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[Video Article] Exercising and Having Fun Playing e-Sports at Tokyo Tower's New Sightseeing Spot, "RED° TOKYO TOWER"

On April 20, 2022, one of the largest esports parks in Japan, "RED°TOKYO TOWER" opened in Tokyo Tower Foot Town in Minato, Tokyo. The new facility is already attracting attention as a place where cutting-edge VR technology, video technology, and physical experience come together, creating a completely new type of entertainment. Here, we will be introducing you to some of the attractions of this facility.

A Brand New esports Facility Where you can Have Fun Even with Zero-Knowledge

"RED°TOKYO TOWER" opened in Foot Town, a sightseeing facility on the bottom of Tokyo Tower. The large space of 5600㎡ is full of esports attractions. Many might think that esports is a kind of video game, but to play at RED°, no knowledge of games is necessary. The facility can be enjoyed by those who often play games and those who don't, from children to adults.

The futuristic RED°logo can be seen at the third-floor entrance. The bright red color matches the Tokyo Tower that stands above. Let's dive into the world of esports!
The facility consists of 3 floors from the 3rd to 5th floors. Each floor has its own theme. The 3rd floor is called "Inspiration Zone."

This area is centered around the "RED°Lounge," where a giant LED monitor and projection mapping are installed. In the lounge, mystic and exciting video experiences using cutting-edge technology can be seen. "Digital Parade" is one of them, which shows videos themed around RED°.

At "KATWALK," you can experience full-scale VR, and at "RED°MART," you can buy RED°goods and collaboration goods with popular contents. You might stop to look at the many cool goods, but you will be passing by the 3rd floor when you exit, so you can do that later.
The 4th floor is called the "Attraction Zone." Here, there are many attractions where you use both your brain and body. Attractions include "HADO," an AR sports where you can experience drone piloting and fight using waves that come out of your hands, and "RED°NAZOTOKI." Out of the 10+ attractions, let us introduce you to the ones that we experienced.

"CYBER BOCCHA S" is an attraction where you can experience boccia, which became an official sport at the Tokyo Paralympics last year. Visitors can enjoy a one-on-one boccia battle in a space where real and digital worlds are fused together.

Even if you do not know the rules of boccia, the computer navigates you through ball placement, distance, and scoring. It is not a physically demanding sport, but if you play with friends or family, the battles are sure to get your body warmed up!

"VALOJUMP" is a jumping game that combines air tracks and AR. When you stand on the fluffy air track, a miniature version of yourself appears on the display.

Jump and attack the various objects that appear on the screen. While jumping many times on the fluffy air track and while concentrating on the game, you will for sure get a full-body workout.

Experiencing a match with Tohoku Rakuten pitchers!

"RED° SPORTS" is a virtual baseball and golf experience attraction. In the baseball game, you can play against three ace-class pitchers from the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles in a VR space!

You choose one of the three pitchers, Takayuki Kishi, Takahiro Norimoto, or Yuki Matsui, and put on the VR headset to see yourself standing in the batter's box inside a packed stadium with a pro baseball player standing right in front of you. Even if the pitch was straight down the middle, you would surely not be able to get your bat on the first pitch from the realistic velocity of a professional pitch. However, it is a one-at-bat game. There is no time to be surprised. Even if the ball turns out to be a dead ball, you won't get hurt, so don't be afraid and enjoy this unique experience.

In "RED° DRONE," you can enjoy obstacle races by operating a micro drone weighing about 34 grams.

The large number of drones that fill up the shelves is a spectacular sight. On the other hand, you may wonder if such a small thing that fits in the palm of your hand can fly properly, but don't be fooled by its size alone. Despite its small size, it is easy to operate. The joy of being able to fly freely through the course with the controller is a must experience.

At the "CYBER STADIUM," where you can enjoy games utilizing projection mapping, we tried an old-fashioned Breakout game.

We thought that this much space would be enough, but my legs got tangled up in the balls that flew by, sometimes moving in unexpected ways, and it was such an intense workout that I was sweating. These are simple games that don't require difficult movements, so you can enjoy them with your little ones.

All of these attractions are new and interesting experiences. On the other hand, it takes a lot of energy to go around the whole facility, so don't forget to hydrate yourself frequently with drinks from the vending machines.

Experience what it feels like to be a racer by boarding a real-looking cockpit!

The fifth floor is the "Ultimate Zone." Take the escalator up, and you will find the "RED° E-MOTOR SPORTS AREA."

Here, visitors can ride in a real racing cockpit and simulate the feeling of racing on a circuit projected on a giant screen. In addition to the space created in collaboration with the popular "Gran Turismo" game, there is also a simulator at the level that professional racers actually use for practice.

On this day, we took a ride on the Fuji Speedway in a simulator produced by racing driver Manabu Orido. Although we tried the simulator with the difficulty level lowered and with the help of the staff, we struggled a little... Even so, the experience of driving on a display screen that closely resembles the view of a real race car provided us with a sense of realism and speed.

his zone also features "RED° ROYALE," where visitors can enjoy authentic poker in a digital space, and "RED° BODOGE," an area where visitors can experience board games from around the world and enjoy analog games. There will also be "RED° ARENA" where e-sports classes and streaming events will be held, "RED° TOKYO TOWER SKY STADIUM" where live entertainment that is linked to the metaverse (virtual space) can be held using the XR video system that can synthesize 3DCG images in real time. The various events that will be held and notified in these two cutting-edge spaces are also a must-see.

This is only about half of what is there at the facility. There are many other new experiences that link the digital and real worlds, so be sure to visit and experience them for yourself. It is better to visit in comfortable clothing, as you will be sweating as you play. After a full day of fun, it is a good idea to go up to the observation deck of Tokyo Tower and cool down while enjoying the spectacular view.

We invite you to experience e-sports at the new Tokyo Tower sightseeing spot!
Address: Tokyo Tower Foot Town 3rd floor, 4-2-8 Shibakoen, Minato, Tokyo
Opening hours: 10 AM - 8 PM (Same as the opening hours of Tokyo Tower)
No regular closing days
Please access the official website below for details such as ticket fees
Official Website:

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