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Kaga Chiguryo Monument/Yakuo

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Yakuo, who was opened in Azabu Mamiana in the former Japanese 7 years (1621), moved to the current location in the 1st year of Kanbun (1661). Haiku poet Kaga Chiyo heard the rumor that the well water of Yakuo is a sacred water in the middle of the country Zhenyu and stopped here. Because the morning Glory was seen in the fishing bottle of the well when it woke up in the morning and it bloomed, it was thought that it did not sneak to draw water, and it written, and it was made to do, and it did, and it did, and it did, and it was said that Chiyo was made water. The well is still present.


4-8-23 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo
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