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Matchmaking Shrines and Love Power Spots: Love Fulfillment Spots in Minato, Ward, Tokyo

Wanting to wish for true love? Or do you want to tell your feelings to someone you love? Choosing where to go pray or tell your feelings is important. So this time, we selected "love fulfillment spots" in Minato Ward, Tokyo from our perspective. Here are some great locations that are matchmaking power spots or places that can push your back when you want to propose or confess.

Increase your love luck at a matchmaking shrine!

Famous shrines with matchmaking benefits are love power spots that come up to mind. There are many famous shrines with love luck benefits in Minato Ward.

Akasaka Hikawa Shrine enshrines the three gods Susanowo-no-mikoto, Kiinadahime-no-mikoto, and Okiki-no-mikoto (Okuninushi-no-mikoto). Susanowo-no-mikoto and Kiinadahime-no-mikoto married after conquering the eight-forked serpent. Okiki-no-mikoto created the country with its children, and known as a god who gathers "connections." From these myths, the shrine has been worshipped as gods of matchmaking.

The shrine is one of the ten major shrines of Tokyo. It was enshrined in the Heian period in the year 951 and moved to its current spot in the mid-Edo period in the year 1729. The main building still retains its appearance from the Edo period and is designated as a tangible cultural property of Tokyo.

The shrine holds a "Matchmaking prayer" every month. In this visit, after completing the Gokito prayer, you will be given a special amulet called "Enmusubimamori" and "Shiawasemikushi" (comb of happiness), both of which are filled with indigo seeds (=seeds of love) grown in the temple grounds. The full capacity is thirty people. Please refer to the Akasaka Hikawa Shrine website for dates and registration.
The "Musubi Shrine" inside the Toranomon Konpira Shrine is a shrine with matchmaking benefits that comes from its name. There are fancy views of the shrine from the past in the "Shinsen Tokyo Meisho Zukai," and many women wanting good love opportunities passionately worshipped the shrine from the Edo period.

In those days, the women who visited the shrine cut their hair by themselves and tied them to the lattices of the shrine building or close by trees to wish for good matchmaking. Nowadays, you can receive a "Good matchmaking prayer set" (800 yen) at the office and can wish for good matchmaking by tying the string to the designated place in front of the shrine.

Superb locations that support you when you confess or propose

Next, we will introduce you to romantic places which are perfect for confessing or proposing to who you care about.
the first spot is the "Roppongi Hills Observatory."

From the third floor reception of Roppongi Hils Mori Tower up to the 52nd floor by elevator is where the observatory is located. You can enjoy a spectacular view of Minato Ward.

After creating a good mood in the museums and cafes inside the observatory, it's time to go to the Skydeck on the top floor of Mori Tower. It would be a special moment when you look at the city panorama in the open air.

Also, in the Mouri Garden in Roppongi Hills is a heart-shaped statue, "Kin no Kokoro," and is a great place to create an atmosphere.
Next up is the Tokyo Bay Cruising Restaurant "Symphony," where you can enjoy a variety of food while cruising the Tokyo Bay.

In "Symphony," you can watch the famous views of Tokyo such as Rainbow Bridge, Odaiba, and Haneda Airport, atop a ship that departs from Hinode Wharf. Four cruises, lunch, afternoon, sunset, and dinner cruises are scheduled every day, and it's easy to choose and flexible to your date plan.

A cruise date would make your date wonderful enough, but all cruises except for the 50-minute afternoon cruise go through a heart-shaped route, which makes it even more romantic.

There is a "Key of Love" spot on the top deck of the ship and is a great spot to pledge your love in this romantic atmosphere.
[Video Article] Experiencing the Tokyo Bay Cruising Restaurant "Symphony," a Two-Hour Cruise Trip!
Odaiba is a popular dating spot in Tokyo. The observation deck of the Odaiba Marine Park is a romantic spot with a view of Rainbow Bridge.

The seaside deck from Yurikamome Odaiba Station to DECKS Tokyo Beach via the West Promenade and Aqua City Odaiba is a street full of couples. The "LOVE" sculpture on the Goddess Terrace in Aqua City Odaiba is a great spot that may make your heart skip a beat.

Next to the sculpture is the "LOVE & HAPPY PADLOCK" fence. You can hook a heart-shaped padlock which you can buy in "THE KISS" on the third floor.

On social media, some say that "If you go there with your crush, there is a 'you have to confess' type of atmosphere." For those who are hesitant to say "I love you," the atmosphere in Odaiba should push your back!

Love power in other places! Secret places not many people know about

Other than the "no-doubter" spots, we chose some places where you can feel stories related to love. You can wish for love by yourself and feel the memory of the place. Or, you can visit there with your loved one and deepen your love. Please utilize it to fulfill your love.

Azabu Juban Shopping Street is a popular dating spot with many cafes and bars. In this interesting area of shopping and restaurants, there are 12 "Monument of Smiles" that are located in various places of Azabu Juban Odori, donated by foreign embassies located in Minato Ward.

Of those sculptures, the monument donated by the Austrian Embassy is a love-themed piece called "THE COUPLE." The red sculpture has a strong presence in the busy street. The piece consists of two objects shaped like the alphabet M is somewhat abstract but associated with a couple supporting each other.
Next is the "Mitadai Park" in Mita 4-chome. The park was built on the former site of the Residence of Marquis of the Miyake in the Meiji Era. It is also an archeological park that stores exhibits from the Isarago Shell Mound site.

There are reproduction exhibits of solid cave-dwellings and cross-sections of shell mounds used in the late Jomon era. In the solid cave dwelling, there are models of the Jomon people living in the dwellings.

The clay figure next to the solid cave-dwelling is the spot related to romance. The figure, which was modeled after a clay figure found in Gunma prefecture, has a hear-shaped head.
The last spot in this article is the "Himeorisaka" in Minami-Aoyama. The slope that runs the Chojamaru Dori south of the Aoyama Cemetery is a romantic spot that has a love episode from the Middle Ages.

The name "Himeorisaka (Princess Descent Slope)" is from the myth between Ginoumaru and the princess of Koganechoja that happened in the Kamakura to Muromachi Era. Ginoumaru, the son of Shirokanechoja (Who is the origin of the "Shirokanedai" area), met the princess of Koganechoja when he was on his way back from Meguro Fudo. The two started to date each other at Kakeibashi (A bridge located in the current Nishiazabu 3-chome). When the princess went to meet Ginoumaru from her estate, which stands on the Minamiaoyama hill, she got off the palanquin and walked down the slope because "The pebbles of the stream were rolling and dangerous." This is the origin of the name "Himeorisaka."

Time has passed, and nowadays it is an ordinary slope in a residential area. However, you might receive encouragement by descending the curved slope, thinking of the princess that ran down to go meet her love.

Address: 4-4-8 Minami-Aoyama, Minato, Tokyo
These are three romantic places in Minato Ward, Tokyo. Let your love be fulfilled!

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