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[Video Article] Experience Tokyo Midtown's "MIDTOWN CHRISTMAS 2022" Illumination Enjoy a giant snow globe production and one of the largest outdoor ice rinks in Tokyo!

This is the season when various illuminations begin to light up the streets in anticipation of the Christmas season. In Tokyo's Minato Ward, you can enjoy heartwarming illuminations at various locations only available at this time of year. Roppongi, in particular, is one of the most popular areas in Tokyo for viewing illuminations, with Tokyo Midtown and Roppongi Hills being the two major spots. This month's article introduces the "MIDTOWN CHRISTMAS 2022" Christmas event at Tokyo Midtown, along with a video clip.

Tokyo Midtown will be decked out in Christmas colors for three major events!

Tokyo Midtown is directly connected underground from Tokyo Metro Roppongi Station. It is such a conveniently accessible spot, but during this Christmas season, there is a reason why you should go above ground first...

Because Tokyo Midtown is currently holding "MIDTOWN CHRISTMAS 2022" from November 17 to December 25. Three events called "MIDTOWN WINTER LIGHTS," "Galleria Installation," and "MITSUI FUDOSAN MIDTOWN ICE RINK" will be held. The entire facility will be transformed into a more glittering space than ever before with the nighttime illumination and Christmas tree.

That is why I arrived at Roppongi Station after 5:00 p.m., after sunset, and went to the basement of Tokyo Midtown Plaza, which is connected to the station. Then, as I step out of the escalator near the information desk and onto the ground, I immediately see the sparkling sight of the illumination reflected in my eyes.

The first floor of the plaza and the entrance to the Midtown Garden, which can be accessed by walking along the sidewalk along Gaien Higashi Dori, are zones named "Walkway of Light". The entrance to the garden in particular is a photogenic scene that is sure to make many people want to take out their cameras.

The walkway, with its golden light staining the trees standing on both sides of the promenade, has a very romantic atmosphere. The fantastic space combined with the urban landscape is sure to raise your Christmas spirit even higher!

At 00:00 every hour, a dimming of the lights, as if the trees are resonating with each other, creates an even more emotional experience.

An extraordinary space created by an original tree and a giant snow globe

Just walking along the walkway filled with grains of light is a wonderful experience, but beyond that, there is a lot more to enjoy only at this time of year.

The colorful tree that stands out among the 140 trees in the park is the "PERTY POPPER TREE. The tree is decorated with colorful ornaments and crackers, which are a familiar sight at Christmas parties, giving the tree an even more special visual effect.

The original tree, which can only be found here, has a mechanism that makes the lights dance when you touch the "Tree Tree Santa" next to it, making you feel as if you are in the middle of a party.

Further ahead is the "CHRISTMAS STORY LIGHTS" zone, designed to resemble an "outdoor theater.

The centerpiece of this zone is a giant snow dome 3 meters high and 4.5 meters wide. Inside the dome, a spherical display showing high-definition images actively changes color and shines, while 300 lights around it complement the main attraction.

Music plays as if in concert with the light performance, and the experience of being in a space where light and sound are fused together is truly an extraordinary time, and during the period until December 14, soap bubbles will be produced every six minutes to further enhance the fantastic mood!

After strolling through the illumination and even skating, you can enjoy a relaxing break in the museum at the end of the day.

And beyond that, there is some kind of stage-like place...

MITSUI FUDOSAN MIDTOWN ICE RINK, where you can enjoy ice skating in the heart of Roppongi, is open all day long from 11:00 to 21:00 and is a very popular winter event in Tokyo Midtown every year.

One of the largest outdoor skating rinks in Tokyo is made of real ice, and is a great place for families, friends, and couples to have fun. Especially after the illumination starts, the ambient light creates a romantic atmosphere, making it perfect for a winter date♪

After you have exercised your body enough by strolling through the illumination and enjoying skating, you can relax in the museum for the last time. Every year, Tokyo Midtown also displays a unique Christmas tree inside the building. This year's tree, titled "Galleria Installation," is a collaboration with the design office "nendo" led by Oki Sato.

The neatly decorated tree in the atrium space is inspired by the image of light particles drifting in the surroundings and gathering in one place. The flow of air creates a spectacle of light showers in the surrounding area, heightening the viewer's sense of excitement.

Seeing, experiencing, skating... Tokyo Midtown's "MIDTOWN CHRISTMAS 2022" will offer a variety of enjoyment. The "Walking Path of Light" and "MITSUI FUDOSAN MIDTOWN ICE RINK" will be open until February 26 next year, so you can enjoy them even after the Christmas season. Also, some restaurants in the museum have prepared special courses and menus for the Christmas season, so we recommend that you plan to enjoy a special dinner along with a stroll through the illumination!

After all, the best way to enjoy the illumination is to enjoy the real space with your own eyes. Last year and the year before last, it was difficult to go outside for long periods of time, but I hope that many people will visit Roppongi and Minato Ward in Tokyo in the winter to enjoy the various illuminations, while taking precautions against infection.

For more information on the "MITSUI FUDOSAN MIDTOWN ICE RINK," including hours of operation, prices, and the limited Christmas menu, please visit the "MIDTOWN CHRISTMAS 2022" special website below.

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