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Zojoji Temple "60th Anniversary of The Seijo-jin, 400th Anniversary of Kanchi-kuni-shi" Exhibition

Period: Aug 28, 2019 - Dec 23
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This year, it is the 600th anniversary of the Seventh Seisei-jin of the Jodo Sect, and the 400th anniversary of Zojoji Nakako and Kanchi-kuni.
In our mountain, as part of the 850th Honorable Project of the Jodo Sect of The Omotoyama Zojoji Temple, we will hold an exhibition with the honor of both the people and the ministry of the Great War. The treasure exhibition room on the first floor of the Grand Hall will be the venue, and 30 works will be exhibited, including works by the temple-like temple-like temple son of both kamitos, mainly the collection sofas of our mountain. Following in the footsteps of both men, we will look at the genealogy that has been passed on from Seijo-joto to Seishiro Kaizan, and Kanchi Kunishi, who became the cornerstone of the present Zojo-ji Temple.

HolidayTuesday *Open if Tuesday is a national holiday
AdmissionGeneral 700 yen (tax included) ※Tokugawa Shogun's Tomb Common Ticket 1,000 yen (tax included)


"Treasure Exhibition Room" on the 1st floor of The Temple of The Great Temple
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