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【Video Article】 Retro but New! Enjoy all the wonder and nostalgia of the Showa era at Daiba 1-chome Shopping Street

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On the fourth floor of the Seaside Mall in Odaiba's shopping mall, Dex Tokyo Beach, you will find a Showa-era townscape that seems like a time slip back in time: Daiba 1-chome Shopping Street, which opened in October 2002, is an amusement spot that recreates the Japanese downtown of the 1950s and is about 1,000 tsubo in area The shopping mall is located in the center of the city, and is a popular place for shopping and dining. The area is lined with about 15 stores, ranging from general stores selling retro goods and candy to a game center where visitors can play nostalgic arcade games and a haunted house that is too scary to be played, and is bustling with visitors every day. We will take you to the Daiba 1-chome Shopping Street, which is nostalgic for those who spent their youth in the Showa era, and fresh and new for those who did not!

The young and young-at-heart will fall in love with the cool and unusual cityscape!

Despite the fact that it has been open for more than 20 years, many customers visit on weekdays, and on Saturdays and Sundays, the place is like a festival. According to Hiroshi Kubo, producer of the Daiba 1-chome shopping arcade and ""neighborhood association president,"" when the facility first opened, most of the customers were middle-aged and older people of the Showa era generation, which was the target of the facility, but as awareness of the facility increased, the number of young customers gradually increased, especially high school and college students. However, as awareness of the facility grew, the number of young visitors, mainly high school and university students, gradually increased, and now about 80% of the visitors are of the generation that has never heard of the Showa period. The Daiba 1-chome shopping street is now exploding in popularity among the younger generation as the best ""SNS-worthy"" spot!

Kubo-san analyzes that the chaotic and noisy streetscape and somewhat exotic atmosphere, which are rarely seen nowadays, are popular among this generation. What is interesting is that young people who still seem to be in their teens were taking pictures of the shopping district, saying, ""This brings back memories! and taking pictures of the shopping district. Mr. Kubo couldn't help but tsk-tsk in his mind, ""That can't be true! Kubo said he couldn't help but tsk tsk in his heart, ""That can't be true!

After passing through the gate of the shopping arcade, you will find stores lined up along the central avenue that stretches straight ahead. And at the "Showa Station Plaza" in the center of the shopping street, a replica of the first Shinkansen Series 0 train welcomes you with a bang. The Tokaido Shinkansen opened in time for the Tokyo Olympics held in 1964. The Shinkansen became a symbol of the era of rapid economic growth as the super express of dreams. At this plaza, visitors can listen to the announcements of Pretty Nagashima, who is an impersonator of Shigeo Nagashima ......, one of the most famous baseball players of the Showa era and nicknamed "Mr. Nagashima".

Like the Shinkansen bullet train, the Tokyo Tower, completed in 1958, is a symbol of the era of rapid economic growth. At the Daiba Tower Plaza, located at the end of the shopping street, visitors can enjoy "katanuki" at the foot of Tokyo Tower. For 300 yen per play, you will receive a prize for successfully completing the katanuki.

The plaza also regularly hosts events such as picture-story shows, a BEGOMA dojo, and street performances. The events are always a great success, and the large space is quickly filled with people.

Items installed here and there, such as telephone booths, old vending machines, street TVs, and enamel signs, also contribute to the atmosphere of the town. Some of these items are authentic items that were used in the Showa period, but many were made on purpose for the Daiba 1-chome shopping street and given a retro treatment.

Young people who have never seen a dial phone before do not know how to make a call and end up pressing the numbers as if they were push buttons. When this happens, Mr. Kubo gently shows them how to use it.

From suspicious advertisements on telephone poles and walls to dummy stores that could be mistaken for the real thing, there are many playful gadgets lurking throughout the city, and it is fun to search for them with your friends and loved ones.

Popular stores that enliven the shopping district are all here! Enjoy shopping!

Since its opening, "Haikara Yokocho" has stood at the entrance of the shopping arcade as a general store selling candy and toys. The colorful candy is all very popular because it can be purchased for children's pocket money. Bromides of nostalgic singers and idols are sure to appeal to those in their 40s and 50s.

There is a wide variety of cute and retro character goods, such as "Nameko," a cat that caused a huge boom in the 1950s, and "Monchichi," a monkey. In fact, about 20% of the customers in the Daiba 1-chome Shopping Arcade are from overseas, and some of them buy these Showa-era goods as souvenirs.

The "Karakuri Department Store" facing the "Showa Station Square" is a store selling candy and interesting sundries. There are many unique items such as station name key chains and parody goods. You are sure to find a lovable item that will make your heart flutter!

Shopping is of course fun, but the games and attractions in Daiba 1-chome Shopping Arcade are also recommended. The game center and haunted house are definitely worth a stop when you come to Daiba 1-chome Shopping Arcade.

Remember your childhood and play nostalgic games!

1-Chome Playland," marked by the three-wheeled auto at the entrance, is a game center with a selection of retro arcade games. More than 100 nostalgic game machines, including "Space Invaders," which caused a social phenomenon, and "Super Hang-On," a classic motorcycle racing game, are lined up in a small space. You can almost hear parents and children talking about how their father used to play these games.

You can also enjoy rare actual pinball machines, pachinko and bowling. Old game machines with many moving parts are prone to breakdowns, so maintenance is essential. Even 10-yen games, such as those found in candy stores, can be surprisingly exciting if you get into them!

Next to "1-Chome Playland," "Shooting Gallery" is a shooting gallery, familiar to those in hot spring resorts, where you can shoot cork balls for 300 yen for five shots and win prizes! Please note, however, that no one under 18 years old is allowed to enter.

What lurks in the haunted elementary school that was abandoned 40 years ago? What lurks in the haunted elementary school that was abandoned 40 years ago....

Is it real by any chance? Relieve stress in the too realistic and most terrifying haunted house!

The experience takes about 5 to 10 minutes, and each group can have up to six people. By being scared out loud with all your might, you will be able to relieve your stress. For those who would like to try the experience, but are not fond of scary things, there is also a "demon repellent mode," which is less scary and almost completely free of threats.

The Daiba 1-chome Shopping Arcade is also packed with other exciting stores, such as the Tokyo Trick Art Labyrinth Museum and the Bakusho Portrait Shop. A day will fly by as you browse through the various shops. The producer, Mr. Kubo, created the Daiba 1-chome Shopping Arcade with the hope of bringing back the vitality of the 1950s, a period of rapid economic growth. What was impressive was the episode Mr. Kubo told us about a couple who came to visit more than a decade ago, got married, and came back to visit with their children. This shopping street itself may have already become a place of nostalgia for someone.
For more information on the Daiba 1-chome Shopping Arcade, including hours of operation and details about each store, please check the official website below. The Odaiba area is not short of places to play, but for a memorable experience in a slightly quirky space, why not visit the Daiba 1-chome Shopping Arcade?

Daiba 1-Chome Shopping Street》 《Daiba 1-Chome Shopping Street

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