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Nezu Museum of Art "Special Exhibition"

Period: Jul 25, 2019 - Aug 25
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"Gentle Hotoe, Scary Hotake" is an exhibition that exhibits about 35 works of Buddhist painting and sculpture from the Asuka period to the Edo period, and considers the expression of the heartwarming and its meaning. There are almost three types of flashes from their appearance and role. It is the solemn "Tathagata" that embodies the truth of Buddhism, the "bodhisattva" of mercy that saves people from hardship and gives them good luck, and the "Mitata" of wrath, which yields those who do not obey the teachings and their enemies.  In addition, this group of the great-looking of the angry minister also includes "heaven" like the Four Heavens king who repels foreign enemies in the form of warlords. Worshipping the precious Buddha Buddha, seeking salvation from the gentle Kannon Bodhisattva, throwing his hesitation and evil thoughts into the fire of King Fudo, and asking Bishamonten for relief - thereby the people wished for a healthy life in this world.

Hours10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (admission until 4:30 p.m.)
HolidayOpen every Monday, August 12th (Mon., National Holiday), August 13 (Tue)
AdmissionGeneral 1,100 yen Student 800 yen *Groups of 20 or more people, persons with disabilities handbook presents and companions are discounted by 200 yen, and junior high school students and younger are free of charge.


Nezu Museum of Art, Exhibition Rooms 1 and 2
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