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Let's find out "the one and only truth" with Conan! Experiencing the Roppongi Museum "Detective Conan Live Museum: The Gift of Halloween"

Detective Conan is a famous mystery manga by Gosho Aoyama. "Detective Conan Live Museum: The Gift of Halloween" is a self-participatory entertainment where you can experience the world of the work, also popular in anime. The event is held at Roppongi Museum from February 11th (Fri) to June 5th (Sun). In this article, we participated in this unique event where "mystery-solving," "exhibition," and "theater drama" come together.

The setting of "Detective Conan" appearing in Roppongi!?

Roppongi Museum is 7 minutes from Roppongi subway station and 10 minutes from Azabu Juban subway station. The main visual of the event is drawn on the walls of the building. There you can see Conan Edogawa, Toru Amuro, Officer Wilder, Officer Simone, and the Police School Members with the words, "You will witness the reasoning!"

This event is based on the world of "Detective Conan" and consists of an original story related to the movie "Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween," which will be released on April 15th. Going through the recreated "exhibitions" of many settings of the film, we participated in a "mystery-solving event." After that, there is a "theater drama" acted by the characters from the anime. It is a moving experience.

A smartphone and pen are required to participate. Please scan the QR code on the "Halloween Mystery Solving Rally" sheet that you can receive at the entrance to become friends with Conan!

Photos from the official event

Inside the venue, the city of Beikacho is recreated. The entrance is designed as "the door" depicted before the title role in the anime. It is a design that fans would love. If you take a step inside the exhibition, "Moore Detective Agency" and "Café Poirot" are recreated.

Inside Moore Detective Agency are the silhouettes of Rachel, the heroine, and Serena, her best friend. In Poirot, there is the silhouette of Toru Amuro working. Photos are permitted inside the venue, so feel free to take photos and have fun!

After a while, the familiar theme song starts to play, and Conan appears on the screen on the wall. He will invite you to the mystery-solving event with narrations just like the beginning of the anime.

Let's explore Beikacho and try mystery-solving with Conan!

In the next space, the exterior of the Kudo House and the interior of the Agasa House are recreated. There is a silhouette of Subaru Okiya on the second floor of the Kudo House.

On the other hand, Mitch, Amy, and the Detective Boys await in the Agasa House. There are recreated exhibits of Conan's important items such as the bow tie voice changer and the turbo-engine skateboard. The exhibits are created with detail and meet the dreams of fans.

Now, this is where the "mystery-solving event" begins. By entering the password that you found when you registered as a friend in the venue into your smartphone, you can communicate with Conan and his friends in Shibuya, the setting of the movie.

The setting of mystery-solving is Beikacho, including "Teitan Elementary School." The Halloween-colored city has the "Beika Library" and "Beika Station" recreated. Here, the participants take on the challenge of finding the "only truth" through conversations with Conan and his friends and solving numerous mysteries.

As you explore the area for hidden hints and solve mysteries one by one, it feels as if you've slipped into the world of "Detective Conan." The mysteries full of tricks will be a challenge to solve even for adults. Try to infer with Conan!

In the same area, there are two "streets." The "Highlight of Love Street" follows the famous scenes of Officer Wilder and Officer Simone, the key people of the movie. The "Police School Memorial Street" introduces us to Amuro and his colleagues in Police School.

After the visit, don't forget to stop by the collaboration café and shop!

After solving the mystery, we moved to the stage zone. The ending show begins. We look back at the mysteries with Toru Amuro and friends who have come out of the screens. Time to find out if your answer is correct…

Other places you shouldn't miss out on are the shop and collaboration café. The shop has exclusive to this event, such as goods featuring the Police School colleagues and Officers Wilder & Simone.

In the café, "Gift of Halloween Café, menus include "Conan's Scramble Deli Plate," (¥1740), "Conan and Rachel's Sweet Strawberry Pancakes," (¥1380), "Police School-Made Blueberry Chiffon Cake." (¥1540)

The event "Detective Conan Live Museum: The Gift of Halloween" is an event with "mystery-solving," "exhibition," "theater," gourmet, and goods. The event will be open until June 5th in Roppongi Museum. The venue is close to Azabu Juban, so a walk around the area would be nice as well!
Detective Conan Live Museum: The Gift of Halloween
Dates: Feb 11th, 2022 (Fri, Holiday) to June 5th (Sun) *No closed days
Venue: Roppongi Museum (5-6-20 Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo)
Opening Hours: 10 AM to 6 PM (Sat, Sun, Holidays, and Golden Week: open until 8 PM)
Fee (pre-sales/on-site) all with tax
Adult/College: ¥2000/¥2200, Junior High/High School: ¥1200/¥1400, Elementary School: ¥600/¥800, Children smaller: Free
Tickets: Tickets are sold beforehand with the date and time specified. Tickets are sold on-site if there are any left at that specific time.
For other information such as how to buy the tickets, please check the official page of the event.

Collaboration Cafe "Gift of Halloween Cafe"
Dates: Feb 11th, 2022 (Fri) to June 5th (Sun)
Opening Hours: 11 AM to 7 PM (Sat, Sun, Holidays, and Golden Week: open until 9 PM)
Place: Inside Roppongi Museum

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