

5-7 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

It is a Japan garden with a very good nature in the place where there was the shimoyashiki of the Asano family famous for Chushingura. It became the shimoyashiki of the Morioka clan Southern House in the Edo period, and went through the site of the Arisugawa Miyagai and Takamatsu House, and was lift down as a park site in Tokyo City at that time in 1934. More than 100 sakura trees are planted in the park, and all 11 types of Someiyoshino and Satcherry are introduced to the Guide board next to the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library, "Sakura of Arisugawa Omiya Memorial Park". In the park, you can enjoy seasonal flowers such as dogwood and hydrangea, as well as plum blossoms and flower Kiyotaka Shobuda.

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Kaleidoscope Specialty store Kaleidoscope old building

2-13-8 Azabu-Juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo

It is a shop specializing in the kaleidoscope which is rare in the world, of course. The etymology of "kaleidoscope" is Greece word, meaning "to see beautiful shapes." In the shop, there are about 600 kinds of kaleidoscope, such as mini-scopes, which can be one point or accessory by a writer. It's all in your hands, so forget about the time you enjoy. There is also a handmade classroom.

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Azabu Kuromimizu Onsen Takeyu

1-15-12 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Since it was opened as a "radium hot spring" in Taisho 2, the Bamboo hot spring which has been loved by the person of Azabu Taketani-Cho took the approval of the hot spring as "Azabu Kuromimizu (Kokubi sui) Onsen" in 2002. As the name implies, the transparent hot water is the effect of fatigue recovery, cold, stiff neck, back pain, etc. (non-smoking in store)

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Shinagawa Season Terrace

1-2-70 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Shinagawa Season Terrace is a large-scale development project that utilizes the three-dimensional city planning of NTT Urban Development, Taisei Corporation, Hulic and Tokyo Urban Development, and the Tokyo metropolitan Government. The low-level floor features a wide variety of shops and restaurants, conferences, and halls, and the 3.5 hectares of large green spaces adjacent to the building create a rich landscape that blends the landscape of trees and waterways of the Four seasons. We will contribute to the local community as a place to nurture our communities while enriching our business base.

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Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum

5-21-9 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo

The Old Incense Palace House, which was built in Showa 8, has been released as a museum. Architecture and gardens are treated as a piece of art, and the building is the first in the twentieth century to take the Art Deco style that is very prime in Europe. The front door and the hall and the chandelier of the old large dining hall are by the hands of Rene Lalique, the Art Deco glass master. Until it was opened to the public in 1983, it was said to be the "architecture of the Phantom" of the expert. Until it became a museum of art, it was used for the geihinkan of foreign guests. There is a large tree of cherry blossoms in the wide park, and the eyes of visitors are entertained. Please note that the garden can be used only skill you na. In the official site, the scenery of the season is introduced in the photograph. You can enjoy seasonal flowers in the seasons. Only the garden can be used skill you na. Please refer to the seasonal flower calendar of the official site.

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Tokyo Midtown

9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Tokyo Midtown has a wide range of facilities including shopping centres, office buildings, hotels, museums, halls, medical institutions, parking lots and parks.

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The National Art Museum

7-22-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

This is a beautiful spot with a distinctive museum building designed by the world's architect, the late Mr. Kisho Kurokawa, and the assortment of cherry blossom trees on the periphery.

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Actor Theatre

4-9-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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