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Minato-ku night spots where you can enjoy safely and with peace of mind.

Tosa cuisine, Tosa, Yuki Akasaka

Akasaka 3-11-17, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Established as a restaurant that originated in Tosa cuisine in 102 years The Pacific Ocean, which is a black current, the Shikoku Mountains, which are connected with mountains of several hundred meters, Kochi Prefecture is surrounded by a number of clear streams connecting mountains and seas. The great nature of Minami-Tosa is a treasure trove of taste. Seafood, mountain, river, village, The rich blessings of the four seasons can be said to be the life of us, Yasuki. "Tarabachi cuisine" where colorful taste dances on a large plate, and the specialty "Taki of the sea breit" We offer a variety of local flavors that weave the rich happiness and skilled techniques of MinamikuniSa, such as the precious whale cuisine and the natural live-water "Shin Kue". Available languages: English

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Maruhiko Ramen Roppongi Store

Akasaka 9-6-23 Akasaka Pass, 1st basement floor, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Founded in 1993. The place is next to Tokyo Midtown and faces Gaien Higashi-dori. It is a ramen specialty store, but it is used by many people as an izakaya at night. The price is in Roppongi, but it is familiar to everyone as reasonable. Available languages: Chinese

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Motsusen Akasaka Store

Akasaka 2-14-12, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 2nd floor of Takahashi Building

[Akasaka Station 2 minutes walk! ] [Open until 2 o'clock in the middle of the night! ] 】 Fresh hormones , exquisite motsuyaki & meat dishes prepared carefully! Mega Highball is 499 yen per cup Banquet OK up to 45 people! ! "Akasaka Motsusen Popular Reason" Freshness is the life! Freshness & under-treatment with soft and exquisite dishes without smell Bake with Binchotan! Domestic pork motsudon, yakitori skewer from 150 yen per bottle Mega High 499 yen! Save on large-capacity large mugs! "Akasaka Motsusen Recommended Banquet" Easy-to-use prices and contents for various banquets, launch, etc. All-you-can-drink for 8 dishes for 2 hours from 2980 yen We hope you have a fun party with everyone! While biting the flavor of the meat, please tilt the mug! Available languages: English

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Iyan Curry Akasaka

Akasaka 6-3-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 1st basement floor of AsmoBuilding

The curry sauce of the curry of the bean curry which I was carefully made is gluten-free for the first time in the industry! 8 kinds of vegetables, fruits, 26 carefully selected spices, exquisite to promise health. I use one onion per serving. Coffee and potato service! Cocktails, beers, more dishes, etc. - The inside of the shop can be♪♪ used for meals of one person and girls and groups in a calm Hawaiian atmosphere. Available languages: English, Hindi

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The sound of the river Akasaka

Akasaka 3-13-4 Akasaka Mikawa family building basement 1st floor, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Enjoy seasonal dishes with plenty of carefully selected seasonal ingredients, including our proud local chicken, homemade bean paste, and rice cooked in earthenware pots, along with a wide selection of delicious sake. Please enjoy a moment of relaxation with five senses while listening to the sound of the river. Available languages: English

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canti canti

Akasaka 6-4-6 MY Building Akasaka 2nd Floor, Minato-ku, Tokyo

The middle of the back Akasaka. Climb the steep stairs and you'll find the bright Adult Izakaya canti over the green terrace. Enjoy the most popular homemade japanese roast beef and seasonal delicious wines and drinks casually. Available languages: English

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Tokyo Minato-ku Roppongi 4-10-2 Arakawa Building 1F

A hideaway a minute's walk from Roppongi Station. There is a private room. Untan, Nodogu, Seafood Hitsumabushi Please spend the best time with delicious fish and sake. ★ food ★ delicious things make people happy♪ fish are all natural products! Each dish carefully handcrafted is more than 390 yen★ sake ★ sake is more than 30 kinds of local sake from all over the country. There are also 14th generation, Hidaroki, Nabeshima, etc. Of course, shochu, domestic lemon sour, plum wine, yogurt sake, too. ★ The inside of the★ shop is lively! 8 counter seats with special talk of the head of the board, banquet for up to 40 people per floor (4 to 7 people) private room. Please feel free to be alone! Available languages: English, Chinese, Korean (using simultaneous translator)

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Padi's Tokyo

3-13-10 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 5th floor of Koda Building

It is an African reggaeever opened in February 2011. The interior is decorated in An African style, mainly African music and reggae. We also offer rare African beers and West African cuisine, as well as water cigarettes and large TVs, so you can watch them when there are sporting events. Our shop is a system that allows you to request music, so you can spend a relaxing time listening to your favorite music (regardless of genre). Cashless payments such as credit cards and paypay are also available. Available languages: English, Swedish

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Sarashina Fumiya Co., Ltd.

Shibadaimon 1-15-8, Minato-ku, Tokyo

In 1791, Shinshu's anti-mono dealer, Funey Yukichi, who was known as a soba-making expert, turned to a soba shop on the advice of the lord, Hoshina Hyobe Shogo. We opened the Shinshu Sarashina Soba Restaurant in the Yakukenbori in Higashi Nihonbashi, and we have been operating in Owari Town and Motosachiya Town since 1922. Soba is always served a total of five types of soba, "28 soba", "raw flour soba (soba flour 10%)", "Sarashina soba" and "two kinds of seasonal change soba". The buckwheat flour used is made from domestic soba flour, mainly from Hokkaido, but we also use carefully selected buckwheat flour from soba production areas nationwide depending on the time of year. Soba soup is a "rich sweet taste" that uses only four kinds of ingredients called honzou soy sauce, main dead bonito broth, sugar, and honmi-don. In particular, the bonito is carefully selected from Tosa's "Hon-with-kare-katsuobushi" and Kagoshima's "Sanda-katsuobushi" is used to draw the soup stock. I would like you to enjoy the food culture of soba since Edo with a menu that allows you to feel the season with Sarashina soba using only the center of the buckwheat fruit and the monthly change soba and the soba that started. You can enjoy stylish "soba shop sake" with sake lees and local sake unique to soba shops. We also offer a course meal "Soba Kaiseki" for other banquets. Available languages: English, Chinese, Korean, French

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Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo

5-4-20 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

You can enjoy the American menu full of volume. Hamburgers, steaks, nachos, etc. are also popular menus. We also offer a course menu with all-you-can-drink options that can be enjoyed from 4 people, not to mention a la carte orders. Surrounded by guitars and costumes used by a variety of artists, enjoy the cuisine of Hard Rock Cafe, which is developed on a global scale! And as a souvenir, please enjoy the original products of the brand, such as original glasses and T-shirts! Available languages: English

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Ballet Lisa Shiroganedai

Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo 4-19-2

It is a 4-minute walk from Shiroganedai Station. This small ballet studio is located in a quiet residential area one step down Platinum Street in Shiroganedai, Minato Ward. We offer a wide range of ballet lessons from children to adults, beginners to experienced people. Available languages: English

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Amand Roppongi

6-1-26 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

In 1964, "Amand Roppongi Store" opened at the Roppongi intersection. At the time of the meeting, "style to spend time while enjoying cake and coffee" became a topic in Amand, and the phrase "Amand speaking of meeting" was born. Now, you can enjoy not only cakes and coffee, but also nostalgic "coffee shop desserts and Western food" that reproduce the taste and visuals of the time, with the importance of Japanese "coffee culture". Please use it as a meeting and rest place of Roppongi by all means. Available languages: English

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Akasaka Inage Family

Akasaka 2-13-21, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 1st floor of Kiyokawa Building

Founded in 1935 Located a 2-minute walk from Akasaka Station, it is a long-established store that people know in the back alley know. The renovated former restaurant is available from a small number of people, and private rooms with dug-out tables are available. You can enjoy a variety of dishes using seasonal ingredients according to the four seasons, including a signboard menu using sauce that continues to be protected, inherited from the head office (founded in the Edo period). In addition to ordering from a single item, we also offer course dishes that are ideal for dinner, entertainment, etc. In addition, the sake menu including limited edition is also attractive Available languages: English

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Tameike Rabbit House

Akasaka 2-12-12, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 1st floor

It is a Japanese restaurant that has been born and raised in Akasaka Tameike for 18 years since the owner and head chef of Tameike moved to the restaurant of the grandfather of Tameike since 1952. There are regulars of a long relationship and a female guest who visits alone in a homely atmosphere that runs as a family, and there is a person who is healed in a calm atmosphere. The owner, who was born and raised in a restaurant, wants to cherish old-fashioned cuisine, cherish the essence of Edo-ko, cherish the relationship with people, and protect the old downtown-style reservoir. The most popular is the making with natural raw tuna. Available languages: English

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Yuanyuan Planning and Treatment Clinic

3rd floor of Shinbashi Kashima Building, 3-13-5 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

"Acupuncture and Shiatsu Massage makes Shinbashi a marshal!" It is the 12th year of the opening of the hospital with the concept. I have supported many businessmen. All staff have a national qualification, so you can receive safe and secure treatments. We continue to refine our skills and knowledge through study sessions and books every day, so we are pleased that they are compatible with a wide range of diseases. In addition, female staff are on-site, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish. We are looking forward to seeing you.

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Favorite Time Coffee Shiba Daimon Stand

Shibadaimon 1-15-7 Shibadaimon ABC Building 1F, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Favorite Time Coffee is a fine space like a baptised lounge, where you can relax in a spacious space. We offer coffee of attention in the space of one rank higher, such as a seat dedicated to one person, a seat that can be used in business negotiations, etc. We also offer a wide variety of food, so you can use it in a variety of scenes.

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Fuguwari Masao

3-16-16 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Thanks to you, we were able to celebrate our 45th anniversary in 2017. We also offer a special recommended course for fugu cuisine unique to fugu specialty stores. In addition to entertainment and business negotiations, please feel free to come with your family, friends, and important people on the day when you want to enjoy a little rich dinner. The historic interior is also well received by regulars. There are table seats and counter seats on the first floor, and there is a tatami-style room in the basement. The Japanese-style room of tatami mats is available in the "Takaza Chair" which makes your feet easier. The japanese taste with the motif of blowfish is decorated all over the shop. I hope you will have a blissful time while eating delicious blowfish in a relaxing space.

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