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[Video Article] Is This a Real Cookie!? Experiencing "Sweets Decoration" making at "Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Shimbashi" in Minato, Tokyo

"Tamiya" is a famous model manufacturer. Did you know that the only Tamiya-operated company store in Japan is in Shimbashi, Minato, Tokyo? In this article, we will be making sweets decorations, a popular hobby, at "Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Shimbashi."

To the hall of plastic models, "Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Shimbashi!"

"Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Shimbashi" along the Shintora Street in Shimbashi 4-chome is a dream facility for plastic model fans and radio control fans, with 6000 Tamiya items displayed. There are three floors. The 1st floor has Tamiya plastic model goods such as cars, bikes, airplanes, and ships. The underground floor has mini 4WD and radio-controlled models, and the 2nd floor is called "Modeler's Square" and has a large-scale mini 4WD course and a crafting space.

There are more than 600 types of plastic models on the 1st floor. There are many sample displays made by professionals with lifelike details. There are models of old cars that we do not see on the streets anymore. Many other manufacturers dispose of molds for out-of-print models, but Tamiya store and maintain their molds, so they can reprint models when requested. Molds from long ago are handmade by professionals, so they have a unique texture different from the molds we see today. There are many fans of those handcrafted molds. Every plastic model has the history of Tamiya inside.

In the Mini 4WD store, there are revival models of machines from "Dash! Yonkuro" and "Bakuso Kyodai Lets' & Go!!" Many fans in their thirties and forties might have played with them when they were young. Many machines are displayed here, from those nostalgic machines to the newest models, even some rare items.

Let's try the "Sweets Decoration," a popular event at Minato Kumin Matsuri

Here at Tamiya Plastic Model Factory, we will be experiencing sweets decoration making, not plastic model making nor Mini 4WD making. Sweets decorations are realistic models of snacks made from resin clay and are gradually becoming popular. Sweets decoration making is a popular workshop that opens in a booth at "Minato Kumin Matsuri."

Today, we tried making cookies, a model for beginners. Our teacher is Sato-san. The materials are "Kijizukuri no Tatsujin," a lightweight clay by Tamiya, "Color Nendo no Tatsujin (Cookie)," a water-based colorant, "Katachizukuri no Tatsujin (Cookie)," the mold, "Nendo Hagashi no Tatsujin," a mold releasing agent, and "Yakiiro no Tatsujin (Light Brown/Brown/Dark Brown)." These items are all sold on the 1st floor. In addition, have some rubber gloves and an apron ready.

We first make the dough. We take a small amount of "Kijizukuri no Tatsujin" and mix it with the colorant "Color Nendo no Tatsujin (Cookie)." A small amount of colorant is enough to color the whole cookie, and it's important to knead the dough so the color is even.

Next, we put the colored dough into the mold "Katachizukuri no Tatsujin." We paste the "endo Hagashi no Tatsujin" into the cookie mold and push the clay into the mold. Be sure not to use too much clay so no extra clay overflows.

If you push the mold from the top, the cookie-shaped dough pops out.

We then wait for a day to let the clay dry. Today, we had a dried piece ready for photographing.

Next, we paint the color of the baked cookies. We use the "Yakiiro no Tatsujin," inside a compact case. There are three types of colorants with different darkness. Light brown is first used to color the whole cookie. We paint so that the cream-colored dough is completely colored brown. Make sure that the dough is completely dry, or the color will fade.

Above the light brown, red-brown, and dark brown colors are painted to create a cookie that looks baked. You can color it in the center, or just on the edges. It's your choice, and this is the part that would separate the quality of your cookie model.

And the cookie sweets decoration is complete! Doesn't it look real?

A work of art!? The world of Sweets Decoration

Today, we looked at some of the sweets made by Sato-san. There are pancakes with chocolate sauce on them, created by the tube-shaped paint "Topping no Tatsujin." Using the 13-color "Decoration Color," colorful sunny-side-up egg toast and omurice are displayed. Also, there was a Maritozzo made with the fluffy "Whip no Tatsujin." All of them were extremely cute.

Also, on that day, the staff created models of "Seppuku Monaka," a popular snack by Shinseido, the sweets shop on the other side of the road. It looks just like the real thing!

In the 1st floor "Tamiya Decoration Series" corner, there are sweets decoration making sets for beginners where you can make macarons and pancakes. There are also small plates for sweets decorations. One good way to spend time at Modeler's Square may be to have the father and older children have fun with radio-controlled cars, while the mother and smaller children can enjoy sweets decoration making. There are samples made by Sato-san inside the shop and some artistic works by professional artists as well. Why not visit the shop to look at and experience sweets decorations?

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