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Experience the ultimate "Totonoi" at Akasaka's "Sauna Tokyo"! A new holy place for sauna enthusiasts is born.

"Sauna Tokyo," which grandly opened on April 24, 2023, is a sauna facility in Akasaka featuring five different themed saunas and three cold baths with different water temperatures. The concept is "Waryu"(Japanese style), and the whole building has a chic and calm atmosphere. Despite being newly opened, many sauna enthusiasts visit every day. The facility was developed by Sauna Tokyo Co., Ltd, which managed and consulted on sauna facilities. We had Mr.Kazuya Akanuma, a director of the company, guide us around "Sauna Tokyo", which is full of special features!

Just a one-minute walk from the station! A healing oasis opens in the downtown area.

Sauna culture, spurred by manga and dramas, the sauna boom sparked and is now firmly established. Words expressing love for saunas, such as "Saunner"(sauna enthusiast), and the blissful feeling obtained from a sauna and cold bath, "Totonou," have become common. In this context, "Sauna Tokyo" was born along Akasaka Misuji Street. It’s located within about a minute walk from Akasaka Station and about five minutes on foot from Akasaka-Mitsuke Station, offering excellent access.

After undressing in the tatami-matted changing room and storing your belongings in a locker, you head inside. First, you are greeted by "Totonon," an original character of Sauna Tokyo, modeled after a sauna hat - quite charming! At the front desk, they also sell "Totonon goods" such as acrylic stands and stickers.

The first floor serves as a washing area, and the main feature is a large high-concentration carbonic acid spring that is 5.4 meters long. This carbonic acid spring achieves a higher concentration than the standard value for high-concentration carbonic acid springs, promoting blood circulation without putting a burden on the body.

Next, we move to the sauna area on the second floor. The concept of the ""Steam Dance"" auto-löyly sauna, which boasts one of the largest sizes in Tokyo with seating for up to 40 people at once, is a sauna room that stimulates the five senses. Lighting, music, and löyly are automatically controlled by the system, allowing you to enjoy various changes. It feels like the near future!

"Löyly" refers to the high-temperature steam generated by aroma water on heated sauna stones, and sometimes refers to the sauna bathing method of immersing oneself in this löyly. By the way, the act of fanning löyly with a towel and dispersing it around the sauna room is called "Aufguss," and according to Mr. Akanuma, plans are in the works to hold events such as Aufguss events with this "Steam Dance"."Löyly" refers to the high-temperature steam generated by aroma water on heated sauna stones, and sometimes refers to the sauna bathing method of immersing oneself in this löyly. By the way, the act of fanning löyly with a towel and dispersing it around the sauna room is called "Aufguss," and according to Mr. Akanuma, plans are in the works to hold events such as Aufguss events with this "Steam Dance".

Indulgence of hopping through Five Unique Saunas

For those who want to enjoy löyly at their own pace, we recommend the "Handheld Steam" of the self-löyly sauna. Inside the sauna room made of Finnish "kelo" wood, also known as the "jewel of wood," a faintly sweet scent drifts about.

While it's fun to enjoy the sauna in large groups, if you want to fully enjoy the sauna alone, head to the "Meditation" of the meditation sauna. Inside, it's somewhat dim and semi-private, with a slightly lower temperature. You can thoroughly enjoy the sauna alone.

The "Todana steam bath" where steam fills the room is a steam sauna that modernizes the Todana bath from the Edo period. In the Edo period when hot water was precious, it was common to sit in a bathtub filled with shallow water, soaking only your lower body, and steaming your upper body with steam.

The "Showa far-infrared" equipped with an ultra-high-temperature far-infrared stove is a nostalgic super dry sauna. The dry type of sauna that has existed long before the sauna boom evokes a sense of nostalgia. Ah, maybe the saunas of the past felt like this.

Each of the five unique saunas can be entered from anywhere. "We hope you find your own combination while pairing it with a cold bath or cool sauna!" says Mr. Akanuma. The charm of Sauna Tokyo may also be that you can freely "climb the ladder" of the sauna.

Cool down your heated body with three cold baths

And what cannot be separated from the sauna is the cold bath. At Sauna Tokyo, there are three cold baths with different water temperatures: 8°C "Freezing", 15°C "Cold", and 20°C "Cool". After the sauna, rinse off your sweat and head to the cold bath of your preferred temperature. Mr. Akanuma recommends the bathing method of enduring a little in the "Freezing" for about 5 seconds and then soaking leisurely in the "Cool". This temperature difference is said to create a relaxing effect.

The cool sauna "Cold Air Bath" set at 0°C and 10°C is also perfect for cooling down! Its ice-like design is cool to the eyes.

The lounge equipped with chairs and tatami beds where you can lie down is large enough for about 60 people to relax. Detox water and original sauna drinks are also on sale at the drink counter in the building. Let's hydrate your throat that has dried out in the sauna. You should be perfectly ready with the sauna, cold bath, and this lounge!

Actually, the building of this Sauna Tokyo was originally a traditional Japanese restaurant. It's a property that Mr. Akanuma and the owner, who wanted to create a sauna facility with ideal equipment, found after searching around Tokyo. ""We created Sauna Tokyo for those who love saunas and those who have never been to a sauna but are interested in them. Although we have just opened, we think it has become a facility where everyone can really enjoy. Please come and visit us!"" says Mr. Akanuma.

Sauna Tokyo, where all Saunner from beginners to veterans can enjoy. Although it is a men-only facility, there are plans for Ladies' Day and Ladies' Night.

For the latest information, detailed usage methods, precautions, etc., please check the official website. Let's nurture tomorrow's vitality in the sauna!
3-13-4 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Business hours: 24 hours operation (Bathing area is not available from 3 to 5 am for cleaning)
*This facility is for men only

・1 hour 1,500 yen (special opening price)
・3 hours 2,500 yen (special opening price)
・Extended fee 1 hour 1,000 yen
・Free one face towel and one bath towel
*The date and amount of the revision of the opening price are undecided.

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