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Under Attention from the TV Series "Roppongi Class!" Proposing a Date Course When Coming to Roppongi For the First Time

Roppongi is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Tokyo's Minato Ward and is full of hot spots to see, play, and eat. So, for those who are going to be walking around Roppongi for the first time, here are some suggestions for the best date course!

[9:00] Start the day with a visit to "Tenzo Shrine" to pray for good luck on today's date!

Today's meeting place is Tokyo Metro Roppongi Station, which is located close to the center of the Roppongi area. As you go up to the ground level from the subway platform, you will see the elevated Roppongi Crossing, one of the symbols of the city.

Passing through the morning streets of Roppongi while the city is still not fully awake, we will go to our first destination of the day, Tenzo Shrine. The shrine, located along Ryudo-cho Museum Street, greets us with an impressive white torii gate illuminated by the morning sun.

The shrine was built in 1384 during the Nanbokucho period (1384-1368) and enshrines three deities: Amaterasu, Izanagi-no-mikoto, and Izanami-no-mikoto. This ancient shrine with a long history is also called "Ryudo Shinmei-gu Shrine" after the legend of the "dragon lantern" that a dragon once offered a sacred light from the sea off Shinagawa.

Many people visit this spot not only for the blessings but also because of the address "Roppongi 7-7-7," three sevens in a row, hoping for a boost in luck.

There may be many things you want to ask for, such as good luck at work, money, or health, but first and foremost, why not wish for a good day today?

[10:00] Spend an artistic time at "Fujifilm Square

Roppongi is an area where many museums and galleries are located. On this particular day, we went to "FUJIFILM SQUARE" on the first floor of Tokyo Midtown.

"FUJIFILM SQUARE" is a complex showroom of Fujifilm, headquartered in Minato Ward.
Of the four zones in the building, "FUJIFILM Photo Salon Tokyo" is a photography gallery that holds a variety of special exhibitions at different times of the year. The wide range of exhibits, both professional and amateur, from world-class photographers to up-and-coming photographers and award-winning works from public competitions, make this an attractive spot.

The Museum of the History of Photography, located in the same building, is a space where visitors can learn about the history of cameras and photography through many exhibits, beginning with the invention of silver halide photography with the "Daguerreotype" announced in France in 1839, progressing to wet plate photography, dry plate photography, the birth of roll film, and the history of photographic technology through restored models.

Visitors can also experience a replica of the "camera obscura," which was invented in Italy in the 16th century and used by artists for sketching and other purposes.
<Other Art Spots in Roppongi>

[12:00] Lunch with a garden view at the Terrace Restaurant in Tokyo Midtown

For lunch, why not choose a terrace restaurant with an open-air breezy atmosphere? Twelve terrace restaurants are now open in Tokyo Midtown's Galleria.

From French cuisine by Michelin-starred chefs, authentic pizzerias with wood-fired ovens, truffle specialty restaurants, and Kyoto-style cuisine using seasonal ingredients, a wide variety of restaurants are located on the first through third floors, offering options to suit every mood and budget.


Pizzeria-Trattoria Napule Tokyo Midtown

The view from the terrace shows Midtown Garden with its greenery and buildings stretching out behind it.

Pizzeria-Trattoria Napule Tokyo Midtown

[15:00] Test drive the car of your dreams at "Mercedes Me Tokyo"!

The next stop is "Mercedes Me Tokyo (Roppongi)" located right next to Tokyo Midtown. This is a brand store operated by Mercedes-Benz Japan. It includes a gallery displaying the company's popular cars, a store where you can buy Mercedes goods, and "EQ House," which proposes a new connection between mobility and daily life.

In the gallery, the latest models and limited edition models of each class of Mercedes cars are exhibited at different times of the year. Visitors can see the cars of their dreams up close.

In fact, you can even take a trial cruise (test drive) in the latest Mercedes cars here. In addition to experiencing the comfort of a ride with a staff member, you can even get behind the wheel and drive some of the models yourself (reservations are required; see the official website below for details on how to make reservations and rules for test drives).

The experience lasts about 20 minutes, and takes you on a route that leaves the facility, heads in the direction of Minami-Aoyama, and turns around at Aoyama 1-chome. After the experience, you can take a break at "Downstairs Coffee," a cafe on the first floor.
Mercedes Me Tokyo (Roppongi)
Gallery (Trial Station), EQ House 11AM~6PM
Downstairs Coffee 8AM~8PM (last order at 19:30)
*Shortened business hours. Please check the official website for the latest hours.
Closed: No holidays
Official website:

[17:00] Roppongi Hills Observation Deck "Tokyo City View" for a spectacular view of the pride of Minato City!

Now, the next destination is the finale of the day. After leaving Mercedes Me Tokyo, we head back toward Roppongi Crossing and walk about 10 minutes to Roppongi Hills.

After taking a photo with the heart sculpture in the Mouri Garden and enjoying shopping inside the facility, the last stop is the top floor of the Mori Tower, soaring high above!

From the reception desk on the 3rd floor of Mori Tower, take the elevator to the 52nd floor where the "Tokyo City View" observation deck is located. Upon arrival and stepping out onto the walkway, you will be greeted with an overwhelming view of the Tokyo metropolis below. Even more impressive is the outdoor "Sky Deck" observation deck.

This is truly the "top" of Roppongi Hills, which boasts a height of 238 meters above the ground. The Sky Deck is an open-air, unobstructed place from which visitors can enjoy a spectacular view of the sky.

The building is also home to two exhibition facilities: the Mori Art Museum, which is a center for contemporary art, and the Mori Arts Center Gallery, which holds many anime and character-related exhibitions. Why not fully enjoy the special night view of Minato Ward?
After a day of fun, we return to the Roppongi Crossing, the starting point of the tour. The "ROPPONGI" sign is now completely lit up.

With "Roppongi Class" now airing, Roppongi has become a hot topic of conversation, so be sure to spend a wonderful day in Roppongi!

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