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Takanwa Gateway Station Poke Marche

Period: Oct 24, 2020 - 10/25/2020
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JR East will hold the "Takanwa Gateway Station Poke Marche" in cooperation with Pocket Marche Co., Ltd., which operates an online Marche that allows you to purchase ingredients directly from producers.
With the aim of building a rich food environment in the Shinagawa Development Project (Phase I), which is scheduled for 2024, we propose a new purchasing experience that connects producers and consumers by utilizing Shinkansen luggage transportation and the avatar robot "OriHime".
By handling seasonal agricultural products in the Tohoku region, we support the Tohoku region, which will soon be 10 years after the Great East Japan Earthquake, through food.

[Face-to-face communication Marche]
Producers from the Tohoku region will come to Poke Marche, Takanwa Gateway Station, to introduce the charm and commitment of ingredients face-to-face. You can feel the real pleasure of direct purchase from producers through communication, such as being taught how to eat recommended.
Products for sale
 New rice, singing (Mr. Akiaki Saito, Fukushima Prefecture)
  Please enjoy the rice grown in the mountainous area and the thick shiitake mushrooms.
 Honey, pears (Mr. Yoshihiko Sato, Fukushima Prefecture)
  Honey is 100% natural and free of heat treatment. We also sell pears with outstanding sugar content born in the basin.
 Garlic, black garlic (Jun Shibata, Aomori Prefecture)
  We sell rare organic garlic. Please enjoy the texture that was hok-hok.
 Apples (red iwate, etc.) (Hiroyuki Numayama, Iwate Prefecture)
  It is an apple grown with time and effort. Please try to eat and compare various varieties.
This is an example of a store opening and handling ingredients. Depending on the harvest situation, etc., it may be subject to change.

[Communication Marche using avatar robot (next product reservation) ]
Through the avatar robot "OriHime", it is possible to communicate between producers in the Tohoku region who are scheduled to open at the next Takanagawa Gateway Station Poke Marche (scheduled to be held on December 5 and 6) by utilizing Shinkansen luggage transportation. While watching the state of the production area, while listening to the story of the commitment to harvest, the finish of this year's agricultural products, the cooking method unique to the producer, you can pre-order the products to be sold at the next Marche.

Message for the Marche
East Japan Railway Co., Ltd.
 In response to the growing consumer needs these days that they want food that sticks to stories and processes, this Marche delivers customers with the rarity of Shinkansen luggage transportation, which has strengths in fast-reaching and on-time, and the purchasing experience that makes use of JRE POINT. In addition, we aim to create communities through exchanges between producers and consumers both online and in the real world, and to contribute to regional revitalization.

Pocket Marche Co., Ltd.
 In order to overcome the division between cities and rural areas highlighted by the Great East Japan Earthquake, we started Pocket Marche with the determination to create a society in which producers and consumers live together from the Tohoku region. Through the Takanwa Gateway Station Poke Marche, which marks the 10th anniversary of the earthquake on March 11, 2021, we will visualize a part of the society in which cities and regions live together.


Minato-ku, Tokyo 2 chome 1 Takanwa Gateway Station outside the ticket gate deck
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