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The "20th Minato City Sightseeing Photo Contest 2022": A special feature on "Night Views of Slopes" in Minato City, Tokyo, a "City of Slopes"

The Minato City Tourism Association is currently accepting entries for the "20th Minato City Tourism Photo Contest 2022." We are searching for your memorable photos taken in Minato City. In this article, we are featuring "night views of slopes" in the "City of Slopes" of Minato City. With a camera in hand, we took a tour of picturesque slopes. Please take a look at them for reference when taking your own photos.

The 20th Minato City Sightseeing Photo Contest 2022" Entries are accepted until January 15, 2023.

Click here to see the past winning entries."

Night view of the slope of "Tsugezaka Slope" with its beautiful straight road

Tokyo's Minato Ward has more than 100 slopes and is known as a "City of Slopes," including the slopes that inspired the names of the "Sakamichi Series": Nogizaka46, Sakurazaka46, and Hinatazaka46. Among them, here in this article, we chose slopes with beautiful night views. The first slope we will introduce is "Zakurozaka," a beautiful straight slope that runs straight from the Takanawa Exit of JR Shinagawa Station.

In Minato Ward, wooden guide signs have been erected at more than 100 locations to introduce the history of the slopes. It is said that the name "Zakurozaka" may have come from the fact that there used to be a pomegranate tree on this slope.

In the Edo period, the slope was curved into a key shape, and it was not until the Meiji era that it was renovated into the straight slope that it is today. During the Christmas season, the upper part of the slope is decorated with illuminations and a fancy night view appears.

Night view of the slope, "Roppongi Keyakizaka," that brings winter to Minato Ward

In Minato Ward, an indispensable spot for night views of the slopes during the Christmas season is "Roppongi Keyakizaka" which runs through Roppongi Hills.

The tree-lined avenue is illuminated from mid-November until Christmas. It has become a famous view of Minato Ward in winter.

Tokyo Tower stands in the direction at the end of the slope, creating a unique view, and whether you look from the pedestrian bridge or walk along the tree-lined avenue, you will surely be amazed.

By the way, photo spots around Tokyo Tower are introduced in this article below.

["100 Scenes of Tokyo Tower": a comprehensive list of recommended photo spots from popular spots to spectacular light-up views]

A night view of the slope "Imoaraizaka", full of the atmosphere of Roppongi

Also in Roppongi, a picturesque night view can be seen on "Imoaraizaka," a slope descending from the Roppongi intersection.

The neon lights of the izakayas and bars in this lively area provide a view of a typical night in Roppongi. Office workers on their way home from work and foreign tourists come and go, adding a lively atmosphere to the scenery.

The slope of Nogizaka, quieter than in the daytime, is visible at night from Aoyama-dori Avenue as we head towards Akasaka.

The night view of "Yagenzaka," where you can see the typical uphills of Minato City

"Yagenzaka" is a sloping nightscape that can be seen in Akasaka.

The slope is said to be named this way because the hollow center and the high land on both sides resemble a yagen (a medicine crusher). Indeed, the landscape, with its large ups and downs, reminds us that Minato Ward is a city built on a large area of rugged terrain.

Roppongi Hills and other buildings stand beyond the slope, making it a poster-perfect night view of Tokyo.

Lastly, let us introduce the slope down Aoyama-dori toward Akasaka-mitsuke station.
If you take photos with a slow shutter speed, you can get an "emo" shot.

"The 20th Minato City Sightseeing Photo Contest 2022" is now accepting entries!

We introduced the night views of slopes in Minato Ward, Tokyo, the "City of Slopes." How was it?

The Minato City Tourism Association is currently accepting entries for the "20th Minato City Tourism Photo Contest 2022. There is a general category and a Koshien category for junior high and high school students, and winners will be eligible to win gorgeous prizes."

The 19th Minato City Tourism Photo Contest 2021 Silver Prize "Please Visit Us Again Tomorrow"

Entries are open to all, even those who do not live, work, or study in Minato Ward. Entries will be judged strictly by a panel headed by photographer Mineko Orisaku. Please feel free to send us any wonderful scenery you have found in Minato Ward.

The 19th Minato City Tourism Photo Contest 2021 Gold Prize "Tokyo Sky Lantern"

We also feature popular photography spots in Minato Ward in the article below, so please use them as a reference for your work.

[You can participate even with smartphone photos! The following article also features popular photo spots in Minato Ward, Tokyo, that you may want to submit to the "Minato City Sightseeing Photo Contest"]

[Introducing the most popular photo spots in Minato City, Tokyo, along with the past award-winning works with spectacular views]

The contest will be open until January 15th, 2023. We look forward to receiving many submissions.

[The "20th Minato City Sightseeing Photo Contest 2022" Entry Procedure]"

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