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Roppongi Asahi Shrine "The 18th Hozuki City"

Period: Jul 8, 2022 - 7/9/2022
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Hozuki City is held in the precincts of the Asahi Shrine in conjunction with the July Bon season in Tokyo, in Hinokage-cho, Miyazaki Prefecture, which was the first in Japan to be certified as a forest therapy base. Hinokage Town is located in the northernmost mountainous area of Miyazaki Prefecture, and is an area with a rich natural environment and abundant mountain village culture, with mountain forests occupying 91% of the town's land.
Asahi Shrine and Hinokage-cho are connected to each other through the Shrine Soshiro, and since 2004 Hozuki City has been held as a cultural exchange base between urban and rural areas. It is said that the "hozuki (oni lamp)" that decorates the tray is decorated on the tray by resembling a red blush to resemble a lantern because of the legend that spirits gather to rely on the welcoming fire and lantern light. In addition, it seems that there is a custom to decorate the entrance because of the nature of the vermilion color "Demon (disaster) amulet" and wish for business prosperity and disease-free life.
Through "Hozuki," which has become a special product of Miyazaki Prefecture in the city of Roppongi, Tokyo, we hope that everyone living in the city will have a familiarity with the ancient customs of Obon and the nature and mountain village culture that Hinokage Town is proud of.

*Held in rainy weather


6-7-14 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
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